mtdaveo Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Los Ñirres

Now 19000 CLP per site weekday, 26000 per site weekend per site. 7500 to leave vehicle in parking lot, use your tent.

Selva Negra

Just checked in, staying alone with van. 290 for one night. 520 for two nights, but must be paid up front. Tomorrow would be another 290 if I decided to stay. Harsh. 100 ars more than I've paid from La Quiaca to here. Welcome to Patagonia, I suppose. Nice woods. No lake view.

(15 min later) Just got bit by a dog on way into bathroom. Dachshund. No blood, but broke the skin. Must've taken earlier comments personally. Tough place.

Camping Mallil, Laura Vicuña

Place is packed. Guy at desk asking 200 for me, traveling solo with van. Doubtful.

Pablo Rabier workshop for all cars

Had to repair shabby tire/brake job of last mechanic (Limbecars in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, BOL). Pablo on vacation, dealt with his brother, Gustavo. Lifted car, inspected. Drove car to diagnose. adjusted. Drove to verify, etc to my satisfaction.

Great service all around.

Tholas hôtel

Wanted 290bs/night for 3 nights. Nope.

Venao Cove - Hostel with camping

Great place as per all descriptions. I would just add to be prepared for best chitras/sand fleas, zancudos, and mosquitos. Got pretty chewed up here.

Casa Loma Pedasi

Asked about camping as above. New ownership - no camping, $50+ per night for a room. Moved along.

Tico Wind

Second windsurfing exit after Tilarán. 1.5 km before Piedras. West shore of Lake Arenal. Quiet and gorgeous. No services.

Morrill RV Park

I navigated here okay with a minivan via GPS thru town. Cant imagine bringing something much bigger, although there is a truck/camper here now. Watch out for one-way streets. Last few hundred meters are 40° incline - keep in mind for driving and walking. Parked at top of hill where dude wanted 10p/hr. Period. Morrill is down hill a bit abd indeed a parking lot for family, nearby residents. Great view to be sure. One outlet working, in women's bathroom.

El Litro RV Park Todos Santos

100p for dry camping

Rivera del Mar RV Park and Camping

Very nice, well kept spot. 80p for tent camping.


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