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Wonderful place! Good showers, nice common space. One of the best campsites on Mexico we stayed!
Quiet at night. Very nice owner!
Stayed one night 200pesos 2adults and a child sleeping in the van.

Parking 24hrs

Just a parking lot, but its quite wide and with some shade. Parking was 450pesos for 24hrs(all the parkings here costs around that). They did not charged anything extra for sleeping in the van. We got a good spot behind a not working restaurant, very quiet.

Pink lake

Now the price is 193pesos pp for foreigners just to have a quick 30min tour, if you want to climb up the tower then its 263pesos. NOT WORTH IT! You see the same pink lake from the street for free. When entering town there will be many pushy tour guides with brochures, they offer tours to see flamingos, virgin beaches for 1000pesos. But dont support this scheme they are pulling. You can see all the places yourself just continuing down the coastal road - you will see many flamingos, just keep in mind that the salt fields on the right is private property and there are man on motorbikes that are watching it.

El Pacific Surf house

Awesome place! We were there as 2nd overlanders after pandemia. Nice pools, quiet at night, big trees provides shade in the daytime. The price is now 90 qtz for a night. Must try is their ceviches, delicious!! Very welcoming owner!

playa el cuco

We spend a night here, nice quiet place.
Some garbage around, but we cleaned up. Fire pit with firewood. Felt safe.

Parking lot after Jiquilisco

We stayed here for a lunch and it was quiet and no people around, there is even shade from the trees. I am sure it would be ok to stay also for the night.
Just look for the road that leads to industrial park. The parking is 200m before the gates to your right.

End of road

Yeap end of road! We tried to go around the lake and its not possible. The road is bumpy and very narrow an some sections steep. Nothing really around, just jungle.

Hammock Plantation

Super nice and welcoming family runs this place! They have private rooms and dorm room. And place for 2-4 vans at their parking behind the gates. You can use kitchen and fridge. There's a swimming pool, lot of hammocks to chill and surf board rental. They offer tours, shuttles, and diving trips. Stay is 5usd per person if you sleep in your van. Nights are generally quiet, sometimes you hear trucks on highway and dogs barking around, but its not that bad.
El Palmarcito is very quiet and beautiful black sand beach. There are natural pools where ocean waves crushes in. Thats for free during the weekdays.

Texaco / super24

We liked this place better than other Texaco in the center of town. This one was less busy. There's picnic table and even a grill. Mountain views.

Centro de inspecion

It was like a proper border crossing. Cameras, automatic gates. Aduana agent stopped us to see our van importation papers and pasports. But friendly and professional.


Nice, beautiful place! Just besides the blue river. And you can swim there too. We didnt take the boats, but stayed for one night in their parking lot for 50 pesos per person. Child was for free. Day use 25pesos pp. No showers though (under construction). Quiet at night. Just river and jungle sounds.

Centro Ecoturistica Cascada Las Golondrinas

Stayed one night. Very quiet and calm place. Lots of tropical plants around. Good and clean toilets. No showers though. Swallows kept returning to cave long after sunset. Entrance 25pesos pp, camping 50pesos pp. There's also rooms to rent. All buildings are new.

Valle de Bascan - Centro Ecoturistico

Stayed one night. Cascades and falls are very beautiful. You can climb up and down almost everywhere because the rocks are not slippery. The campsite is basic, but toilets are clean. Its hard to find a leveled spot. Not much of a shade, just small trees. There's wifi for 15pesos an hour.

Escudo Jaguar

We were charged for camping in our van overnight between cabañas for 105pesos por persona. Child was free. The showers was hot and clean! Staff was very friendly. Asked and got electricity connected. Wifi was fast, even youtube videos was working in restaurant/reception area and it costed nothing extra. Restaurant was reasonably priced and good food, that i think is the best option in town. There's also swimming pool and restaurant. For boat we were asked 1600pesos. After i said that my friends paid 900, they easy dropped price. to that amount. Keep in mind that there's no ATM (Nearest one in Palenque). And no gas stations.Though People sell gasoline in cans on the streets.

