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Easy Wash

Nice small self laundry with very modern machines. You don‘t need detergent or softener it‘s included. Next to the laubdry is a bar.


This place is permanently closed.


It‘s private property now and clsed with a chain.

Lavanderia turquesa

good clean laundry, can easily park there.

13 Pesos per kilo

Tgey speak englisch


Morrill RV Park

Still cold showers. We paid 190 Pesos per night (2 people) with a Sprinter.

Guanajuato overlook

Forget to tell that there are several campspots you can choose:)

Guanajuato overlook

We stayed three nights. An epic place for Mexico mainland! TOP! No noises, saw some runners and dog people. Very clean!!! Please keep it like that!!

Toll booth

Just normal toll booth. Pais 82 Pesos for a Sprinter

BP Peñuela

We asked or we can sleep here. They said yes. At 1 security came and told us if we want to stay later then 5 we have to pay a ticket of 100 Pesos. After that we went back to sleep. Or we tried to. the security man sat behind our van and was listening to damm marriachi music very loud....


For a Sprinter 114 Pesos. Birnal toll booth

Military Checkpoint

Normal Mmilitary check point. Just wondering where we come from and were we go.

Parqueo Don Alberto

A parked spot good to stay if you want to do the hike to Volcano Santa Maria! We had two cute dogs that accompanied us! We paid 50Q for the night and day!

Street costs

There is a block. Had to pay 25 Q and we received a receipt! Friendly people. Check out picture

Free Wifi at Btl Park

Free and fast Wifi at the park. Has parking lots. Slow for downloading Netflix, hehe.

Lavanderia Magic Bubbles

Super friendly stuff! Everything smell very good and is clean! 12 pesos per kilo!

Flamingo-Lagoon Rio Lagartos-Cuyo

As described be aware of the mosquitos! But mor annoying are the sand flies!!If we hadn‘t arrived that late we would have turned around

Corrupted municipal and state police officers

They just waved us trough! puuhh! Lucky us! (needed more than 40 signs)

Cabanas Vulcan El Chichonal

We slept there to go to El Chichonal! Very friendly people! 50 pesos per night! We made it easy with our sprinter!

Jardin Conzati

We spent 4 nights here! It‘s hard to find a spot espescially on werkdays! on the weekend it is more relaxing. The nights were really quite and we felt safe!

free camping

Note : the street firther down was closed with a chain. We had to wait until somebody cane. Luckily we only waited 2 Minutes!

free camping

Nice spot! At 7 pm two guys came and wanted 120 pesos. We gave 80 and then they left.

Azul Cielo Hostel with showers

We called for just shower! Very nice place! Sadly they don‘t have a parking. But showers are 50 pesos

Toll booth

Still normal toll booth. 89 Pesos for Sprinter


This place is permanently closed.


We stayed one night, very quite. So we wanted to stay a second one. Then a car came and an old guy said that this is private land so we should leave...

Ahuifresh Toluca

Good place to refill the water tanks. Not so busy. so you can park in front if it.

Windshield repair

We had 4 small cracks in the windshield. He fixed it within 20Minutes. We paud 800 Pesos. Really nice guy!

Fuego y Leña

Really, really nice pizza!! Felt in Italy!! Defenitely come back!

Wildcamping on the beach

TOP SPOT! Really nice beach! Snorkling is great!! It‘s beautiful here! Downside...Moskitos as soon as the sun is down!

Beach Camp

Very nice spot! We stayed two days and nobody bothered us!


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