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Appears permanently closed😢 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

Cafeteria Cosas de Pueblo

Heart. Shattered. They no longer make arepas, now it’s only a cafe with sweets and drinks😩😢

Laguna espejo/glaciar

Gorgeous lake with tons of waterfalls coming off of a glacier and araucaria forests. About 14 miles roundtrip, but you can camp at the lake if you want to make it a 2 day hike. Don’t miss the extra hike up behind the lake, it’s gorgeous. You can also go to the lake at the base of the glacier…but pay close attention to the route (look back several times/note landmarks) as it is very easy to lose the trail and there are steep slopes with lots of loose volcanic rock scree. See Maps.me for route. There are a few river crossings but they aren’t very deep.

Il Viaggio

Reallllllllly good pizza joint that has private rooms upstairs (i.e. great smells) with shared bathroom. Room is very cozy/cabin like. Bed is very comfy. 45,000CLP for 2 people in high season when everything else seemed booked. Highly recommend the IL Viaggio pizza…chicken/sweet corn/zucchini. Was delish. Breakfast included (real coffee, homemade bread and jams, scrambled eggs cheese)

Private parking, could possibly negotiate to stay in your rig-not sure. not that secure, but doesn’t seem like it will be a problem.

Owners are incredibly nice and passed out 4 small pieces of pizza to every table in the restaurant around 10pm

Volcán Osorno views from some of the rooms.

Bon Appetit Trattoria Victoria

What a find. So good, wish we had bought pizza but the steak and veggies were also a-mazing. I ate all the veggies well before I could stop for a pic.

Epu Pewen

Arrived and asked for dorm beds, they said they didn’t have any. 35,000CLP for private matrimonial with shared bathroom, 38,000CLP for private matrimonial with private bathroom.

Enclosed parking but the gate doesn’t lock. It looks like it should though, so seems decently secure.

Camping el Bosque

Nice campground near Entré Rocas which was full. 5,000 per person. Good amenities, hot showers. No electrical charging ports that I saw. Lots of space

Caribe Hotelito

Basic accommodation, private room/private bathroom, A/C, really good terrace, wifi seems good so far. Bed/pillows comfy and everything very clean. Check your bathroom as some toilets have a toilet seat and some are just the porcelain.

Free water and instant coffee in the AM

Great location

400MX for 1 person, possibly moto parking but I don’t currently have mine with me so I didn’t ask

Hotel Miriam

700/room (1 person) with breakfast

600 without breakfast

Looked nice though

Empanadas de Argentina

Great Argentinian empanadas and sweets/cheesecake/lemon meringue etc run by two women from Argentina.

Cute terrace with a small amount of indoor seating

Nomadas Hostel

Was pretty quiet when I was here, families/kids in the pool during the day but had the pool+ hammocks all to myself in the evening. 6 bed female dorm was very spacious with huge attached private room with 3 showers/2 toilets. It’s pretty warm during the day since there was not much airflow (3 ceiling fans were next to worthless) but has an AC they will turn on from 9pm-9am. Really comfy bed and pillow. Huffable linen/towel (smelled so clean!!) 100% smoke free premises. 2 large refrigerators + kitchen and realllllly good filtered water machine. Charging 290, paid $240/noc. Several wifi options to connect to and seems fast.

Mundo Maya Museo

Temporarily closed due to COVID. No mention of when it will reopen

Cocina el Oasis

The best guacamole I’ve had in MX. Can buy ice cold beer nextdoor at Cafe Haki Palenque. Covered patio seating on the zocalo nextdoor to caracola Jade. Similar style (plastic table/chairs local joint)

Café Rama

Really delicious breakfasts and great coffee. Breakfast also comes with homemade baguette/butter/and currant jam. Can easily be split by 2 people. Cute interior with a few tables out front, good wifi

Hecho en Mexico

The guac appetizer: was wondering why it’s 95 pesos…but was craving it so went for the splurge.

It’s an entire plate of guac. Easily enough for 3-4 people. Chunks of avocado, could use some salt/hint of lime, otherwise really good.

They also serve free chips and salsa.

Small terrace, GORGEOUS VIEW, beer

What more do you need? Great stop along the hike to the Pipila statue

Antonio Spanish Lessons + Hospedaje

I took 1 week of Spanish lessons from Antonio, and stayed on site in his Airbnb which was a private room/bathroom + kitchen and living area.

WhatsApp # for Antonio: +593 99 272 5027

One of the best Spanish instructors I have ever had. Both he and his wife are instructors at Montañita Spanish school. He speaks very clearly, he is very natural at working the lesson into easy conversation. Incredible organization to his lessons, within the first 10min he organized the language into a chart that immediately cleared up so many confusions I had regarding the verb tenses. He is friendly and his family is beautiful, with 2 young talkative children and his wife is also very nice. Highly highly recommend.

