katiespry Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Aventuri Ticos

It was a group of 3 of us and we had a malfunctioning blow up mattress so Luis let us use a double bed he had in a apartment he’s in the process of doing up for the night - FREE! Such a nice guy, lots of advice and stories.

Congos Hostel & Camping, Playa Hermosa

Nice camping area setup, we paid 15000 for 3 people. WiFi didn’t work but apart from that everything was good!

Variedades Gastronómicas Jireh

We had milkshakes here - 20oz for 80c but worth it after a hike. Good view and friendly staff with a nice breeze

Homemade Ice cream

We came across this place when looking for ice cream, it won’t let me put the right coordinates in but along the main road she has a ‘homemade ice cream and kombucha’ sign up so look for that. She makes delicious ice cream using mango, passion fruit, cacao, honey (from their own bees) and more. It was 60c each for a mix of flavours - big portions. A nice place to stop in for a treat.

Hostal El Guïs

For 3 of us it was $10US total (2 camping for $5 per vehicle and 1 dorm bed for $5). Really really nice space to camp with clean toilets and a shower. The family are lovely and we were greeted with fresh juice! Quiet, clean and a nice
place to relax in the evening. She offers breakfast for $3 too.

Camino Del Gigante

We stayed here for 2 nights, right on the beach. Big parking spot for camping with large palapa for use. Was once a busy hostel but clearly a lot quieter now so we were made to feel very welcome. There was 3 of us so we paid USD 20
for a double room with private bathroom and 2 of us camping in the roof tent with use of facilities (cold shower and toilet). They usually charge 5pp to camp. Bar on the beach with beers also.

Espresso americano

Cafe with lots of coffee options and friendly staff. We got 2 large lattes and a few sweet things for US$5.50 (they take card!!). Also has good WiFi, a good coffee stop between borers.

Born To Be Wild Eco Resort & Camping

Looks like a nice place, but new owners apparently so now charges 10US PP a night

ASOAVA - guía al Volcán Acatenango

We used Catalino and his team for our trek up the volcano. We camped on his property the night before - dinner and breakfast was provided by his wife (a fantastic cook, delicious food). His whole family made us feel very welcome. The trek itself was perfect, we couldn’t have asked for anything more. Our guide, Cecelio was informative, patient and looked after all of us incredibly well. We didn’t have to worry about anything, he was so efficient. Our group was small, only 4 of us which was far better than the huge groups you see hiking up and down the trails. All in all highly recommend this place, contact catalino directly a couple of days before to organise your trek.

Marea Roja

We stayed the night here in our RTT. Within an hour of arriving they invited us in for coffee and we ended up receiving a delicious seafood soup, dessert and coffee! Secure parking, clean toilets and WiFi. Highly recommend this place.

El refugio

We stayed here for a night, really lovely family - we played with the 2 young sons for ages. Large flat grassy area perfect for camping. It’s right next to the beautiful river which is perfect for swimming in. Excellent clean toilets and 2 swimming pools. 25pp

Cenote Noh-Mozon

We tried to visit this Cenote, planning on camping here as well. We were stopped by a guy who tried to charge us 100pesos pp to visit the cenote and an extra 100pesos pp to camp - 400 in total! We told him it was too much and turned around. It was on remembrance day so maybe thought they could charge extra.

Hotel Jesymar

We got a double room with WiFi, a/c, shower and secure parking for $250! The location was slightly wrong, I think I changed it

Parque Estatal El Ocotal

40 per person now, for the 2 of us and roof tent came to 175.

Cabañas del Lago

This place was closed when we got here, the gates were all locked up.

San Bernardino hotel

We were really happy with our stay here. It’s probably the cheapest place to stay in la Paz at $380pesos for a double (2 people). Includes WiFi, good hot showers and A/C. Also secure parking which is the main reason we stayed here.

Rancho la Bellota

We stayed here for 3 nights. Raul and Caroline welcome overlanders to their beautiful ranch just south of Tecate. With a clean hot shower and flushing toilet it’s the perfect place to rest up. Raul and Caroline were incredibly hospitable - we could not have felt more welcome, they are lovely people to spend time with. They also have heaps of info about travelling through Baja and the whole of Mexico. I can not recommend this place enough.

Midway Service

We stopped here for a night and stayed in jay and deb’s old bus that has been converted into a bunkhouse for FREE. WiFi, electric, a stove and a woodburner inside. We watched some salmon swimming up the creek that runs alongside the grocery store they also own. We enjoyed free coffee in the morning whilst listening to their awesome stories. We made sure to buy some groceries before we left as a thanks. Would highly recommend stopping by.

East end drive

We stayed here for 1 night - if you drive through the gap through bushes it’s a nice little area for one vehicle. We didn’t want to pay for the campsites in town and the view was really pretty here (great view of the glacier!). It also got us out of the wind that was blowing into all the town campsites (we’re in a roof tent). Would recommend as a free spot in homer for the night.

Riverside Recreation Site (Squamish)

We stayed here for one night early in the season. Nice enough spot by the river, hardly any road noise but the back of our truck canopy got broken into by a bear overnight (very scary) - so keep a very clean campsite.


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