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Villa Celeste Resort

We were asked $400. Otherwise as described. Noé was a super friendly host.

Camping and Restaurant Paraíso

Nice grassy camp spot on beach. Some shade. Decent WiFi, refreshing shower, potable water and running toilets. 220V stations for vehicles. Charged Rs$30 per person, plus electricity used (metered).

Beach has a sometimes nice beach break for surfers. Breeze keeps the temperature pretty pleasant at the nearest-to-beach parking sites.

Pousada Villa Justen

Great place to stay, amazing hosts.
Pousada has a parking area that fits 4-runner sized vehicles and had several simple guest houses (chalés). Not a campsite, but a very welcome rest if you’re tired of camping.

Comfy beds, hot water, potable water, WiFi and electricity (220V).

Easy access to trails and ~2 minute walk to historic center. Sida and Lane are phenomenal hosts, super helpful and welcoming. Breakfast is included and never disappoints.

Camping Sol Sul

Large space with plenty of shade, roughly 200m from a pleasant beach. Running water, hot showers and decent WiFi (although it doesn’t reach every campsite). Nice owner. We paid Rs$15 per person (low season).

Electricity at some sites, 220V.

Mosquitoes in hot weather...

Refúgio do Poa

Small, shaded camping area next to the beach. Rs25 per person. Power sources (220V), WiFi, clean toilets with running water and toilet seats. Shower had good pressure and was lukewarm. One big rig might fit.

Nice beach break for surfers.

Punta Sur

I campground with numerous tables, parrillas and pull-ins, along the river and overlooking Parque Unzué.

We paid ARG$500 (USD$13.50 at the time), for 2 people. Warm showers, running water in toilets, although no toilet seats and above-average WiFi that reaches at least to the campsites near the reception.

Several friendly dogs owned by the staff. Very quiet at night. Likely quite lively during the high season.

CarinaE Viñedos y Bodega

Carinae is currently closed to campers, partly due to being added to iOverlander against the express wishes of the owners and partly due to some thefts in the area.

Camping Hornopiren

Wide, flat and grassy field. Ten picnic tables, eight of them covered and with outlets.

$4.000 clp pp, hot water with good pressure, running water toilets and taps with potable water throughout the grounds. No WiFi.

A small trail goes along the neighboring river. Very pretty area.

Doña Martina

Coordinates took us right to the spot. The parking and camping is behind a wood-paneled gate, with a small sign announcing the camping.

Didn’t stay, but wanted to say that it is here, as one commenter couldn’t find it.

Chaitén Easy Access Beach Pad

Good flat spot with a nice view over the water.
TAKE NOTE: A dirt road appears to access the beach. DO NOT take this in the dark. It ends abruptly in a 1.5+ meter sharp drop-off. I can imagine this being hard to see in the dark and since one ferry arrives quite late, I suspect a lot of people arrive in the dark.

Assuming you don’t die in a horrible midnight parking job-cum-cliff diving incident, great spot to camp.

Free Camping Area

Beautiful sheltered beach and municipal park. Great views of both sunrise and sunset.

Tent camping IS allowed. We spoke to locals and one of the watchmen, who explained that this is a new rule, effective 2018.

Toilets with running water onsite and showers. All kept clean. Free to camp, although big rigs may be asked to park alongside the park, rather than in it.

Camping Ammonites

Bathroom situation is pretty terrible. Beautiful location but only 2 of 3 total bathrooms working but all are dirty and waits in the morning were about 30-40 minutes because showers are not separate from toilets. Would not recommend . On the plus side there are puppies and kittens...

Sector Chabela Climbing and Camping

Nothing to add to Gabrielle Ganser’s details regarding camping (except perhaps that the view is beautiful).

For climbers, however, I might note that aside from a small “sector de escuela”, the routes tend to be 5.11 (French 7) and up. There’s one 5.10/6a+ just outside of the quinche and to the right, that has a rather interesting crux move with an airy finish. All routes are single pitch. Very fun!

Baguales Brewery + Restaurant

Good beer at $2,200clp per pint. The brewery makes a pale, a porter and a seasonal and has a wider selection of imported bottles. Food is so bland you’ll cut yourself just to feel something.

La Casa Azul De Graciela

Great place! Graciela has space for one car (not RV sized) and 2-4 bikes. She’s one of the best hosts we’ve stayed with.

Her place has WiFi, a small kitchen, hot water and space for 3 or so tents.

The house is tight on the coast, along a well-paved road and near a supermarket, verdulería and a small coastal nature reserve.

Camping Otrebor

Large campground 1km from Trevelin centro. Hot water, power outlets and a very tenuous WiFi connection. The small white dog bites but can’t break the skin.

$200 per person.

Propane gas (Cambagaz)

The guy had no idea how to connect a hose to an adapter. In the end, he just refused to try. Complete failure.

Cabanas and Camping Catrue at Anticura

Many shaded campsites downhill from main lodge. $4.500clp per person.

Plug-ins at sites, hot showers, running water and toilet seats. Place to wash dishes/laundry. So-so WiFi in main lodge only. Fire place in main lodge is great on rainy days.

