Llevados por el Viento Check-Ins

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Eloy: verduras y frutas

This place is permanently closed.

Villa Lago Rivadavia

Fire pits, magnificent views of the Andes, river to fish and even bathrooms. About 20 mins from the northern entrance to Los Alerces NP. Gravel road, easy acces, no need for high clearance or 4x4. Gaucho Town. Friendly people. Loved it!


Still ok. If you load gas all free, not sure if you don’t. Showers are warm and wifi at the restaurant!

betropras / oasis gasstation

More of a bus stop than a truck stop. All good as mentioned before. Food and gas is expensive but facilities are clean and spacious. WiFi is open and not too noisy.

Tigrão Gas Station

Gas Station Shell. Big parking lot, nature surrounding, shade, lots of trucks. Hot Shower 5 reais with time limit.

Posto Cacau

Slept on Roof Top tent. No problem. Laundry service available, gas station open 24hrs, safe, convenient.

Posto Shell

Loaded 50 reais of gas and got two tickets for free shower. Not amazing but all free, WiFi, cold drinks and well located.

Gunga beach

Arrived late (5pm) and were allowed to park and sleep in the parking lot. Free, quiet (beach closes at 6) and very nice beach!

Wild camp

Several wildcamps along the way to here. Windy, lonely, beautiful! No amenities during the week at least!

Praia Patacho- wild camp

This place is permanently closed.

Camping do Amor

Still active. Paid 25R x person, good locación, spacious and good wifi. Friendly staff.

Shell fuel station

Still ok to spend the Night outside Recife. All good, clean and free. Didnt find the wifi.

Posto Ale

Gas Station. Nothing fancy But good enough. Showers, Shade and water. Free.

Camping do Gilles

All good, friendly staff. Still 20 reais, shade for low vehicles or roof top tent. Big or tall cars would not be able to enter for low entrance. Klaus, caretaker cool German guy.

Camping Canoa

Not much shade here. Also not 10 but 20 reais per person, so we decided to go to Gilles instead.

Posto Shell

Still a good option outside Fortaleza to stay. Put 20 lts of gas on our car and didn’t have to pay for shower, although it’s only 5 bucks. No restaurant here, just small convenience store

Jijoca de Jericoacoara - Camping Do Tião

Still 25 x person. Still Ali the same. Picked up a transfer Right outside to go to Jeri for 20 reais x person. It’s about 30/40 mins ride and you can came back in the evening.

Sao Miguel-Gas Station

Easy place. Quiet, typical truck stop, shower, wc and shade. Right outside Paranaiba on the way to Jeri or viceversa.

Estacionamiento Santo Amaro

Still 10 Reais to overnight at this spot. Shower, bathroom and shade. A bit far to walk into town but you can get closer to the river with your own vehicle and then park here if you take a tour. They picked us up and brought us back here. Hired a tour with the cooperativa. Phone listed as you arrive at this parking.

Immigration Venezuela

A few updates:
1) you will only be fueled up at the border Gad station, half the price than BRAZIL but more expensive than locals at the other gas station which will not load you up. Locals sell gas at 1.50 to 1.80 erais the liter.
2) customs at venezuela opens Monday to Saturday (not Sunday) from 8:30 to 15:00
3) once you get your custom paper and you enter the sabana you need to stamp it at the first check point (alcabala) and same goes before leaving venezuela.

Boa Vista Praia Caume

Still a good option, still free. Stopped for lunch and a swim but could have overnighted.

Roraima Viewpoint

Excellent viewpoint. Need to stay for a while to get a clear view or partial view.

Buzos Place - dive center

Diving Center / kayak tours. Excellent spot. Amazing service and fair price. Paid 5 USD for a full day tour. William, the guide very knowledgeable and flexible.

La Perla Hotel

Basic, clean, A/C with gated parking. Cost us 300 Bolivares soberanos which today equal 3 dollars for a Double Room.

Petrobras Just Outside Of Indigenous Reserve

All of the mentioned details are still available and free! Excellent spot and not that noisy at night as you would expect. Amazing amount of Tucans and Macaws flew by sunset and dawn.

Brisas del Amazonas

Cheapest place we found in Leticia. Well located and let’s you cook in the room. We paid 30k x double room x night. Parking on the street. Felt safe.

Truck Stop on the way

If you need to sleep on the road this is a good place, spacious with security guard all night. Charged us 8000 p/vehicle.

Terpel gas station Montecristo

Same as described. WiFi, showers and free parking if in need to overnight.

Wild Camping on Penninsula

Good, free, used to be a Camp by site. There are a couple of small roofed kiosks to hang out or put your tent. Across the street you can hire a hot shower for 2k or cold for 1k. Also restroom for 500. Best spot in town to wild camp.

Casa Kayam - Hotel with Camping

Still 10k p person with full usage of amenities. Fair internet and friendly environment!


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