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Blaen y Glyn Uchaf car park

There are some small 'no tents' signs to indicate no camping but no real other signage like in other national parks, so we spent the night. After the hike a warden knew we were here overnight and gave us a friendly warning that there is no camping in any of the national park car parks. Assume this also means some of the unofficial car parks up the road with no signs (eg at taff trailhead) but you might be OK there.

Iron Age Fort Car Park

Well worth a fiver to explore the Castell Henly old iron age fort. People in the old huts show you what life used to be like back in 150AD. Cafe and toilets when reception open.

Looks like a decent place to spend a night too. Definitely no road noise!

Llanborth National Trust camp site

Wow, what a lovely little camp site. I know we all prefer to free camp, but when you can pay £15 (+5 electric) for a brand new mini camp site (5 pitches) with amenities, amazing tea & cake shop, sparsely used beach, free fast wifi, and direct access to the coastal path this is a great stop.

Water and dump station on site, and toilets 20m in car park. Unmanned so you need to book in advance on web site (or via phone on day if you are unorganised like us!) to get the gate code.

A couple of miles north on the coastal path takes you to Llangrannog - a nice touristy spot with a couple of pubs. Keep your eyes out for Atlantic Grey seals on the way!

Road down is a little tight but fine if you take it slow (no caravans though!).

Hafod Hotel Car Park

I can't rate this place highly enough. There is a MASSIVE car park up a side road so completely separated from the hotel - dark and quiet. The food is delicious and reasonably priced for the quality of it, o. Why pay for a camp site when you can do gastro days dining for a similar price?
This is also the spot of Devil's Bridge Falls (£4pp ~30 mins). There's a free car park the other side of the bridge too - I suspect you can also stay there and might be more level.

Corris Craft Centre

Definitely worth a quick stop (particularly if you want to stock up on craft gin!)

Large car park which would seem a decent place to overnight if considerate - the overflow bit looks quite hidden. Free. Toilets & cafe during the day.

Cwmrhwyddfor Farm Campsite

Nearly stayed in a noisy layby up the road but when you can pay £15 (+3 electric) for a lovely small rustic camp site next to a small gurgling brook and nestled into the mountains it's a bit of a no brainer.
Access straight onto the trail up to Cader Idris so it also saves you 6 quid for the day parking!
Toilet + showers (40p) & everything you need, but no bells and whistles.

Life's A Beach

If you're worried, you don't need a 4x4 for this - plenty of large motor homes parked up on the hard sand at the top of the beach. However there are a lot of signs saying no overnighting and regular coast guard patrols. I don't know how strict it is as we needed to fill/dump so stayed in the little place right behind the sand dunes (£20 and facilities weren't open due to Covid). Lovely toilet block at beach entrance, although didn't see any showers.

Gwern Gof Uchaf

Just posting a note that the web site says strictly no dogs as this is a working farm.

Look out car park

Room for about a dozen cars but ample rooms for some mid sized vans. No signs prohibiting overnighting, and not even pay n display like most larger car parks.
No facilities or signal, but with views like this what more do you need?!
Access to footpath to reach Miners/Pyg paths (45 mins), and even a (sporadic) bus stop.

Pant Yr Onnan Campground

If you are going to use a campground, then surely you want one on a little peninsula sticking out into the lake?! Nice spacious pitches and you can have fires on the lake shore.

£20 for a small campervan, plus £5 for hook up and £1.50 for dog. Not cheap but sometimes you need to treat yourself.

Small Car Park

Small car park off the road. A short walk to lake (where everything is no overnight parking). No signs so you are fine here for a night. No facilities.

Llangynog Car Park

Small community car park for 30+ vehicles.
Toilet block and decent pub nearby (with rooms). Just off a smallish
road so pretty quiet for a night.
Asks for donations, which seems fair enough.

Curbar Gap Car Park

National Trust car park in a slightly sheltered spot on top of the ridge with fantastic walking trails. Pay and Display £4 per day. No amenities but snack van at weekend.

