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Free Recreation Site, Little Bear Bay

A perfect site by river and sea and Forest. Several campsites with fire pits tables each direct on the shore.

Free Recreation Site, Little Bear Bay

Perfect. several campsites with firepits, tables and a marvillous view.

Hot Springs

Really hot! Also a free camp area. Not nice but interesting.

BLM LTVA campground and rest area

BLM campground with Fee area. At the foot of sand dunes. Huge.

Gate15- area B - BMGR East

BMGR is a military land manage by Fish and wildlife Department.
The Area B is a Gorgeous Wilderness Public recreation area where backcountry camping is allowed with a free permit.

First: get your permit at Cabeza Prieta Headquarters in Ajo (for location see Ioverlander).
Secondly: drive 10 miles on 85 state road to gate 15, open the lock with the 4 numbers you have been given with your permit and lock it behind you. Call rangers when entering.
Third: choose your spot and enjoy.

If you are lucky you can watch bighorn sheeps.
No shade. 25 degrees Celsius in February.

Ajo Well Road

County land. Quiet. overnight allowed. Nice sunset. Easy access.

Gunsite wash - BLM Camping

Perfect weather in February. Enough place to find your own campsite. Spots along the wash are nicer. Cell signal 4G.

Desierto de Altar - Schuk Toak

Register at the Nice visitor center which is 7 km drive from the highway (good paved road). There you have small trails and a pic-nic area with shade. Then drive 2 km dirt road to the first parking Area this is the dunes trail start. you can stay for the night if you have filled the overnight permit at the visitor center before.
Great hike 2,5km one way to the dunes.Wonderful view from top of the Dunes.

Estuario La Cholla - FREE- Federal land

On the rim of the estuary beach or in the beach if you have 4X4.
Quiet. A few fishermen at low tide and some people walking dogs on the beach during the day.

This place is included in the La Cholla RAMSAR wildlife preserve (migratory birds habitat and crabs reproduction area).
A police station is located in La Cholla community they have told us to call 911 if there is any trouble. But there wasn't at all.
11km easy drive from Puerto Peñasco supermarkets.

Water express

Self-Filled 24h
8 pesos 20 litres /5 gallons

Huge place for parking.

Lavanderia -laundry - Lavamatica del Centro

Laundry service. Very clean. I paid 198 pesos for 3 loads wash+dry +soap+ service. 2 hours. They close at 6pm.
lot of place to park with a big rig just in front

Playa Arenisa- FREE

20 metres from the beach, huge open lot for public access at the beach.
At about 100 metres there is "fReef RV park" and a restaurant at 150 metres.

Peñasco public beach access

You can park along "El chino" house (walls are purple and yellow) in front the police. The guy "el chino" is correct. You will see the sea front your camper and it's 50 metres to the beach access.
Price for the night 50 pesos
(Price for the day 50 pesos but you can also park across the street in the huge parking along the beach for the same price)
There is also free places a little bit lower but it can be noisy with cars coming for drinking and listening music.

Oyester farm Punta Roja - estero de morue

Family oyester farm : very tasty seafood, friendly and nice view. take away or eat here oyesters and crab toastadas.
From the main road drive to Encanto beaches and gated communities , drive thru the two guarded gates telling your are going to buy oyesters ( ostiones). After the second gate take the first road on your right hand then left then you will see "oyester farm" signs. Good road no problem for big rig .

puerto Lobos

Drive the dirt road the most on your right when you arrive it can seem longer but it's easiest and fastest way to get to the pueblo.

Here There are a few possibilities to park in front of the sea. We have spent 5 nights next to the Twins New houses with green roofs.

Good fishing (lines or spare gun). There is also a sealion near or on the Island you can walk to the Island at low tide. But take care to walk back before the sea become to high!!

peoples are very kind you can buy fish, octopus or seashells directly to the boats on the beach.

There is also a self refill water station(10 pesos for 5 gallons) and a small store with a few basic products.

Safe Beach for kids on the SE side of the péninsula.

Nogales visitor center

Visitor center open from 10:00 AM to 4:30PM
Water faucet at the corner of visitor building. fill your tank after or before opening hours because you need to Park in the access round-about.

Hot Well Dunes

Great!! It's also a good place for birdwatching (Hawks, Owls, Gambel's quail) and a few mamals as Javelina and fox.

Limekiln Canyon - Next Climbing Area

Here a good camp spot for one big rig (we did it with a 28 feet long). It's a pull-off with a pit and a concrete waterbasin for animals, it's located 400 metres before the 20 mn hike trail that lead to the first climbing walls.

Smaller RV and tents can camp directly at the begining of the trail (at least 2/3 vans).

About 14 miles drive on white rocks road (10.5 miles big and Gravel and 3.5 miles dirt mountain).

Big sheep road south (next I59)

Informal spot along the Gravel road next JEM trail. 30 feet max.
Sunny. Good stop for a night or to ride Mountain bike trails.
ATT and T-Mobil signal 4G

Sheep Bridge Road

This spot is now closed : fence and "private property " sign.

but 160 metres further there is a pull out (large enough for 2 big rigs if you are friends) with a fire pit.

Badger Canyon

About 650 meters after the Gate you will need 4x4 wheel RV : a big hole and several parts with a bit of sand.
With a Classic RV you will have to park at the first pull out which is located in front the lodge and it's next from the highway....

Mount Carmel first spot

Very easy acess, Turn around for trailers.
Sunny place good for solar electricity during winter's months.

Dump Station and Water Refill

Open Only in Summer !

Bicknell Howies gas station

Closest place from capitol reef NP
For Propane tank refill
Big Rig access

Philipp 66 gas station

Open all year.
Along the right wall of the gas building, Red tap to Fill Drinking water(free)
Need your own hose.

Capitol Reef NP - West Entrance -Free

Good place for visiting the national park

Crystal Forest Campground

FREE for 4 nights. Very practical right at the south gate of Petrified Forest NP. That means you can drive back in the morning if you haven't enough time the day before. muséum and hike logs Trails are next of the South Gate.
Restrooms and beers at the gift shop but no other grocery. The two gift shops offer better choice of stones and cheaper than at the one at the north of the park.

Rocky Mountain RV & Marine

Incredible they had in store all parts we needed to change as awning bra, fridge roof protection, toilette ring, door catch, screen door lash....,

Sky City Travel Center

Sky city complex with: casino, laundry, RV park (22usd without player card) and a dump at the north end of RV park. We didn't stay for the night but we used the Sany-Dump.

Carrizozo - valle del sol park

Free- little pound with birds. Park your rig along fence near the old country club house. Nice view, quiet, short access.


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