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Mount Pisgah Campground

As described… the GPS coordinates are a little off so checking in to see if it will correct them…

Punta San Basilio

Devastating... when I found this place and shared it here, there were no fences, you could camp right on the beach, NOBODY was out here (maybe a Mexican fisherman once a week), the very picture of Baja isolation... now I cannot find a place to park, they have “happy hour”, people leave their gear to claim spots (even though there are so very few) and long termers have moved in... let this be a warning to anyone posting their gems on iOverlander, their days are numbered... the single biggest regret of my decade long overlanding career...

Sacramento Pass National Forrest

At the top of the pass on either side of the road tracks lead off into the National forrest... spots all over... can get a little narrow through the trees... for us better option than campground down the road...

Down by the river/stream

Update: This is private property. The owner came down and said someone took down their sign. He was very nice, was ok with us staying here. So as long as you keep it clean and the sign is not back up, you should be able to also.

There are several spots down by the river along this stretch of route 6 between here (the coordinates) and the town of delta a few miles south. Nothing spectacular but nice.

Black Dragon Wash BLM

Sweet spot right off of the interstate. You literally turn off of the interstate onto a gated dirt road, open the gate, be sure to close it behind you, and follow the roads north for about a mile. It is to the north of the interstate so if coming eastbound you will be turning to the left where there is a dirt road over to the other side. There are a few spots at the entrance to the canyon, a large slot canyon you can drive down (high clearance, possibly 4x4), you can’t camp in the canyon. We opted to camp out near a group of trees with a lovely view of the formations. There are pictographs on some of the canyon walls. Great little spot. Clean up after yourself, bury toilet paper.

coffee pot road

No need to add a new pin just to state that this road continues on for at least 30-40 miles with many spots along the way. We got around 20 miles in with a 6 ton truck camper until a snow drift stopped us (in May)... a great road to explore... nice overlook down steep canyon about 10 miles in...

Ojo del agua

From the park entrance there is about 6km of road the follows the stream to its source with several pools along the way. There are numerous places to camp all along the way. I get the feeling that during the week you may be able to get in free but we are here on a weekend and were charged 50 pesos per person to camp. Lovely spot well worth the $5...

Dump Big Bend

I wasn't able to find this place.

Ranch de John Wayne

A truly remarkable place. You take a dirt track from the main road through a small town and out to the ranch, quick easy (a little bumpy) drive. The gate might be closed but you can just open it and drive in. Armando the owner lives in the old train station and is a wonderful host. We camped two nights, once by the film set and once out in the canyons where they have just built tables and a pit toilet. Spectacular scenery and bound to be even more so during July-October when the rains fill the streams and waterfalls. They are also looking for volunteers to help in the restoration and development of the site and I am sure would trade work for camping/horse rides. Happily paid 150 a night.

check before durango

No checkpoint or sign of checkpoint when we drove through

Slot Canyon

Near the meeting of the Red Canyon and Bradshaw trails this drivable slot canyon branches into the near hill side. There is plenty of camping options throughout the area. Does require a fair amount of off roading. Red Canyon good for smaller 4x4 (must be comfortable with vehicle, have low center of gravity), Bradshaw any 4x4 (or possibly aired down high clearance vehicle).

Huge parking Austin

Came back to this spot and got moved by the police... could just have had that one excited cop as last time we were here for days with cops hanging out... just putting it out there...

Huge parking Austin

Spent several nights here... some city noise and a train that likes to roll through at night but can’t beat the location. Had police in the lot with us and other rigs also, seems to be “city approved”.

POW Camp

Apparently the site of a POW camp during WW2... primitive, dispersed, by a pond...

Pigeon River Dispersed

Another classic NC dispersed side of the road camp spot. There is a nice big spot by the river right at the beginning of the road but as it was occupied we kept driving up. Technically I don’t think this (coordinates) is an official spot but nice big space off the road. There is also a paid campground ($13) right before pulling onto the forrest road to the north.

Rippee Conservation Area (FREE)

free, 15 sites, tables, grill, pit toilets.. most sites unlevel but plenty of space in level parking lots... we had place to ourselves...

Lowery BLM

Free.. 5 sites... fire pits, pit toilet and by a river... all good things...

C.O.P.E. Canmore Outdoor Power Equipment

$18CA dollars/$15US dollars to fill 20lbs./5 gallon tank. Also appeared to be able to fill built in tanks

Up Hill Wild Camp

We got here late and it was too hard to find/make a level space so we camped at the pullout just down the road... looks like a bulldozer had recently been doing some work there...

exit guatemala

This place is in the wrong location, but I'm not sure where it is!

Denali view hike

Follow the Petersville road past Petersville, through the canyon, shortly after the bridge there are mining roads that cut off into the hills... follow the road to the right (towards these way points)... you can drive a decent way out, stop where ever you feel comfortable with your rig, and hike the rest... totally worth it... the mining road does have several creek crossings and one fairly challenging loose gravel incline... not many turn arounds...

Peters Creek

Really nice drive out to this spot... we were hunting for Denali views and there are several spots on the way here that were great (with views) but alas taken by hunters... we landed here by a creek as it was getting late... there is a “road closed” sign early on once you hit dirt but there is a good amount of traffic out here... I believe it is closed in winter...

Old Mining Valley near Hatcher Pass

This particular spot has a sign posted stating that it is an active mine and “STAY OUT” (tad dramatic). There are some pull offs west of here and one nice spot more removed from the road a good 5 miles down the valley...

Whittier Alaska

The road was closed out to this spot... sadly we could not find any easy free parking in town... possibly by the shooting range... this spot looks like it would be awesome if the road was open...

Three Glacier View at Richardson Highway

The southern entrance to the gravel pit was open when we came through.... we drove to the far end (far left) and found a track leading to a nice private spot under the mountain... well away from the road... nice spot...

Old Valdez Town

Have stayed here multiple nights... have had the police roll by us here... I think it is the best spot in the area... might just be the luck of the draw...

Mineral Creek Waterfall

There are two spots on either side of a creek crossing under a sizable waterfall. The first one you come to is more level but the second has a better path up to the waterfall. Basically a pullout but on a rarely traveled road, no cars during our stay. There is also a spot right before the bridge at the beginning of this road and several others, basically just pulloffs, further down the valley. After the second mine the road deteriorates to small 4x4s only. The rest of the road is kinda rough and bumpy but not bad, few turnarounds.

Valley View

Several sites out along Valdez Mine Rd. This spot has an outstanding view but requires a little work to get to, driving down overgrown tracks, totally worth it. There are some exceptional remote spots at the far end of the road (10 miles on) but the road got quite muddy and with weather heading in we decided on scenic instead. There is one creek crossing at the start of the Valdez Mine Rd which fluctuates with weather... more crossings further up the road also...


Follow the track of the dempster, many spots along the way, GREAT spots on the river at the end... clean up after yourselves... bury your TP...

Near Arctic Circle

Really nice spot... a few options to choose from... away from the road...


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