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Very good place . Alone with cow . Good Hot Springs. Very quiet night and secure .

El faro de Peter RV park

Good for 1 or 2 night . Peter is a good man . For enter in the RV campground you have to phone. The number is on the door . Peter is inside.
Very secure and quiet. Good for big rig. The road north is perfect to access campground .

Mecánico Automotriz

Super automobile garage, I had the front brake discs corrected, and we went around all the oils, filters, ect ... Erick, his brother and the employees do a remarkable job in a Zen atmosphere, away from the stress big garages of oaxaca. We recommend 100%! Price of manpower hyper reasonable.

El Rancho RV Park

Camping open since 2 months. Very well located to visit Oaxaca. ( 15 min by collective taxi 11 pesos/pers) . It's one of the most beautiful campsites we've ever been to in Mexico. Hot shower, swimming pool, toilets are very clean. Beautiful space with shade. An impeccable lawn.
The owners ( Paco and Pépé) are adorable and have good advice. Very good wifi. We paid 250 pesos to 2 adults + 1 child.
You can store your RV .
We stayed 5 days.
Excellent place, don't hesitate!

Hotel Dolores Alba

Best place to stay and visit Merida.
all device ok, good personnal, best book your room before on booking or airbnb.
Quiet, clean ect...swiming pool, breakfast.
You can park your Rv for 150 pesos 24h next to the hotel.

Camping Cancun RV

Les 3 chats en voyage
We left our camper van in storage for 9 months. When we returned home, animals visited the inside of the truck and gnawed at the textile and paper. But the worst part was the engine. Iveco Diesel pressure valve broken clean, the engine could no longer be supplied with diesel fuel. Broken turbo valve hose and inlet. Unable to start !
In short, the problem was that Our 70,000 km truck was running perfectly.
Now it is completely broken and we are in a country where there is no Iveco garage and neither in the USA
We were stuck for 5 days at the mercy of Paul (Canadian), the owner who keeps saying business is business and who didn't feel concerned about our problem at all.
He absolutely refuses to acknowledge that the vehicle was sabotaged during storage in his campsite... After seeing 4 mechanics they all agree to validate the theory of sabotage.
Our conclusion:
Paul absolutely and definitely doesn't fit the IOverlander profile.
An example. We had been stuck and the only customers of the campsite for 3 days, eating morning and evening in his snack bar because our RV was empty of empty gas and water blocked at the bottom of the field and we were focused on the mechanics.
Paul went shopping without even offering us to accompany him, to do our shopping knowing that since we got off the plane we had nothing... Upon his return in front of our amazement, he offered us to rent his car for 500 pesos for two hours... Amazing!!!
The food is correct but expensive.
Airport transfers are very expensive at 1200 pesos.
The simple cabanas with outdoor shower and toilets are at 1200 pesos, always very extensive.

In short, go ELSEWHERE for your storage because if you have the slightest problem, know that you will have to manage alone and be far from everything (1st garage at 20 minutes) and that Paul will charge you everything but the air you breathe.
We paid 15800 pesos in 5 days for two adults and a 12 year old child and he did not agree to give us any discount...Business is Business !!!
Yes!! he took us free of charge to the bank to get the money for him🤢
The only ray of sunshine on this campsite is Cristina his wife. Really adorable. Courage Cristina.
In 3 years of travelling on the roads in South America this is the first time we have strongly advised against a place.

Taller mecânica automotris

Les 3 chats en voyage
We had big turbo and mechanical problems on an Iveco diesel. This "Mr Mecanic" workshop, which is located under a building that is difficult to find, is really very strong in all areas.
They are professionals at reasonable prices and above all they know diesel engines.

Trailer park and Cabanas Mecolco Inn

Les 3 chats en voyage
Good camping not too extensive. We have to pay before entering it is 150 pesos per person through the gate.(children free)The owner is pleasant and vigilant about safety.
The pool is very clean. Toilets and showers are less well maintained.
The Wifi is very good .
The park is large with grass everywhere.
It's a nice place. We spent 4 nights.


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