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Hospital Veterinario de Corozal

Health Certificates are now $24. We waited for over an hour for the vet.

Paso Canoas, Costa Rica to Quebrada Grande, Panama

Dog owners: It is true, they want you to pay $150 ( or maybe a little less), at this border. We got health certificates for all of our 3 dogs in Costa Rica and this was already very pricey to do! When we arrived at the border, they said that our certificates did not matter and we had to pay for the Panama ones. After discussing for over an hour maybe 2, they let us go and did not charge the almost $500 that we were suppose to pay.

Suggestion: cross the other border.

Jaco West Beach

We stayed here for 3 weeks since we had an issue with one our dogs. Great and quiet place at night. A bit loud on the weekends but good overall. Police patrols every night. Felt safe

Free Camping Across from Hotel

Great spot with shade and quiet at night. Security from casa tortuga walks around at night, felt safe.


Smooth 1 hour ride with our three dogs. Bathrooms, cafeteria and AC.

Ursu Petrol Stn

24 hr gas station. Bathrooms and restaurant on site. Great spot to spend the night. Quiet and safe

Free Parking Spot next to camp site

Great and free spot on public sandy street. There is a security guard from the house called Akoya working from 6pm-6am. There's also another guard from the campsite working all night. Felt safe.

Casa Camping Avellanas

We stayed at the parking lot that is located right next to this camping spot. Very relaxed and peaceful location right by the ocean. We did get one of our solar panels stolen though. We're not sure if it was at this spot or a couple of meters down where we stayed one afternoon.

Waterfall Llanos de Cortez

This is a different entrance from the main one where you can simply pay with a donation. A bit of dirt road to make it but doable. Also, dogs are allowed through here and they can even enter the waterfalls.

Doña Ana

We made a stop here and didn't continue up with our RV because it was very steep. The entire road to get to Rio Celeste is very very steep. Also, it had been raining for the last 3 days and we were told it will not be celeste and not worth entering the park. Check for weather conditions before making the drive. Beautiful rainforest views along the way.

La Cabaña Lodge

Beautiful and peaceful location. We stayed two nights and even saw a sloth as we walked around the property. We were able to shower with hot water and use the restroom. Our three dogs were happily welcomed and there are two very friendly dogs that live here as well. Wifi available.

"La Tortuga" Playa Grande

We asked if we could spend the night here and they allowed us to stay right outside of their hotel but not inside their gated parking space. We used their restrooms the next day and we were quickly told we weren't allowed to do so.

Liberia Social Club

Lots of vegan options that are not on the menu. Ask and they tell you everything they have to offer. We came in with our 3 dogs, got a few looks but we were happily welcomed by our waitress. Delicious food and lovely place!

Police Station

Slept the night here parked across the police station. This is where they told us we should park, felt safe since they had visibility the entire night of our camper. A bit loud throughout the night, lots of cars passing by. Overall safe and good after crossing the border.

Playa Maderas

Place is great and beautiful, full of surfers and amazing sunsets. However, we had a terrible experience one night.

There's a guy, (for reference: looks like he's in his mid thirties, has dreads and a moon & sun tattoo on his right arm) who lives here (next to the brick oven) and came screaming on our third night telling us to leave. He broke our chairs and table, also threatened to blow up our camper. Said he didn't like for people to camp "on his side of the land".

Wish he would have kindly told us this days before so we could have moved. We left the next morning.

Hostel Esperanza

We went to check it out and they wanted to charge us 500c. We left.

San Juan del sur

Great and free spot to spend a night or two. Lots of locals around, police came by a few times. Felt safe and quiet.

Los Cocos Hostal

$2 pp but no sunshine to power our solar panels. (full of trees everywhere), lots of shade. We stayed anyways because the place is magical. Empty beaches due to the protests of last year, few friendly locals, hammocks, located on the sand. Peaceful and very welcoming, even with our three dogs.


They asked for $10 pp. Crazy. We left as well.

Salud Animal Clínica Veterinaria de Especialidades

We had to get an ultrasound done for our dog and we came across this great and professional vet located in León. Our dog had to also get blood work done and a dental cleaning, thankfully everything went very smooth and it was not expensive at all. Dr. Willy M. Chow was very helpful and took care of our dog with so much love. Totally recommend.

Adding his Whatsapp: +505 8124 1110

Also, he recently moved from what Google Maps shows. These are the correct coordinates:
(12.4359300, -86.8880920)

Volcano Hostel

This is a very lovely hostel with great amenities for only $3 pp. Showers, bathroom, small pool, kitchen, great wifi and very kind staff. They allowed us to come in with our three dogs and had no issues with us. Street can get pretty loud and there are plenty of homeless people roaming around.

WARNING: We did get robbed while parked here and we were right in front of the hostel. However, we were not inside our camper at the time and somebody simply opened up one of our windows and sadly took one of our backpacks with lots of valuables inside.

It was our fault though, the window was left a little opened while we were inside the hostel. Just be careful and close everything up whenever you leave your home on wheels.

El Amatillo, El Salvador to El Amatillo, Honduras

This was the quickest border for us (1.5 hrs) We had copies of everything and only had to make a few extra ones there but other than that, it went very smooth. We arrived at 7 am and there weren't many people.

DOG OWNERS: We have 3 dogs and it took us a little long to find cuarentena (it's in another building, follow directions below) it cost us $13, they looked at their health certificates and took pictures of each dog.

Overall, pretty organized border, they do ask for all originals, no copies. Will return all paperwork at the end.

Puma Gas Station

Stayed the night before crossing to Honduras. Lots of trucks, not very quiet but ok for a night.

El Michanti Hotel parking

We arrived and ask if we could park here and they said no. The parking spots are very limited and there were already a lot of cars. Very beautiful hostel, bummer that we couldn't stay. Maybe during low season it's more accesible.

La Fabrica (Camping & Space for parking)

Great spot to overland for a couple of days. Kitchen, pool, bathrooms, showers, walking distance to the beach and restaurants. There is a family that lives here and they are so nice and caring. Lupita can di your laundry for a couple of bucks and you'll be helping her out. There is also camping available for $3 pp. We pid $6 per night on our camper. We stayed here for a couple of days with our 3 dogs, we took surfing lessons from Karlo (AWESOME instructor) bought tamales from Lupitas mom and overall had a great time.

El Hostal / Sunzal Point Surf Lodge

We walked here to check it out. Updating the coordinates since they seemed to be wrong. They told us $5pp. Decided not to stay since there are cheaper spots in El Tunco.

Veterinaria Tecana Santa Rosa

$20 for health certificates to cross the border. $12 for rabies shot. Great and affordable.

Puma Gas Station

Spent the night here. Gas station opened 24 hrs. Clean bathrooms, security on site. Not very quiet tho, busy road. Good for one night.

parqueadero enfrente de la policia

$8 the night right in front of the beach. Very safe and quiet at night, the guy in charge did not want to lower the rate even though we were 3 overlanders staying for over a week. Bathrooms and shower ok. There is one power outlet which can be used as well.

Villa Napoli

We stayed two nights with our three dogs and another overlander. This place is a true gem with the kindest people ever. We ate at their restaurant and had a few beers as well. They even allowed us to take our dogs up there with us. They did two big bags of laundry for $8. There are clean bathrooms available and they allowed us to shower in one of their bedrooms when guests left. Totally recommend!! Very safe and quiet at night as well, with gated entrance.


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