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Cerro Meghan

Hard scramble up Cerro Meghan to an amazing view over Valley hermosa. 4 years on the road and two weeks in this amazing park, it has been a highlight of our journey. If you make it here good luck, add some rocks to the carines we made to mark the way

Refugio Azara

Bitchin cabin in the woods, best park in Patagonia

Chabunco - FREE

Yet another spot that would be really decent if it was for the locals... lots and lots of trash, TP, beer bottles etc. But still good for a night. Take a bag of trash with you hey or even just burn some of you have a fire. 😕

Rio Nireguao

This place is permanently closed.

Rio Nireguao

The access to this spot has been blocked.

Las Lomas Garage

Every city needs a Marcos and a place like his for Overlanders. Amazingly helpful with everything from repairs to local knowledge. So glad we came. He was busy with several other people’s rigs, While I wrenched on my own. Great resource

on the cliffs

Beautiful, quiet, somewhat windy night. In the morning a man and woman came up demanding 30 soles. They were definitely not friendly. We gave them 10 soles and they were not happy but eventually grumbled and left. We packed up quickly and left before someone else bothered us. Perhaps they are getting sick of overlanders here. Still a nice place for a night but be aware you may have to cough up some money...

Korma Sutra Indian Cuisine

Confirming all previous reports. This place is delicious. Best curry we’ve had in ages!

parking lot, end of drivability

Drove up here and camped in our diesel Ford F-250 and pop up camper. Slow but not too bad to get up. Used 4-low mainly because were quite heavy. Slept like shit then started our hike at 2:30am and made summit at sunrise. Trail is easy to follow and established. No special gear required. Dress warm, enjoy the views and try not to puke. Great hike

Parque Huascaran entrance, Laguna Rajucolta trek

Rainy season strikes again! The road is completely washed out about 6-7 km prior to the tagged location. We have a pretty capable vehicle (Ford F250) and didn’t want to risk it.

La Casita Chaupin

Super cute cafe/restaurant. I was hesitant to add this since iO doesn’t need another restaurant addition, but seriously the best meal we’ve had in ages! If you’re sick of the normal typico menu del dia give this place a shot. A bit more expensive than the norm, but for S15 we had a delicious salad starter and a stir-fried quinoa main course. So so good.

Grifo en Nueva Esperanza

Place does not exist, at least at this location.

Zarza Gastropub

Better beer then Prague and friendly atmosphere. IPA is on point! Good Texmex food. They also have locations in Loja!

Window tinting and security film

Can get your windows tinted and security film installed.

TRG general mechanic

Rocco is a great guy who went way out of his way to help us out after we were robbed of a spare tire on our Ford F-250. If you need anything contact him and he’ll be happy to help in anyway possible

[email protected]

Tecnicidrio 2000 Auto Glass

When you are driving a vehicle that doesn’t exist on this continent and somebody breaks your window and steals your stereo, you can come here and they’ll make you a window. We’re driving a 99 Ford F-250 and had a new passenger front window manufactured here because we could not find a replacement anywhere in Ecuador. Great people here

El Tigrilllo Pizzeria

If your idea of a “great” pizza is a super thin, pre-baked crust topped with mediocre ingredients, then you’ve found the right place. Seriously some of the worst pizza we’ve had on the trip.

La Virgen

Great place to stay for a couple of nights and a beautiful hike. We made it a couple hundred feet shy of the true North peak l the rock was too icy and snowy at the peak to summit safely, at least when we visited. Beautiful views all around on a clear day. Note: Google and Maps.me did not route properly to the trailhead. To get there go to El Chaupi and follow the signs to Los Illinizas. From there follow the road into the park, past the ranger station and the hacienda Refugio, and then just continue on the dirt road to the trailhead. If you are following Maps.me the road will eventually be marked as a hiking trail. Road is a bit rough, but not bad.

Cayambe - Coca Nationalpark

We saw a Paramo fox! But we didn’t see another Paramo Fox:( rest camping all along on the road in the park.

Yuracfaccha Guard Station

Guard station with gate that needs to be opened to pass onward to Papallacta. To drive the road to Papallacta you need to first visit the town of Oyachachi to purchase a permissions document. The document can be purchased at the tourism office down by the termales entrance. We were charged $2 for permission.

Refugio Cayambe

We were able to make it to the refugio in our Ford F-250 - definitely do not attempt without 4WD. Cold and quiet evening. The glacier hike is definitely worth doing in the morning with (hopefully) clear views.

Laguna de Mojanda

This place is amazing! Can’t say enough good things. The Fuya Fuya hike is a must do, particularly if it’s a clear morning you will have views of Cotopaxi, Cayumbe, Anitasana...We visited during the week and it was perfectly quiet at night.

Finca Sommerwind

We stayed here several days after crossing the border. Nicely kept property, hot showers, good WiFi. We payed $6 pp/night. racetrack can be REALLY noisy when they are running cars, and there are a ton of dogs on the property (all sweet) but barked quite a bit during the night

Fin del mundo waterfall

Great little hike, very friendly people. We left a 7am and it took us about an hour to get to all the waterfalls, had the place to ourselves. It was pouring rain the entire time but still and good hike, nice maintained trail and waterfall overlook that justifies the 15kpp cost. Would do again.

Posada Turistica Dantayaco / Camping

Good spot for a night. Owners are super friendly and helpful. We stayed free you our truck. We did buy a few beers and a surprisingly good quesadilla from the place up front. Noisy as it’s right next to road but great spot if you doing the Fin del Mundo hike. Which you should it was great.


Stay here, great place! We checked out and stayed at a few other options in town but this place wins. Pablo is working hard to build a very nice property, loves Overlanders and his place has everything you’ll need. WiFi was great, bathrooms/ kitchen (with oven!) really the entire grounds where very clean. Friendly dogs that got along great with ours. Best of all the place was quiet at night. No traffic noise, no roosters to wake you up and no dogs barking through the night. Slept like a rock. Easy walk to both town and ruins. We wanted to stay longer

Parque Arqueológico Nacional San Agustín

Guess we agree with Mark below. After seeing Ruins all through Central America this place just seemed way to rebuilt. We could have skipped it and not been upset. That said it’s all very well maintained.

water at terpel

No potable water here. They directed us to a natural spring down by the river Naranjos but it also didn’t appear clean/potable so we won’t post it

Orale’s Tacos

If you miss Mexican food maybe just hold on to those memories. Place was ok, expensive for Colombian standards and just didn’t live up to what I was hoping when I saw tacos. Super nice people and a couple decent salsas


Still here but we caught a bit further down the road on the way to Jardin


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