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Ruinas de Epecuén

We paid 100$ p/p. Is worth it!
The museum is out of the village, at the old train station. Is for Free.
Form 8 to 20h.

Museo de las Ruinas del Lago Epecuén

Is worth a visit! Is free and has a lot of history about epecuen village.

Camping lavalle: Termas de Carhue

We paid 200 p/p and 200 car. It’s out of season and we were the only here.
Great service, great people.
And the termal swimming pool is awesome! Love it!
It’s clean and has hot water all night long. Electricity on site and
BBQ places. Quiet and not far away from the center ;)

Carhue/ Epecuen ruins

Totally recommend visit to this small town. Carhue is small but full of local life with a big lake besides call Lago epecuen. It’s salty and so much that a man can float like in the Dead Sea!!! It has therapeutical uses. It’s a natural term just open to everyone!
And there is a ghost town: epecuen village. A tourist village that in the 1985 was flooding and now you can visit the ruins of what it was an espectacular sommer village.
There are banks, supermarkets, gas stations, hotels, hostels, Cabañas and campings.

People don’t speak English so be patient, but they will try to help you on what they can and told everything about their history.

Salinas del bebedero

It’s a big lake with salt water. It’s like 19km from the rute 7. Before arriving to the lake there are a little town and a fabric. You can see big hills of salt. Is for free. :)

Hotel Savoy

Familiar hotel. Small, Simple, cheaper. We pay 1100$ for a doble bed with private bathroom.
Room was small but with enough space for to big bags and to backpack. Clean.
Bathroom was also clean, small, shower is almost over the toilet.
They clean every day.

Breakfast is simple (something to
Drink and medialunas), includes at the price, start at 8:30 To 10 , so if you have an excursion that start at 7:30 so better you go to the Axion around the corner to get something.
It can be loudly sometimes because there is a bar at the corner.

There is 24 h reception.

They offer you discount at several excursions with a traditional company called Geovix . Touristic guide are ok but they Don’t speak English.

There are three small dogs living at the hotel, they are nice and friendly. They don’t barks so much.

Staff is friendly and helpful. A big family.

They have an arrangement with the parking besides the hotel. It’s include at the price

For one or two nights is okay. We end here because there wasn’t place at any hostel, it’s vendimia festival time.

salinas el diamante

It’s cost 150$ per car. We didn’t come ind

Rosengarten Hotel and Camping

Nice place. The first impression is that is a house with a big park but it has a swimming pool, tennis court, quincho and bbq. A little bar and a cozy stemming.
Totally recommend! The owners will help you with what you need!
Bathrooms are simple and clean, there is not electricy at site but close to the bar. WiFi kind of slow.

We Recommend a tour in the small village. San Carlos is a beautiful and nice barrio!
We came just at the end of carnaval and was lucky at be part of a music festival for free! Awesome place and music!

Valle grande/ Cañón del Atuel- I don’t recommend

I’m an Argentinian women who is totally disappointed and sad about how we abuse this area. We just destroy the beautiful landscape and nature of the place. It Is full with different business that will try to sell you food, excursions and places to sleep. It’s just too much! I think there are more than 100differents places selling things, coming out to the rute waving papers for sell excursions.

There is no place for appreciate nature. Just sit down and enjoy it. :(
All is dirty and the walls of the mountains are full with graffiti.
So If you as a tourist love nature please don’t buy nothing from them.
I hope Some day this will become a protect area where humans and nature can meet again.

Sorry to write this here. But if you love nature how I do, you will understand me.

Flat, clean place clode to RT40

This place is permanently closed.

Rest place at the side of rute 144

It’s just beside the rute, wind protect and enough place. Not too many cars. There are too many cotorras ( kind of papagayos), that talk too much!

I don’t know if it is comfortable for tents,, but actually there is couple with one at the spot.

El Bolson

This place is permanently closed.

El Bolson

Its all fine with the water. It’s out of date.

Waterfall “La corbata blanca” trekking

It’s a wonderful and beautiful waterfall. Is free, there is just a bonus for parking of $50. It’s 850mt trekking to the water fall, around 30/45 minutes walking op the mountain.

Museum & Bar “La legal” Butch Cassidy and his gang.

Its an excellent stop to know a little more about Butch Cassidy and his gang in their time in Argentina.
And also a nice cafe where you can taste different cakes and hot cafe.
There is bathrooms and a cozy place to hang out a while.
It’s just 8 km out nord from La Cholila, and 500mts before Butch Cassidy’s houses, on R71.
Its open from 9am to 9pm.

