Disfrute La Naturaleza Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Cabinas Anita

Great place. People here are so nice.
we parked next to a cabinas. Still 10$ or 6000Colones for 2 in a van. Had access to water, electricity. Toilets and cold shower in the common room.
Noisy because of the road but very good place to relax after a long day on the road.
Anita washed our basket of cloches for 3000Colones. the cheapest in this country.

Centro Manu

Very Nice place to chill out.
You can park for 5000cpp. Or pay 15000cpp for a cabana (breakfast included). Open 6am-5pm
We parked next to the basket-ball field to plug to the electricity. There is a big palapa with tables and fast wifi. Clean flush toilet and HOT shower. Very good drinking water at the tap (the Spring is nearby).
There's a little pond to swim and a one mile trail in the forest. They have Feeders. Many hummingbirds, toucans, parrots. The umbrellabird is present from september to december. Capucine and howler monkeys are also around.
Don't Know about pet friendly but there are dogs on site.

Lab. El Buen Samaritano

Also open on Sundays. 7h-12h.
results in one hour.
1250 lempiras/pers. accept Visa or Mastercard.


we could park in the backyard just like we did two years ago. Friendly People. water, electricity, bathrooms. no Wi-Fi. Nice place to stay before crossing the border.

70 km dirt road after Yoro

Here begins 70 km of dirt road into the mountains in the direction of Olanchito. doable in 2WD but tricky in some places. 20km/h no more

El Bosque Hotel and Overlander Camp

150 Lempiras for the night.
camped next to the playground and the little employees cabin where we plugged for electricity with an extension cord.
good WiFi. Great hot shower.

El Florido, Chiquimula, Guatemala to Copan Ruinas, Honduras

GUATEMALA to Honduras.
Longest border crossing we've ever made. The computer of the hondurian anduana didn't work, had to wait til the end of the day to get our TIP.
we're not vaccinated, they asked for a Prueba de Covid (that we took for free in Antigua, see I-Overlander coordinates)
we forgot to check online for the Honduras Prechequeo. But it's possible to do it at the Pulperia (red building on the other side of the street up the stairs) for 10 Quetzales/person.
Honduras migration didn't want dollars to pay the 3$ entrance fee. cost us 30 Quetzales per person (or 70 Lempiras).
The same for the Honduras TIP. Cost us 900 Lempiras.
We changed our Quetzales for Lempiras at the Pulperia. The rate was 3.10

Free Covid test

Still free antigen covid test. arrived at 7:30 on monday morning. a little bite of waiting. had the result 20min later.


Oups, got our measures wrong. Our van is 1.9m wide and 2.75m high.
Parked on the top parking near the entrance. Very quiet at night.


25Qpp per day. entrance is very small. We just passed with our 1.7m width van. Many low branches for our 1.75m high van but we managed. Flat parking area.

Corazon del Bosque

50Q pp (20Q the Day + 30Q to camp).
We love this place every time we come.

Parque Quetzali

Little town Park north of San Marcos next to the road.
30Q for camping. There is a parking lot but we parked on the football field.

Tecún Umán Border Post

From Mexico to Guatemala.
Easy crossing.
On Guatemala border, for non vaccinated people, you need a negative test (PCR or antigen) and make two copies of it. One copy goes to the guy that takes your temperature, the other copy goes to the migracion officer.

COVID-19 tests - Laboratorios de Análisis Clínicos

700pesos per person for an antigen test. Quick result.

Reserva Chara Pinta

This reserve looks abandoned but their are many trails to hike inside.
here you can easily see the Tufted Jay (Chara Pinta) during the breeding season.
There are cabanas but we park on the trail to get some light for the solar panels. few people drive by. very quiet and peaceful. felt safe during 4 days.
there is a 3.5 km dirt road to get there. very bumpy and with mud places. we made with our 7m long and 2wd Iveco but we don't recommend for big rig.
There's nothing here but pine forest and birds so bring plenty of water and food.


we come here every time we need to stay in Mazatlan. gate close at 9pm.
many people during the day but empty and quiet at night with a nice breeze from the ocean.

Purificadora 24h

here is a self-service purified water. 10 pesos per garafon (20 liters/5gallons)

Cyber Space

Cyber opened 9am to 8pm.
fast wifi. 10pesos/device
electricity inside

Presa Penitas

Lake north of the town of Madera. Free and quiet place to park and camp. locals come here to have a beer.
felt safe.

Dr Clean Lavanderia

Here you can give your laundry to wash.
30pesos per kilo. if the lady doesn't too much work, can be ready in 3 hours

Concha Del Mar

camping on the beach. 15$us per vehicle dry camping.
great clean hot showers.
wifi at reception desk.
Nice beach but noisy during the night (music bar + train)

Los Algodones Border crossing

We're French. In Mexico for nearly 6 months, we went to Tecate, Tijuana and here to cross to the US but they refused. said we might on June, 21st but before that, it's not possible for foreigners to enter the US by land.
Tijuana and Tecate Mexican migration refused to renew our visa for six months but here, the officer did it in 30 minutes even though we had 8 days left on our visa.

