Date Place Comment
Cable Head

Nice Place at the beach to stay and for overnight

Burritts Rapids

Nice parkinglot at the Canal Rideau

Nice parkinglot at the Canal Rideau

Raleigh Lake Free Camp

a nice place for overnight next to the lake.


We passed this spot at about 9am. There was no road block. There was a private block from some women about 10 km before. They blocked the street with a rope. They wanted to sell some drinks.

Rancho San Nicolas

no water, no shower, no water for the toilet on Sunday morning. There was no staff around to solve the problem. So we left at 9am.

Villas Del Mar

info from the owner : because of repairing there is no electricity available from April 28th for about 3 weeks. The place is like described.

Tikal Campground

If you want to camp there, you don't need the ticket for the NP. But you have to buy the ticket for the NP at the first gate about 18 km before.
The conditions for the park entrance have changed at the end of March 2017 : it is valid for 1 day and not for the afternoon before.
Showers and toilets were closed in the morning.


Near the museum we were robbed in the afternoon although we have been around and close to the car and there have been many people at that parking area.

Seguros Fedpa S.A.

the correct name is FEDPA. It took 30 minutes.

Casa Campestre Valentina

I wasn't able to find this place.

Camping El Titon

very nice place, helpful owner, all clean, pretty pool. Best place since months.
koordinates not correct.

Camping El Titon

very nice place, helpful owner, everything clean, pretty pool, best place since months

Mateo's House

difficult to find, the door was closed, nobody was there.


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