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La Cábaña Del Gordo

OK place for one night, you can park on a big parking near the restaurant and cabanas. People were friendly, price 4000 pesos for two people. Be aware that the place is not gated or secured and the car is visible from the main road.

Nevertheless we felt quite safe as we parked in between two large trucks, so that we were a bit hidden and couldn't be spotted that easily from the road.

Parking with Bathroom

Secured and gated parking lot, owned by a very nice couple. 4000 Pesos/car/night, you can stay in your vehicle and use the bathroom. No height restriction. Best place we found in the area, highly recommended to spend a night.

estcionamiento publico

We couldn't find this place on that location

GAS Filling Place (Mr. Yong)

We were sent to this place from Gasan-Empresa, who couldn't fill our US-tank.

You find the house in a small dirt road next to the trail rails, it's a private house (Mr Yong). There are some gas bottles visible from the outside. Doesn't look official or professional at all, but worked.

Took us about 20 minutes. Price quite expensive with 70.000 Pesos, does not seem to be negotiable, the locals who where before us paid the same.


Good place to spend a night. Much better than expected! They offer car wash 24 hours, so there's always someone around even if you arrive late like we did. Its basically a big parking lot next to a restaurant place with lots of restaurants and bars. People are very friendly, we paid 15000 for the night.

Taganga Paradise Hostal & Diving

Great place, as described. Best place we found to stay in taganga with our truck camper. No height restrictions, flat space for about 4 cars, so not very much. Hammocks and shade next to the parking. We'd definetely recommend this place for overlanders!

La Rayuela camping

Great place to stay in the area. From the outside you don't see how nice the place is inside!

Pretty hostal with a couple of rooms, outdoor kitchen, pool and hammock area, lots of shade and ventilators.

You can park inside the hostel next to the pool in the shade, so very secure. Space for about 3 rigs, maybe even more, max height about 3.5m.

The owner Cesar is very welcoming and invited us both nights to the fiesta they had, he even invited us for lunch, dinner and drinks!

We've had a lovely time there and enjoyed it a lot to get in touch with cesar, his family and friends.

Part 1 - DIJ Vehicle Inspection for Exporting Vehicle

I'd recommend to arrive at Part 1 even at 5:30 AM. We were here 6:05, got number 14. Now it's 8:40 and we are still waiting outside for inspection. If you arrive here early to get one of the first numbers, you can leave a lot earlier, without waiting for so many cars beeing inspected before yours (it sometimes takes the officer very long to find the engine number if cars).

A guy showed up at 6:50 and that was obviously too late so he was turned away, although there were not more than 15 tickets issued this tuesday.

Paraiso Police Station

Asked police if we can stay in their parking for 1 night, they said it's ok and safe. It's just a parking lot next to the small station of the canal police, not fenced or guarded, but in a very quiet area. Seems safe. No public restrooms, but small restaurants and a shop nearby. If you follow the small street in direction to the canal, after around 5 min walk theirs a parking lot with a fairly nice view of the canal. Free.

Pipas restaurant & camping

Nice spot to stay for free, as described before

Pension Topas

Everything as described, totally recommended!

Punta Uva Beach

Great place, stunning beach!! Came here because Restaurant Arrecife (other ioverlander-spot) was ways too expensive (they charge per person and didn't reduce the price although we came in low season and were 2 vans). This free place is even better. If you wanna go 2 the www just walk down the beach next the restaurant and type in their restaurant name in small letters :)

Reggae Bar Cabins And Campground

Great place to stay!! 2000 C/van.

Everything as described, nice beach, very nice people and relaxed atmosphere!

We didn't feel disturbed by the music, which was actually very nice and not loud at all during the week, at weekend evenings louder, but still easy to sleep next to the bar.

Watch out for the sloth crawling around in the electricity cables near the bar! We saw it often there moving and chilling :)


Siaxola/Guabito bordercrossing, Immigration and Customs office Costa Rica.

We crossed tuesday around 10 am and didn't have any issues (2 us vans, european owners, no pets) . Processing of tip and insurance a little bit slow, but without any problems. Took us around 3 hours all in all. Toilets clean and working by the way, 1$.

Parking @ NP-Entrance

Parking at the entrance of the National Park. 2000 C/night. Flat area between road and jungle. Baños of the NP-Entrance available 8-17 o'clock. Kölbi-Internet-Reception. You can sleep in your car or even a tent. Rocky surface, so tent is maybe not that confortable. Nothing fancy, but not expensive and we even saw a coati the moment we arrived :)

Rapido & Furioso

Very nice restaurant with decent food and delicious juices. Shady garden, very nice french and nicaraguan owners and good wifi. Perfect place to relax, eat, chat and have a drink!

Grace's Place

Nice bungalows with terrace and hammocks at the beach. About 10 minutes djunglewalk from town. Best view and nice owners. Good restaurant and swimming, quite a lot of seagrass (less at the harbour-side). 30$/night including breakfast

Mayan Inn hotel

No problem entering with our truck camper (3m high). Could fit a lot higher vehicles! Paid 100 QZ/4 persons/night, and two of us could stay in their tent which they have to remove during the day.

We were told it's not possible to leave on sunday because of the market, so we'll stay until monday

Parqueo el Arco

They were nice, but didn't want us to stay there with our small truck camper and 1 tent, because they need the parking for other vehicles during the market on sunday.

Apart from that I would not recommend the place for tents, there is just concrete and no grassy area to put a tent.

Very bad road for about 5 km

the road from rio dulce in direction to el paraiso is very very bad for the first 5 km. Lots of very deep potholes, no driving faster than 15km/h possible but doable even without high clesrance or 4wd. Could be scatchy if it rained a lot. After 5km the road is perfect until el paraiso

Hotel-Restaurant-Cabañas Brisas del Lago

Family owned restaurant and a couple of cabañas next to the lake. Shady grassy areas for tents and rvs. Camping 40 Q/person, but negotiable. Restaurant a bit overpriced, but nice view. Quiet and relaxed atmosphere, even on SA, when we arrived.

Road from Rio dulce terrible the first couple of kms, lots of potholes, 15km/h max (but doable without 4wd or high clearance). But then perfect road until this spot!

Cenote Hacienda San Antonio, Homun

Awesome spot to stay in Homun! Lots of space for parking, shaded areas, good facilities, wifi. The restaurant is very good as well, tasty local food for good prices. The family is very nice and welcoming too. And the cenote beautiful! Highly recommended!!

Piramide Inn

Great place! Nice Pool!

200 pesos for 2 persons in truck camper and using all facilities. 24h reception

Hotel La Hacienda + rv-parking

Hotel and secure RV-Parking

Clean facilities, shady parking lots, swimming pool, nice restaurant, lots of trees, friendly stuff, fast wifi. Kind of green oasis in the city. Charged us 250 pesos/night for our truck camper.

Public Parking

Secure Parking

10 pesos/hour


shower/30 pesos

La Tovara crocodile boats

Loved the tour - amazing! Well worth the money!

Neahkahanie Viewpoint

Great spot for overnight stay with stunning views


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