Camping Municipal Rio Mayo

50p/p and 100 car. Electricity on site. Bathrooms and shower no real clean. So be aware. If you decided to stop and overnight in Rio Mayo, so check ind at the camping place after 18/20
Hours. It will be for free, because they go home and there is nobody at reception.
You might not find open the toilets if there are no people staying at the camp.
Is close to the rute 40, just at the side of the tourism info reception.
It’s called Casa cultural/secretaría cultural.
Electricity is on the lights (if they works)

Camping Municipal Rio Mayo

It costs us 50 p/p and 100$AR car. electricity on site and bathroom. There is shower, I have not try it but they don’t see so much clean.
Is a day camping where people from the town come here to barbecue.
So if you have decide to stop and overnight in Rio Mayo, so check in after 18/20 Hours. So will not be anybody and you can just stay for free, of course you will not have bathroom or showers than they will close if there are no people at the camp. But electricity is under every light( if it works)
The city has supermarket and YPf gas station. Nothing big.

Wrong Rute 40-follow the pavement

The rute that google maps and this app shows is not the route 40!
Follow the pavement through Gobernador Gregores.
The government changes the R40, is going through GGregores. Is all pavement! Don’t worry! then you have the opportunity to see a nice town! Is an oasis in the middle of the desert.

Camping y Hostel

Arréglate como puedas camping and hostel.
It charge is 500$AR for 2pers and a car. We sleep in it :) they offer a common room with kitchen, bathrooms with hot shower.
Nice and friendly people.
There is still under construction the swimming pool and the tennis court.
It told us that a room with king size bed cost 1000$AR.
It’s driving north/south the R40, after /before gobernador Gregores city to the left/right side of the road.

It’s cheaper than the camping municipal.
Fully recommend.

Banco Santa Cruz ATM

Be aware at some times there are no money.

El Chalten town

If you love trekking! Go ahead!
Its just a tourist town created for trek king lovers. Nothing else to see or do.
So if you don’t have plan to do trekking so don’t waste your time.
Of course the nature is beautiful around the city, so that will be something to see. It is 217km from el Calafate, so I will rather rent a car and go for a day trip and spend the night there.
Remember to bring cash and fill the tank of your car.
They don’t take credits cards at the gas station and the ATM often has no money.
Be aware of Poor internet connection and not signal at all.

Camping El Relincho

We paid 280 pp and 120 p car. Its cheaper if you pay cash(250/100) There are not so many places with electricity in sites. Bathrooms are ok with hot water all day.
Kitchen is ok and there are many tables and sockets to connect the phone. WiFi is really bad!!! If you have an iPhone, you probably will not be able to connect.
It’s really crowded and they play high music. There is a supermarket just in front but is kind of expensive.

deli Cafe central

Is close to La anónima supermarket.
Nice and cozy place to drink a hot chocolate and cafe. :) you can ask about WiFi code.
Prices are good and stuff is helpful. :)

Rada Tilly - Camping Municipal

Good camping. Hot showers from 21-23 and 9-11 because of water supplies. We paid 300$ for to and a car. Electricity at site, kind of windy, no market or restaurant at site.
Is clean and comfortable.
Beach is 200mts from the camping.
City? Nothing. We walked around at least to hours for at find a center where we could find shops and restaurants. Nothing like that. So just a city to overnight.

park entrance

For free! Bathrooms just in the entrance. The guy there explain you everything really well.
3km more and there is a parking lot. Not camping inside the reserve.
From 9to18h.


We paid with visa :) cost 44diesel premium and 39 normal. A bit expensive than in other part but they were helpful. At their shop you can find many things, food and other stuff.

Camarones Municipal Campsite

We arrive around 20h and Jose was at administration. Nice and helpful guy. Hot showers, electricity on site, no WiFi, good bathrooms, a little restaurant with simple food.
We paid 510$ for The first night (2pers and a car), second night $340 They allows pets .

Camping ACA

Friendly people. Nice spots with electricity and sand ground. Showers open from 19h to 10h. There is a rotisserie where people can buy fast food and a small supermarket, open from 8h to 23h.
The only I dislike is the street behind that is really noisy.
It’s 45 minutes walk from city and close to the beach.
It costs us $300 pn (2persons and a car), cause we are members of ACA.
It has also rooms to rent.
Water is potable.

Hostería ACÁ

Is place just in the right when you drive into Puerto Pirámides. Private room med bathroom and breakfast. We paid 1835$ pn because we are members of Automóvil Club Argentina. If not 2620$. Is nice and clean and people friendly and helpful.

Punta perdices

Nice and quiet, stay for lunch and enjoy the Beach. Beware of tide and sand storm. :)


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