$15 for 2 hours of lessons.

$12.50/night with better deals for longer stay in his accommodation. Could also just stay in Montanita and taxi to him, the taxis are $1.5 each way.

Hostel Ankulenmó

Beautiful accommodation. Great place to stay while waiting for your delayed motorcycle on Navimag Ferry:) Dorms and Matrimonials with private or shared bathroom (we got one with shared for 25,000 sin desayuno, but they are also very empty right now due to CV). Plenty of secure gated parking. Nice patio to relax with views over a harbor if it isn’t raining. Kitchen available for cooking as well. You can see it on booking.com but was much cheaper on arrival

Casa Azul

Really beautiful accommodation. We got a matrimonial room/shared bathroom for 24,000. Bathrooms are great. Kitchen is great. Coffee and coffee cake provided in the AM. Owner is lovely and they were very attentive to cleaninliness during CV

Hostel Ayelen

Great place, owner David is amazingly kind and hung out with us, he prepared food typical from Chiloe and shared 2 bottles of pisco with guests (for very very cheap) comfy beds and it’s nice that dorm beds aren’t bunks, he’s been insanely attentive with cleaning during this whole coronavirus situation as well.


Great menu del dia for 7000clp with mini sopapillas, soup, main, dessert. huge portion of meat. comfy couches good wifi and a huge selection of giant empanadas as well

Campsite Torre Central (Fantastico Sur)

I thought i had to reserve this in town and couldn’t pay on arrival (bad info from someone who had just been to the park)

Do not pay in town at Fantasico Sur office!! They charge 21,500 if you are alone (14,000/person if 2 or more) whereas it’s only 15,000 to pay at the campsite. Dickheads

You could probably also just pitch a tent and never check in with reception, they didn’t seem to monitor anything.

Bring your own hand soap peeps, they don’t provide it. The majority of people here are flying into Santiago and coming straight to TDP, could be bad news if the virus makes it’s way with those travelers. we need to be diligently washing our hands right now, especially in regards to using public bathrooms and before food prep/eating.

Hostal Rogers

Very nice owners and clean/comfy hostel. She tucked me into the back dorm which had tons of space and comfy beds and great bathroom, even though there were beds available in the other dorm (but it was full of men and i’m a sola chica) “breakfast” included: white bread, butter, jam, and instant coffee. 15,000 for dorm bed.

right Next door to “La Comarca” a cafe with great coffee and great prices for brunch style food...especially compared to rest of Puerto Natales.

Zaltaxar B&B

So good. The owner is incredibly nice, still 10,000 on arrival. Wood burning stove in the hallway of the dorm rooms=great for drying shoes/ cozy in cold weather. Rooms are a bit tight, but beds are comfy and there is plenty of space in the back room for re/packing your bag. Two stoves in the kitchen and good quality/amt of utensils. Parking for a car or 2 and motos behind a locked (at night) gate

Baguales Brewery + Restaurant

Great spot. And love to support a fellow traveler’s business. Chad + staff are incredibly welcoming. It was crazy busy, even in the ~shoulder season, and he still spotted my helmet and chatted a ton both times I was in...offering as much help as he could with the the Caronavirus/border closing situation, such a great guy!

and most important, esp. for those who don’t care about motos, the beer is delish

Motorcycle Mechanic Samuel

Incredibly nice guy, came out immediately to give my brakes a quick look over and rode the moto to test them...offered a few options for a diagnosis (likely the problem is a warped disc, i can try to bleed the brakes etc.) without charge

While i was there a local came by to have his chain adjusted, and told me Samuel was the mechanic for a Chilean Dakar rider/legend (when race was in Africa) back in the day. He’s been a moto mechanic for over 40 years, i think it’s safe to say he knows his stuff.

Lago Pehoe - Torres del Paine

tried to book online and the rest of march was X’d out/unavailable. didn’t stop in to check. not sure if they are closed for the season or what the deal is

Backpackers Kaitek

couldn’t find it (no sign) and Google Maps says it’s permanently closed

Cafeteria Cosas de Pueblo

Arepas Venezolano!!! Can’t believe there wasn’t a line out the door for these!!! I had a gigantic stuffed arepa (pollo + palta, mechada, or vegetarian), easily a light lunch for 2 people. only 3k CLP. but, takes awhile to make...bring a book

Nakel Yenu

dorm 1000=~$14USD. breakfast included. clean, but beds are incredibly squeaky and without ladders, so if someone is above you it is quite disruptive. kitchen for use and on-site parking not secured, but wasn’t a problem


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