Three short trails start from campsite. Some climbing (sport and trad) at nearby cliffs.

No cats, but a fox came by the car. No fear of humans.

Los Paicos

Spacious camping with a beautiful view. We paid $6.500pp and had electricity, hot showers and sort-of WiFi (the bandwidth is very small). The owners are friendly and the sunsets and rises over the harbor are idyllic.

Running water, toilet seats and dish washing area as well.

Vista Hermosa Camping

Beautiful view with space for 2-3 cars. Paid $4.000pp for the night. Weak WiFi, hot showers and you can plug in if you have a roughly 10m extension cable.

Eco Camping La Caletilla

Pleasant campsite next to two surf beaches (infiernillo and Pichilemu). Hot water, good WiFi by the reception and toilets with running water and toilet seats. Places to plug in at each site, although big rigs may have to park too far away to tech an outlet without a 6m+ extension cord.

Places to wash dishes and clothes, along with clotheslines.

Charged us $5.000pp as off-season price. Prices may be higher in the summer.

Outdoor (but covered) kitchen available for $1.000 per use and the owners sell carbon and ice.

Villa Kunterbundt

Family house, not a hostel. Very nice couple and their son run the place. They were very accommodating of our unplanned arrival but not thrilled to find out that they are listed on iOverlander as a hostel. They do offer accommodations but by reservation only. Reservations can be made at: [email protected]

They speak English, German and Spanish.

Space for one car or four bikes. Hot water, toilets with toilet seats, WiFi and kitchen. Very comfy bed and three cats.

We paid 12,000clp per person for one night and they said it would be 11,000clp pp for more than one night.

Refugio Alférez Portinari

Parking lot at a refugio operated by the Gendarmería Nacional. Serves as gateway to the Cajon de Arenales and Portillo Argentina wilderness areas. No facilities, but beautiful and ideal for those wanting to explore the region (trekking, climbing, etc). Several people claimed that the water in the river nearby is clean enough to drink without filtering.

The gendarmes are helpful, although one of them was pretty creepy. Just watches you, not real talkative...probably wonders what side dish you go best with.

Creeper aside, lots of people leave their cars here while they go camping further on in the mountains. Literally hundreds of climbing routes to choose from.

Camping municipal

Municipal campground next to el monumento al Gral San Martin. Plenty of trees for shade, outlets at parking sites. Families gather here on weekends and across the street are artesanía and food stands. No WiFi, but good Claro cell service (LTE).

$90 for two people and a car.

Running water in toilets but no toilet seats. There is hot water during busy periods only. If you’re here off-peak times, you trade quiet for hot water. For us, it was...brisk.

No cats.

Don Goyo

Lakeside campground. Parrillas, places to plug in (220V) and level parking surfaces. Bathrooms are clean and have both toilet seats and hot water. WiFi signal comes and goes, but we had a stable Claro 3G signal.

Most parking spots big enough for vans, a couple could probably fit big rigs.

$150pp, great view of the lake. On-site kayak rentals.

Mi Media Naranja

The site has several small cabañas of three rooms: bedroom, bathroom and kitchen/living. The cabañas are US$75, with breakfast included. There are also smaller rooms for US$65, again with breakfast.

Wifi is good, better close to the office. The place had two pools, one heated.

Well situated near numerous hiking trails and swimming holes. Fabian and Andrea, the hosts, are very friendly and helpful. They have three dogs, all quite friendly. Parking spots are covered and can fit a truck camper with its roof extended. There are 220V plugs for vehicles in the parking.

Los Gigantes

Parking at the trailhead for Los Gigantes. $100 per person and $30 for parking. Camping is permitted but you will be charged again after 10 a.m. Toilets are clean and there is decent WiFi near the building and a decent signal with either Claro or Personal.

Three cats.


Pretty municipal camping alongside a river. Currently expanding the camping area and slightly off-season, so no one was available to turn on the WiFi. Plenty of grill and washing stations. Two out of three toilet seats in the men’s toilet, which is two more than I found throughout all Peru.

Didn’t try the showers, as some renovations were taking place there. A car full of very nice cops patrolled through in the evening and gave directions to a nice hiking trail.

Plenty of outlets to plug in.

No cats. Sad.

Las Arcas de Tolombon

Good wines in a beautiful setting and an African-inspired building. Estefanía gave us a pleasant tour and tasting. Tasting was free, wines varied from $90 to $200.

Good WiFi in the building.

No cats. Sad.

Camping Luz y Fuerza

Large camping area on dirt with tree shade. Hot showers, potable water and clean toilets, but with no toilet seats. WiFi is weak, but enough for checking emails.

Five minute walk to plaza central, easy access to many wineries. Plugs for vehicles.

Three cats, two of whom are very cuddly, but who will absolutely steal an entire chicken off your table the second you look away. But very cuddly. The one with half a tail is named Cathy. Her full-tailed sister is named Bone Cruncher, after a chicken-stealing-and-eating incident.


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