Date Place Comment
Parking spot near the sea

Parking lot, just behind the dunes. Along road, so you hear the cars. Good for 1 night. There were several campers

DIJ Vehicle Inspection

We were there at 7.20am. Took about 1,5 hour, essentially waiting time. The control itself takes only a couple of minutes. You will need some copies: 2 copies of TIP (keep 1 copy for second step when you go to get the attestation at the Investigation judicial), 1 of owners passport, 1 of ownership doc.

Part 1 - DIJ Vehicle Inspection for Exporting Vehicle

Beware ladies, long pants (knee level at least) or long skirts only. My girlfriend was not allowed in the building with short pants ...

Hotel Country Inn & Suites by the Canal

We paid 88 usd incl breakfast. Bought it directly at the reception. Would probably have been cheaper online.

Behind Radisson Hotel

Quit place to camp, clean and prepare your car for shipping. However, I would not spend the night there alone, but's a personal feeling (street is desolate). When we were there, there were other overlanders.


Well worth the money. 18usd pp. They got a great coffee bar with amazing views on the canal. There is a secure parking. Free wifi inside

Soberania Park Headquarter

You need to buy the entry tickets for the park here. Beautiful trails with many bird life. We asked where to camp and they said we could camp before the headquarter. It is manned at night, not gated. Secure place

Summit NP

The guard allowed us to spend the night. Free. We will tip him as to find a secure place, not simple. The day after we visited the park. Nice spot to camp

Esclusa de Agua Clara

Worth every penny! Better that the Miraflores locks as you have a splendid view of the new locks. Free wifi

Playa la Angosta

Inflation must be rampant as we had to pay 15usd wo electricity. Not really our thing. Party and very very loud music all day long and no private spot, even on a weekday. Many locals. Rundown place. Wifi at the restaurant did not work.

Familia Romero garden

Secure and quit place to stay. Very nice family! Fast internet. 5usd pppn

Panama Canal Locks Miraflores

Well worth a visit. Fast wifi inside. There are tables, resto, so you can work at ease. Boats pass by, but you might have ro wait a couple of hours depending on the schedule

Punta Chame

Police told us it it not safe at all! Boats with narco traffic frequent the place, so we went to the hotel and could camp there

Punta Chame, End Of The Road

Police told us it it not safe at all! Boats with narco traffic frequent the place after dark so we went to the hotel and could camp there

National Park Sarigua - Desert Section

Quit for camping. Offices were being rebuilt, so no amenities when we came.

Reserva privada Távida

The receptionist said the camping was closed for works. We went away and luckily just encountered one of the older persons who said camping was possible. Camping will be remodelled and normally the price is 15usd pp now for camping. We negotiated 10 usd pp as the camping was not ready (according to their standards) yet and previous overlanders only paid 10 usd pp. Camping area is grass, there are some flat spots, water tap, showers and toilets, so ok for us. The view is great! The road up there is not difficult (rocky), but a bit steep, so not for a normal RV. We drive a G-camper 4 tons.

Playa Morillo

Beautiful beach with little island in front. When you are 2 from the beach, there is a small road to the left which leads to a fence of a private property. We parked there, on the beach. There are turtles too. At night the people of the turtle conservation scouted the beach but the did not disturb us

Las Lajas Beach Cabins

Beautiful beach to relax. We saw many whales. Place indeed run down, but we could park right on the beach, so it was well worth it. 10usd for 2 persons in our camper. Quite fast internet. Good food. Quit, also in weekend when we stayed. Worth staying

Playa Hermosa

Only if you like driving on the beach and camping on a small stretch of sand that becomes a small island at high tide. We didn't stay for that reason.

Cangilones de Gualaca

Quit place to spend the night. Police drove by in the evening. In the morning at 6.30am , 2 big tourist busses arrived (weekday). Free.

Parque Amistad - camping

You can camp at the ranger station. Nice place. There are also dorms. Well maintained. Several trails can be done without guide. Really worth it. Entrance 5usd pp and camping 6 usd pp

Wild camping

You can camp next to the road. No traffic at all. 100m ascent to the trailhead from here.

Parque Amistad - before entrance

Wild camp spot at entry of Parque La Amistad. Park is open from 7am - 3pm and we arrived later. Next to the river. Free. Within the park, you need to pay for camping

Grassy Parking

Good place to camp with a small rig before hiking the day after. Very quit and cool

Cascata del Bosco

Great place to relax, hike a bit, visit the world famous Wilson Botanical garden. Owner is super nice and food is great

Seguros Fedpa S.A.

Was closed in weekend, so we were stuck here for 2 days

San Marcos, Costa Rica to Rio Sereno, Panama

Don't cross here during the weekend. We were there on a Saturday just after noon and both offices to get car insurance were closed! Without the car insurance you cannot get the Panama car permit. On top as all your papers for Costa Rica are cancelled already, you cannot drive back in Costa Rica to go to the other big border. We were stuck there the whole weekend. The longest border crossing ever. Luckily the Costa Rican authorities agreed to REACTIVATE the cancelled TIP and stamps in our pasport, so we can head for the large border crossing instead. The exit fee needs to be paid again at the orher crossing. So we passed into Panama the day after

Wilson Botanical garden

World renowed botanical garden. Many trails to do, very well organised and indicated. 8 usd per person. We did many trails in 3 hours but there are additional jungle trails that we did not do.

Camp spot by the river

Beautiful camp spot at the river bank. There is a small boat transporting people over the river.

BM Super Mercado & Gas station

There is good free internet at the BM supermercado too


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