El Florido, Chiquimula, Guatemala to Copan Ruinas, Honduras

Honduras to Guatemala
When we arrived at Gasaule border with Nicaragua, they told us El Salvador refused for us to cross their country. so we had to get here in one day to cross to Guatemala. Crazy drive with 9 police checkpoints, 1 bloqueo and some very bad road.
Both migration/customs in the same building.
first go to to the Salud room. Lady takes the temperature paper from Gasaule border, checks PCR test, takes your temperature and gives you a little paper.
Asks if we filled the prechequeo Pase De Salud on internet. we did it the day before.
then go to Honduras migration window. gave us only 3 days of exit stamp to leave to CA4 because we stayed over 9 months in Nicaragua because of Civic situation. Guatemala migration gave us only 3 days entry stamp for the same reason even though we asked for one month.
Guatemala customs only gave us 3 days TIP to cross the country to Mexican border. Cost 160Q. The officer showed us where to go and what to do.
Honduras customs took one hour because the Honduras customs at Gasaule didn't go to the bank on time to deposit the 35$ we paid yesterday. 😬
Military and customs checkpoints when you leave. Friendly people.

Hotel La Fuente

Carmen was happy to welcome us. We were the first tourists since the reopening if the border.
still 100 Lemps for two people and a van to park on the parking lot. toilet and cold shower.
slow wifi.

Police checkpoint

first of nine checkpoints !
checked papers and the van. took their time everytime 😤

Guasaule, Honduras to Somotillo, Nicaragua

Nicaragua to Honduras
Honduras border.
No need of fixer. We filled the prechequeo online (migracion, customs and COVID form) but nobody asked us the proofs.
entering the building, go to the Salud window on the left. Present the original and copy of the PCR test. They keep the copy, take your temperature and give you a little paper to keep and show at the next border crossing.
Go to migracion window. 3$USpp entry stamp. We didn't fill any form. just took our finger prints. Because we stayed over 9 months in Nicaragua because of the pandemia, they only gave us 5 days visa to cross the CA4 area.
go to customs window. Give 2 copies of driver's license/vehicle tittle/passport. Cross the parking lot and make 2 copies of the entry stamp. return to customs. give the copies and pay 35$US. The lady fills in the TIP and gives it to you.
All done.
Drive out. A guy checks TIP and passports and you're good to go.

Guasaule, Honduras to Somotillo, Nicaragua

Nicaragua to Honduras.
get copies of PCR tests, driver's license, passports and vehicle tittle + original documents ready. An official checks them at the blue tower entry and gives you the customs form to fill in.
then, he directs you to the right to the white building.
migracion 3$USpp (keep the receipt). Because we stayed over 9 months in Nicaragua due to the Covid, they gave us a special exit stamp of 5 days to leave the CA4 area (Honduras, el Salvador,Guatemala) and reach Mexico.
Friendly customs guy. Cancelling TIP took 5 minutes.
At exit blue tower, a customs officer takes the customs form and a migracion officer takes the receipts.
cross the bridge and park near Honduras building.

Casa Inti

Still 5$pp. good wifi. WC hot shower. Pretty quite at night.

Migración Central

Extending the visa took us 2 hours at the Migracion (12.14812,-86.2508). We asked for 2 months (seeing how the situation with Covid drags on...) but they only gave us one. We followed the instructions below and it went well. We didn't have to give a copy of our TIP. They didn't ask for it or how we got into the country. They asked where we went in the country, where we're staying at (you have to give an adress), why we ask for the extension ofthe visa, plus couple personal questions. One more month of visa cost 500 Cordobas (approx. 15€) per person.
Before entering the administrations and banks, they control your temperature, you have to clean your hands and your shoes.
Now we're waiting for the boarder to open on the Pacific coast.

Centro Lafise - Vehicle Insurance

La banque à côté de la douane a refusé de nous renouveler l'assurance et nous envoyé ici au Centre Lafise, avenue Masaya (12.115361,-86.256424). Un mois de plus d'assurance, 12$US. Prévoir le TIP et les copies du passeport, permis et carte grise.
A noter que dans les administrations et les banques, c'est contrôle obligatoire de température à l'entrée, gel sur les mains et parfois même désinfection des chaussures.

The bank next door to the Aduana sent us here at the Lafise bank center on Masaya avenue (12.115361,-86.256424) to renew our insurance. One more month for the insurance, 12$US. Bring the TIP and copies of passport, vehicle tittle and permit.
In the administrations and banks, they control your temperature at the entry, clean your hands and sometimes your shoes.


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