América en furgoneta Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Motel Gutuarte

600 pesos doble room. WiFi Worked just fine in our room, close to the courtyard.

La Pila Balneario & Trailer Park

Paid 220 pesos for two people in a Transporter VW camper van. No one else around.

Guillermo's Hotel & RV Park

Camping allowed at the parking lot. 100 Pesos pp. Toilets far away, on the other side of the road. Hotel too, 80USD!!!

Mama Espinozas

Nice place. Previous descriptions accurate. 550 pesos for a doble room.

Restaurant el Dorado

No cabañas. Good food. Camping for free as long as you make some consumption. Decent wifi. No cell signal. Nice owners.

Jose's Camping And Cabanas

We paid 225 pesos for one night. Two people in a VW combi van.

Jose's Camping And Cabanas

Nice camping with "cabañas" two blocs far from the sea.

La Hacienda Hotel

Shady place. 100 pesos pp after some bargaining. We liked here

Hotel La Hacienda + rv-parking

100 pesos pp after bargaining. Restaurant closed at 16pm.

Yado storage rv & boats

Been there to try to store our van. Nobody in the place. A farmer in the neighbour plot told us that the place was closed and the owners are gone.

Crooked Tree Lodge

Excelent place. 20BZD for our VW camper van, 4 people (2 sleeping in the van, 2 sleeping in camping tent). Fast WIFI

Banos el Recreo, Almolonga

Free. Nice, helpfull owner. No night watchman but safe feeling anyway. Nice base camp for exploring the forest mountains around (vulcano). Hot bath in the place, hot water swimming pool to be opened soon. The owner, Leonel, is developing horse rides to the vulcano, hot springs "Fuentes Georginas" and surounding mountains. His partner, Don Pedro, is runing a woods reforestation proyect of endangered trees species. "Cabañas" in the forest soon to be availables. Afordable prices. It is a not turistic place, so you will find nobody but a few local people in the premises.

Aparcar y pasar la noche es gratis. Propietario muy amable. No hay vigilante por la noche pero el lugar es muy seguro. Buena base para explorar las montañas cercanas (hay un volcán). Es un sitio de baños de aguas calientes y pronto habrá una piscina con agua caliente también. El propietario, Leonel, está organizando rutas a pie y a caballo al volcán, al balneario de aguas calientes "Fuentes Georginas" y montañas cercanas. Su socio, Don Pedro, desarrolla un proyecto de reforestación de árboles en peligro de extinción. Pronto habrá cabañas en el bosque. Precios razonables. No es un lugar muy turístico, no vas a encontrar más que gente local.

Mayan Inn hotel

100 Quetzal per car no matter how many people in the vehicle. We travel with a VW camper van, two of us sleeping in a tent, we still payed 100 Q.
Nice place in the very center of town.

Parqueo El Salvador

40 Quetzal. Nice and helpful owner. Toilet and shower. Dog around during the night. 100% safe place.

Casa Agua Vela Hostal

Construction of a gate for the campsite is in progress. Excelent wifi. We liked the place.

Casa Agua Vela Hostal

Construction of a gate for the camsite is in progress. Excelent WiFi. Washing machine usage for 10000cop. We liked the place.

Puerto Marino 3

Excellent place for fish and seafood. Affordable prices.

Cabanas Campestres

First price for camping: 15000cop, after bargaining: 10000cop.
Very nice, quiet and secure place.
They cook too. Arepa with scrambled eggs, 8000cop

El color de hormiga

Location has changed. Someone said they moved to the outskirts of town.

Hotel Casa Loma Real

Hotel is closed for good. There is a "FOR SALE" sign at the facade.

Parqueadero La Quadra

8000cop per vehicle per night. No charge per persons. Dirty toilet, no shower. The place is like a car junk place. Not nice but acceptable if you consider the price. Location is just behind the main church, so very close to main square.

Complejo Turistico Hermanos Castillo

Basic resort with basic bar, swimmingpool, voley pitch. They let us stay overnight for a tip. Wifi not working at the time. Quiet at night. Entrance highth: 3.5 meters


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