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Parc Récréo Saint-Mathieu

Belle place pour dormir une soirée ou deux, beaucoup de monde et pas trop d’ombre. Plusieurs spots de rando vraiment le fun. Amenez du deet, il y a beaucoup de moustiques durant cette période de l’année.

Control checkpoint

Just passed it in the middle of the night. Look like they are setting up for COVID-19 checks with the army and doctors. We didn’t really understand what they said so they let us pass with no trouble.

Military Checkpoint on Northbound carrigeway

Nice soldier, checked the van, asked us our names and looked around. They let us pass afterwards. 7pm on a sunday while all the pandemic thing is going on.

closed toll but people trying to collect

People laughing and asking for 100 pesos to pass while not wearing uniforms. We just acted like we would run over the gate and they let us pass. Mexico is incredible😂😂

Punta Herradura

Lots of trash everywhere (it mostly comes from cruise ships and water currents...) but the ocean is super nice. If you feel like helping, every saturday the people from the town do a different beach clean up. Ask around. But I’d rather sleep in town, everything is a bit cleaner. You can have your dog basically everywhere too (beach and ocean)


Definitely not my favorite place. You’re parked right on the beach which is imcredible for the sunrises but everything else kinda looks meh for the 300 pesos you spend to sleep there. Restaurant is quite expensive (the place is surounded by expensive airbnb villas so they obviously boost the prices). Dogs are not allowed but we were kinda told if it’s not being seen, well there’s no problem. I feel like you won’t have much luck from playa to tulum to “legally” have your dog on a beach.... but there’s always strays. Kinda far from everything so buy water and food. I wouldn’t recommend this place.

Road only for small vehicles

Just to clarify, it is the road going north to the ruins. If you have a small car you’ll be fine. You can go south with any kind of car.

punto de revision

No one on both sides. Just a bit of traffic when we passed

police stop

Checked license and insurance, asked where we came from and then let us continue! They seemed pretty friendly.

Progreso Malecon

The Malecon is very nice but it blocks the old car access to the beach (you would have to go out of town for that). The police is very friendly and kept an eye on our van during the day and night. Kinda windy, we broke our awning 😂 Just make sure it’s very secure if you take it out.

Parking spot by the boardwalk

Parked here for the day and night. It’s a busy street but we feel very safe, there’s lights everywhere and police patrolling every 30 mins or so. If you are a light sleeper, this might not be the spot for you. Walking distance to everything fun in town!

EDIT : Got woken up at midnight by some guys telling us they needed to build some kind of structure so we moved to nearby Sam’s club. Hopefully we won’t be woken up 😂

Playa de Juanito

Cute place to spend a day and night. Not incredible but very cute. Beach is ok, don’t except it to be like the beaches in tulum or cancun 😂 Host was super sweet and we were all alone all day and night. 200 pesos for the day and the night!

Freedom Shores

Very nice place, Telma the owner is very sweet. Restaurant is open only around noon and it is good. Showers were hot when we went there which is always great. Beach is made of shells so having shoes is a plus. The dogs were friendly with ours so that’s good. Would recommend.

Checkpoint - traffic jam

Passed on our way south around 3:30 pm on a sunday. They were kinda checking on the north bound but nothing on our side.

Playa Varadero

This place has definitely seen better days! Wanted 400pesos(because apparently they close the gate and it’s secure) at first but brought it down to 200. Bathrooms and outdoor shower free. Indoor shower is 15pesos. Beach isn’t crazy cute but nice enough to walk on and dip your toes in the ocean. Few strays around that looked in very bad shape so I didn’t let my dog run around free. It’s good enough for a night, if you don’t want to sleep at a pemex.

Cascada Salto de Ixtagapa

Beautiful spot off the beaten path. The road to get here is a bit bumpy, but we managed in a front wheel drive 1986 RAM. We paid a bit more than what’s been paid before but was worth every penny. 2 nights for 2 people for 180pesos which isn’t bad at all. Very relaxing spot, water felt great this time of the year. Waterfalls were very cute too. Toilets are very basic, but we managed! Our dog also enjoyed the place, he could run free and have fun. No TELCEL reception so it’s really offgrid. Overall felt safe and would recommend this place!

Polícia Turística

Stayed on the side street for two days. They were very friendly, we could use their bathrooms when we wanted and had access to showers after 9pm (didn’t use them). I think they really want people to come. They asked us to make a little video with them which was hilarious and fun to do. We definitely felt safe leaving the car there and walking around town day and night. It is a bit noisy, but nothing too much. I would definitely park there again. It’s super close to the main things to visit (alley of the artists, cathedral, church, etc.)

Morrill RV Park

Awesome spot! Very dusty but ok. Like written before, take the detour to come in, entrance is tight. Worth every penny for the hot showers and the people there are super nice. Took spanish lessons (escuela falcon, we could bring our puppy with us!) and enjoyed afternoon walks in the city. Lots of fun things to do day and night. Be sure to go out at night at least once, it’s a whole different city! We felt super safe, just don’t walk the tiny streets in the middle of the night and you’ll be good!


We were offered water at the gas station while we were filling up. They said it was potable and free!

Matehuala zocalo del pueblo

Slept here overnight after stopping at walmart (parking was timy amd we didn’t feel it). Lots of noise in the evening but gets really quiet at night until about 7-8am. Felt very safe, no one said anything to us. Public bathrooms for 6 pesos on the other side of the park

Frio Regional Park

They close the gates at night now. There’s a traveler center right before this spot

East bound. potable water.

Same spot as the other, temporary closed on the east bound side

I-10 Rest Stop with sanitation dump and potable water.

Sani dump is temporary closed on the east bound side

Balmorhea State Park

The whole thing is closed for visitors now. There’s no sign on the highway saying it was closed so it’s up to you if you want to try it

Abandoned KMart Parking Lot (now Planet Fitness)

It’s not abandoned anymore! A big Planet fitness took the place of the kmart now. We asked inside and since it’s 24hours they didn’t mind us there. Good for a night on the way somewhere else. Just be respectful of the place.

Overlook Sonoma lake

Very nice spor, clean porta potti. Didn’t get bothered at all. Be carefull if you have a dog, lots of ticks on the trail, our dog was covered in them

Beachside State Park

Closed for the winter season. Looks like a nice place

Tillicum Beach Campground

Nice campground. The prices are a bit more expensive 26$USD.

South Beach State Park CG

Passed by today, tent spots are closed for the season. 31$ for a full hookup. Cute spot but didn’t stay

Rocky Creek State Scenic Viewpoint

Awesome spot, catched the last rays of the amazing sunset. Toilets and no « no overnight parking ». A person in a car did come by to yell insults, blaze their horn and shine their headlights at us. We’ve been nothing more than friendly so I don’t really understand... had some piknic tables too. Would recommend.


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