daniellebach1999 Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Former mining camp on the way to Death Valley

Awesome place to stay. Really great spot with nice views if you drive up the hill!

Late Night Trailhead

They have several signs up now saying “no camping/sleeping in your car”

Oversize airport parking

$10 a day. Can’t park in other lots if you are over 22ft long or 8.6ft wide

Findlay RV

Good spot but they are going to start charging money to dump on November 1st 2019


Potable water and recycling! They have glass, aluminum and plastic recycling. No cardboard

Recycling Plant - GJ CRI

Good spot to drop off all your recycling! They take cardboard, glass, cans etc.

Dump station

Dump station is closed for the season to avoid freezing

RV Parking

Good spot for a night. The town is super cute but most of the restaurants and shops are now closed for the season (October 2019)


Spent one night with no issues. It is quite loud but we felt safe. Bathrooms are clean and there are a few restaurants. Directly after the toll booth

Nuevo Laredo, Columbia Crossing

Going into Texas the booth to drop off your TIP is located at 27.6949295, -99.7492008. He will give you a receipt then you need to go to the building up ahead on the far left at 27.6978387, -99.7489912. Enter the building and get into the line on the left side. You will need a photocopy or your passport and drivers license and then you will receive your deposit back. You can then drive through the toll booth and go through American immigration. Took us about an hour on a Sunday afternoon.

Wallmart quiet

Stayed one night before crossing the boarder. Felt safe and didn’t have any issues. Didn’t ask Walmart. Saw a few cops patrolling

near the playground

Good spot for a night or two. The park is quite small so I wouldn’t attempt it with anything bigger than a sprinter. Lots of mosquitoes. Saw the police patrolling a few times. Felt safe

Checkpoint - traffic jam

We did get pulled over at the stop and they wanted to see our immigration form. We got pulled over at a few other stops before this as well.

Punta Sam Port (Cancun)

Only the Ultramar ferry now which is 300p round trip. Parking is 120p (for a van) for the day

Laguna Kaan Luum

Now 100p per person. No dogs. It was quite busy on a Tuesday afternoon so very unlikely you would have it to yourself. Still a nice spot to hangout for the day

Maya Bell Campground

Stopped by to dump our black tank. Was charged 30p which is the cheapest we’ve ever had in Mexico! Also took a shower - 20p per person. The bathrooms were not very clean (lots of ants). There is hot water it just takes about 5-10 mins to start. Too expensive for us to stay the night but it looked like a nice place

Street parking between 2 lavanderias

Was okay for one night. Was really noisy. We parked further down the street closer to the tortilleria and they start up their squeaky tortilla making equipment at 5am. Not ideal

Agua Azul

Spent two nights and loved it! The falls are well worth a visit. We were only charged 50p per person for entry to the falls. We were not charged for camping. They have garbage cans and bathrooms for 5p. The bathrooms close around 5/6pm. The road in is fully paved. No cell service or wifi

Road block

No road block today. - Wednesday July 4th @3:30pm

Road Block

No road block today on the way to Palenque. - Thursday July 4th @ 12pm


A very new Walmart that is very well stocked (minus alcohol). We parked up front in view of the security cameras. We also asked the security guard and he said it was okay. I’d also ask for yourself. Bathrooms are clean and they were open at 10pm even though it says they close at 8pm on google

Cascadas El Aguacero

The waterfall is well worth the visit! 7/800 steps to the bottom then another 20+ min walk through the jungle to the waterfall. 100p to stay the night. Came on a Monday night and were the only people here. The washrooms are super clean and include cold showers and toilet paper. The dirt road isn’t too bad. Took us about 10/15mins. The last little bit is quite steep so go slow. Lots of mosquitoes so don’t forget bug spray

Drug check! Unscrewed our floor!

Was basically waved through. Didnt stop us or say anything. Seemed friendly though

Dirt road camp Playa Brasil

Alright for one night. Talked to the hotel as well and they said it was safe. We didn’t go past the end of the road as the sand dunes are deep. About 20 mins on the dirt road to get to the pinned spot.


24hr water fill station. Just a hole in the wall type place. 10p to fill the big blue jugs. Have options for half or one liter.

Agua purificado 24h

Couldn’t find this water fill up station. Drove to a different one in town

B&B Teocalli

My partner got food poisoning so we wanted to stay somewhere with a bathroom for the night. The room was super clean and we had a full bath with hot water. They have a super cute courtyard and wifi. The owner is lovely and speaks English very well. Within walking distance to everything in town and we had room to park our van on the road. We paid $700p for the night. Might be able to get it lower but we didn’t have time to negotiate

Hierve el Agua

Loved this place! Well worth the visit. 100% take the road from San Lorenzo! We thought it was blocked off but it’s open and a way better drive. We didn’t have to pay the 10p for the use of the road but we did pay 25p/per person for entry and 40p to stay the night. Get up for sunrise and you will probably have the place to yourself

Walmart Tehuacan

Great spot for a night. We felt very safe. Starbucks has very fast wifi for downloading. The mall could easily fit big rigs so that shouldn’t be a concern.

Parking lots in Chapultepec

Really great spot to stay. Felt very safe and it is the cheapest option in Mexico City. 160p for the night (you have to pay 80p the day you arrive and the day you leave) We have stayed here two nights and both mornings had the same issue trying to leave. When you arrive you get a ticket out of the machine to open the gate. Later on someone will stop by and take your ticket and they should give you a different paper receipt. We never received the new receipt so it was hard for the security in the morning to figure out how much we owed. Please make sure they give you the new receipt! I added a photo of what it looks like


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