Camping Michol

Nice campsite with big trees and shade. Very quiet at night. 40pesos for adult and just 20 for kid for a night. Toilets and showers are very basic and not very well maintained. But still, the price is very good

Maya Bell Campground

We were asked 445pesos with electricity and 345pesos without. We are 2 adults and one kid. Wifi currently was out of order. The spot we were offered was very muddy. Didn't stay there, went to camping next door Machol, for just 100pesos a night

Benito Juarez Lake

Perfect place for overnight! Even on Saturday night we had all this beach just to ourselves. All local left after a sunset. It was super quiet and tranquilo. There was wind at night so no bugs at all. The views over the lake are amazing!

Auto glass shop / repairs Cristafacil

I had a great expierence changing windshield here. Very nice and friendly staff, very patient with my limited Spanish. They had in stock new windshield for my Ford Econoline E350! And it was just 2000pesos with installation. They are also the only shop in oaxaca doing windshield repairs.
This place is new, they are not on google maps. But you can find them on facebook —CRISTAFACIL
The adress is:
Vicente Guerrero 607, OAXACA

Cabanas El Eden

We stayed almost a week here. Malu family is very nice. They own the campground and the 3 restaurants who are located on this lot. During Christmas the beach was very busy. Every night loud music from the beach bars. But the location is perfect. The price still is 100pesos por persona.

Playa Ventura

This spot is awesome! So nice an quiet. And for free. But please, take care of it if you stay there. Bring some big bags with you to pick up trash, because there are lot of trash!

Rancho Taxco

This is such a surreal place! You will park into a living room with a fireplace of an old abandoned hotel overlooking the city!
There is grill, table and chairs also. We paid 230pesos for one night. Beware the streets leading up to here is extremely narrow, we made it with ford e350 extended van, i am sure anything wider than that would get stuck.

Swimming pool and warm showers

In this area there are a lot swimming pools (Albercas). But we used only showers (Regaderas) which was clean, modern and water was hot. We paid 30pesos for a person.

San Gaspar camping

Didnt find the camping but stayed in the hotel yard behind the restaurant El encanto de lago. 250pesos, warm showers, toilets and good wifi.

Media Luna

Awesome place to swim and snorkel!
This place is huge, let yourself at least 3hour or you can spend whole day here. There are food vendors inside, toilet and showers 5pesos. Possible rent all kind of water gear, snorkels, life jackets 11
Stayed one night in the parking lot it was quiet and very safe. Please feed stray dogs in the parking lot if stay there, they are very friendly!

Men trying to stop foreigners

When you enter Guanajuato there will be a lot places where officialy looking man when see your foreign license plate will try to stop you and then offer you a free tourist maps At the first we politely declined and continued and later we even didn't stop . In some spots they were shouting and redirecting us to go different way. We found that weird.

in front of Ermita expiatoria

There is a large and flat parking lot in front of ermita expiatoria. Super quiet. There was no people and parking lot was empty. We stayed for one night. Felt safe an no one bothered us. Not that windy as up there at the shrine of Crist. Good overnight option!

By the lake La Vega

Nice small spot by the lake. Great views at the lake and surrounding mountains. Birdwatching, a lot of birds! A few locals were passing by on scooters and foot. But it was quiet and calm at night. Felt safe. Its a dirt road after zona restaurantera. But no need for 4wd.

Servi Punto Automotriz

Good mechanics shop for simple works. Great attitude. Nice people. Also speaks good english. Transparent pricing.

Wallmart macroplaza

We stayed one night. There's is a fence around this parking lot and i suppose they lock the gates after business hours. But there was lots of resident cars clearly parked overnight so we decided to stay.
Stayed one night, nobody bothered us, felt safe.

At the beach between palm trees

Nice spot by the beach in between palm trees. It is a vacant lot in between other properties. No signs. We stayed one night. It was quiet and peaceful. No one bothered us. Just heard train in the distance.


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