Crazy_Van_Adventures Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
The Water House / Automat 24. hrs

Still open 10 pesos for a 20 liter jug. One way street if you missed it you’ll have to go back around.

Similares Doctor office and pharmacy

I wasn't able to find this place.

Similares Doctor office and pharmacy

I wasn't able to find this place.

Similares Doctor office and pharmacy

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 21.02455, -89.64670

Similares Doctor office and pharmacy

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 21.02888, -89.55878

City Center Mall

Stay here one night and everything was ok Walmart restaurant and autozone all in the same place we were really happy we found this parking lot.

Parque san Juanistas

We stay here one night kind of noisy in the evening but quit during the night no one bothered us and went to the beach the next day heat was unbearable. Elotes and snack store in the corner.

Calle 9 street parking

We park on calle 9 on the right side facing the beach ask the cops if it was ok and they told us no problem a bit noisy at night due to motorcycles passing by but we were ok with it

Calle 9 street parking

If you need a tour call this tour guy Manuel Canche 999 125 0098 they take you a motorcycle that fits 4 people to see the flamingos and a ghost town were Celestun used to be. They have a town association and they rely on tourism. If you need fresh fish or pink salt he can hook you up with the locals.


We spent a day at this beach but kind of dark at night local guy selling food told us that it is save and free public beach access entrance street is narrow but plenty of space by the beach.

Hunter dog vet.

The best and most complete vet in the area, even petco recommended us here after our dog needed an electro-cardiogram, x-rays, lab work and an echo-cardiogram. Doc. Fidel Leon Sanchez, is in my opinion the best in the area he literally saved our kid.

Playa el Pez

Still FREE We stay here one night and ask the police they said it was ok and free. Get here early or late spot fill quickly also stay out of the asphalt road.

Playa el Pez

Still FREE we stay here one night and no one bother us. We also ask the police and they said it was fine. Just remember to stay Out of the asphalt road. Get here early or late. A bit noisy on Saturday night.

Free Small rig parking

This is a here some of the mini buses park for FREE to wait for their guests if you have a sprinter or a promaster you can blend right in We left our van and we ent to the ruins for 3 hrs came back and no problem we ask the guy in another van and said no problem. No over night parking though.

Beach public access in the middle of the Bahia Principe Resort

We slept here one night we ask the staff if it was ok and told us no problem this is a public access and free. told us to park along the fence as close as posible parking was full. At night we move to the parking lot 4 spaces only but after 8 pm everyone left.

street parking over night

We got here around 3pm and pay the parking meter until 10 pm $10pesos per hr. After 10 pm free until the next day. Meter starts at 10 am kind of noisy at night but it was a Friday night. All streets around have the same parking rate and plenty of free spaces.

Shrimp and sea food.

Any place here Champoton that you choose to eat is good. shrimps are amazing always fresh and at reasonable price. Just remembered if you want to spent the night this is a passing town lots and f trucks passing by. just ask were to park.

Adventure & Culture Tour Guide

La Espirituosa ask here about the walking tour they start at the town center in from of the church at 10 am and 5 pm or just call Carlos the guide nicest guy with all the info and the connections. +52 967 129 3465

Free walking tour

Free walking tour people gather in front of the church by the big cross two tours during the day one at 10am and one 5 pm call Carlos the guide he was very helpful and had a lot connections in town if you need any info just ask him. +52 967 129 3465 carlos free walking tour

Street parking

We park here for two night ask the owner of the house in front of and told us that it was ok to park Here no problem at all quiet during the night but traffic starts early in the morning we were ok with. This is one of widest street in town that’s why we stayed here.

Playa Chahue free parking

We park here over night and enjoy the sunrise in the morning. We felt safe we were the only ones at night but parking lot filled up quickly in the morning to se the sunrise.

Playa San Agustín

We came in after a recommendation of locals best place to snorkel you can almost touch the fishes in this reef. Ask for Palapa chaly is you eat there he’ll let park overnight for free.

Charly’s place

We came to this place after locals recommended that this is the best reef to snorkel and they were right if you come here ask for charlo he’ll let you park overnight for free if you eat at his place.

Wild beach access

Wet nice spot you have the beach all to your self we stop here on our way to huatulco after locals recommend this spot 10/10

restaurant suzy sussy susi

Restaurant Susy we arrived late almost at closing time 9pm (off season December) and worried about this place. We were surprised with the service We had dinner and ask about staying overnight the owner Luis told us no problem he even moved his car for us to park in his spot. We also ask Luis for the boat tour is 250 pesos per person for a 3 hr. Tour which includes jumping from a rock 3 bays and snorkeling if your lucky you can see dolphin and whales only in December. Luis is the man he’s got all the connection

Jardin Conzati

We stay at this exact location over night and it was perfect everything was close by and quiet at night we spent two days here it was amazing.

Paso De Cortez

Paso de Cortes national park. Parking is free and you can stay over night entrance to hike is 50 pesos per person. It is kind of cold at night lots of security patrolling we felt safe after this we drove to Puebla on the dirt road for 15 km.

Street parking

We park in this street after going around a couple of times and slept here kind of noise but we were ok. If you park here try to stay away from the garbage containers (dumpsters) truck comes in the middle of the to pick them up. You can park anywhere with a white painted curve.

Train museum

Wet cool place with lots of locomotives and train wagons. Free entrance parking king is 30 pesos

Near historic center

We ask around and a neighbor told this is a safe area with no parking meter everywhere else there are parking meters 8 pesos per hour but streets are to narrow that why we choose to stay here.


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