ridewildopen Places

Id Name Country Category
20215 Quinta Maria Luisa - Public Parking Mexico Informal Campsite Show
20455 Hotel Soeul Mexico Hotel Show
20812 Jauja Hotel Mexico Hotel Show
21985 El Arca De Noe Nicaragua Hotel Show
22739 Adventure Park Costa Rica Established Campground Show
22887 Destinos La Lucha Costa Rica Informal Campsite Show
23472 Casa Isla de Manga Colombia Hotel Show
25357 Rondador Cotopaxi Ecuador Hostel Show
26238 Fruit Control Peru Checkpoint Show
28185 Gasco propane Chile Propane Show
28402 Start to trail along Rio Blanco towards Refugio Motoco Argentina Tourist Attraction Show
28403 Camping La Pasarela Argentina Established Campground Show
31067 La Escandinava Argentina Hotel Show
31569 Cerveceria Pirca Argentina Restaurant Show
31803 Propane YPF (Unverified) Argentina Propane Show
31804 Police checkpoint Argentina Checkpoint Show
31882 Camping Sue Argentina Established Campground Show
32164 Camping Municipal de Santo Tomé Argentina Established Campground Show
32956 Extragas (Arg swap only) Argentina Propane Show
32957 Federacion Patronal Seguros Argentina Vehicle Insurance Show

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