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April 22nd, 2019 Port Bandar Abbas

Cheating while entering at port of Bandar Abbas (coming from UAE)

Coming from Sharja to Bandar Abbas, we also paid fees which were either completely unnecessary or unjustified; the latter particularly annoyed us.

With Siroos, a so-called «fixer» (trafficker), we agreed an amount of USD 50, so that he helps us with the formalities for the entry into the port and the procedure goes fast. It wasn't fast then, the procedure took 3 hours. In addition to this USD 50, he and his colleague Jafar wanted another USD 30 on the grounds that this would be for Shipping Clearance, Shipping Fee and Bill of Loading, which is total nonsense or a fraud against the tourist who is unaware oft he procedure/cost. These fees have already been paid in Sharja (Al Hili ferry compay) together with the tickets.
The only thing that has to be paid when entering Bandar Abbas is the harbour fees in the amount of Rial 500'000, which is about USD 5. Proof of this were our companions Thomi and Conny from; they did the entry without a fixer and paid only Rial 500'000. In the end, they only had half an hour longer than us.

Hands away from the mentioned fixers; unless you make a fixed amount in advance for their services plus port fees of Rial 500'000; but as we stated, this service would not be necessary.
Do not hand over your documents (passport, Carnet de Passage etc.) or pass through all stations together with the fixer.
If the fixer insists on further fees or puts a receipt in your hand, it is quite safe in Farsi (which you can't read), or faked.
Key point of the whole story is the payment of the harbour fees. (Unfortunately, the staff standing around that you ask for has no idea about the procedure or doesn't want to tell you anything, so you are forced to call in a fixer.) You can see the office where the harbour dues have to be paid on the photo.

Good luck and patience to complete the procedure without fraud.

April 15th, 2019 Caravanserai Maranjab

The caravanserai is under new management and is now practically renovated; only a few details are missing. There are many beautifully restored rooms in traditional style as well as with European standard.
From the roof of the caravanserai you have a beautiful panoramic view.
The restaurant offers traditional Iranian cuisine and is of top quality. The Dizzy is excellent!
Unfortunately there are some bad reviews about this place, but they are older and now outdated. Note that the area outside the caravanserai is not under the same management.
We can highly recommend the caravanserai Maranjab as a hotel as well as a restaurant.

January 20th, 2019 Arvin pro-fabrications

Very nice, English speaking and super competent people - Arvin, Vrej and Pouya; they have a well equipped workshop. We have had various repairs done on our caravan (welding aluminium outer storage box and others). The works have been done very carefully. This workshop is well networked and cooperates with others.
We can highly recommend this workshop.