Suspect its v busy in summer so please be respectful.

Public Showers

No one at entry booth when I used the loo but suspect normally you would have to pay for a shower, but bet its pretty cheap.
Decent facilities and hot hot shower.

Knockan Crag

Don't miss this gem. Really interesting short geological walk, with good info for kids.
One of the best places to camp we've found all trip. To die for views, flat, toilets, away from road. Even saw a few massive stags with big antlers.

Sandwood Beach Carpark

Decent sized car park at the start of walk to beach. 4.5mile easy walk (even a great run) as level good footpath all the way to a glorious wild beach. Toilets and fresh water so good for an overnight too. Quite a few other little car parks scattered in the area, but not much on the road south other than pull offs by road.
Check out Old School restaurant - fully booked on an early Thursday evening so it must be good (NB amazing take away fish and chips!).

Camp Spot by the Loch

There's a good pull out off the rod here on the shores of the Loch with space for 6+ vans, with picnic tables and bins. There is another spot across the bridge, and a load of vans parked up on the road to the right after it. Pick your favourite! Glorious views of water and mountains.

Dunnet Head (RSPB)

Fantastic camp spot. Plenty of room in main car park, just outside gate or in pull offs on the way up. Donations at main car park. Go along wall on left for best puffin spotting.

Secret Puffin Colony

Park between the two county signs and follow the little footpath. If its wet (probably!) there are two small bridges sea side of the lake. You want to be on the right of the narrow gully. You will be rewarded with hundreds of puffins nesting only 50m or so away on their private island.

Drumnadrochit village info center

Decent place for an overnight, and there were 4 other rigs here. Nice pub which gets evening sun over the road. Free (if you have your own loo). Also free village WiFi is a nice touch.

Culloden Battlefield

Interesting ancient battlefield with great museum. National Trust so £11pp. No overnighting but definitely worth a stop off.

urquhart castle loch ness

Castle entry is £12 pp. If you can get in bottom car park later in the day it's probably a reasonable place for the night but the top car park is close to the road. We preferred to go back to the visitor centre in town, as a bit quieter and pub 20m away. (England won the cricket World Cup 2019 final so it was a good decision:)

Helwith Bridge Inn

Nice big car park and proper country pub. Good for a quiet night and outside toilet. B Road here is fine. Super friendly place and massive plate of hearty pub food menu (pie, Yorkshire pud, etc)

Oswestry Racecourse Car Park

Oswestry Racecourse is a fantastic spot for walking with great views across the English plains to the east and rolling Welsh hills to the east.

The car park doesn't have any no camping signs but please be discreet if you stop here. There are no facilities.

There's a Caravan Club camp site next door if you want some services. It's a members only place but worth joining if you are overlanding in the UK.

Posted by a local overlander.


When we first visited we were not permitted to do a transfer of ownership at the airport. We were told to go to the border, despite pushing there was no way he would do it. We returned the next day and a different guy did it in 5 minutes!


Lovely friendly ver where we got our certificate of health for the border. 350 pesos.


Really hard to find a shower around here. One of the campsites wanted 100P pp (3 bucks!) but these guys let is have one for 50P.


This is a Senasa office which is only open to do pet certificates to Chile on Thursdays 9-2. Very efficient and less expensive (100 pesos) than Mendoza (more than 300!) If you can't do Thursdays there is a Senasa office in Bariloche (but not Junín de los Andes at the moment.)

Laguna Negra Trail

Nice hike alongside the river up to Laguna Negra. About 3.5 hours hike up - pretty gentle and a good surface for the most part.

We were warned about leaving our van unattended due to thieves targeting campers. Camping Ser is a lovely place to stay and a short distance to start the hike, but lots of options nearby.

Awesome Mountain Biking & Dog Hiking Area

Loads of trails - way more than on any map. Used by locals for cycling & motocross. Good for 4x4ing (+ wild camping) too, but don't know of the legality.

I believe it's outside of the park so you can take your dog. We didn't see anyone at this time of year.


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