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Crossed from MX to US as a citizen of neither. Bit of a weird system, paid the toll (28mx) then had to drive down the bridge and turn around to go get exit stamps at the offices. Not very well organised but it worked. For non US/MEX crossing is not 24hrs. We had to wait until 6am for the offices to open. Parked in town. Safe and quiet.

Hotel La Hacienda + rv-parking

Still a great place to stay in the city. We parked our van here for three nights ($150/night). Nice small swimming pool, nice place among the trees, WiFi is good, good restaurant. The bathrooms are clean and the showers are warm but open to others using the bathroom. The staff are very friendly and the owner also. Our van had some issues with the fuel pump and we got a room for a couple of nights while it was getting sorted. Rooms are nice and spacious with fridge and clean bathrooms/showers. The owner offered help with our mechanical difficulties and there is an autozone across the street. Walmart and loads of restaurants near by. A great place to stay which doesn’t feel like you’re in a city...if you have to stay in the city.

We had some issues with mosquitoes during the night, I got destroyed while in the van, in Feb it’s super hot here so I had to makeshift some mosquito netting. Bring repellant!


Pemex with large dirt parking lot behind.

Stayed far down on the parking lot, bathrooms but have to pay. Felt safe but got here late and left early.


Alberto - incredibly friendly mechanic in Querétaro. He will look at and most likely fix any issue you could throw at him. He works at a mechanics in town during the week (until 7pm) but at the weekend he will be found at his house here (black gates). He has said to me that if needed you can find him here. Replaced my water pump for 1300mex all in. His mother made me lunch while I waited. His English is great. Great person, great mechanic. Tell him Adam says hello!

Servicio Automotriz D'Cars

We arrived in town with engine trouble. Showed up in the late afternoon and the mechanic stopped what he was doing to come look at our van. Took it for a drive and concluded it was a transmission issue that this shop does not deal with. But has a friend that does this type of work but was currently closed. We were offered to park our van inside, sleep there until morning when we could take it to his friend. In the morning took us to see his friend made a plan and we will be on our way soon. Andrais is an incredible human with so much compassion and a great smile. His English was a help 🙂

Rincon de Luna

Camp ground with large area for tents and vans, big rigs will fit too. Nice hosts with little shop. Running water, showers and WiFi. Lovely area in the trees to camp and a trampoline! Quiet in off season. Paid 100mex per night for the van with two of us but think we were over charged, someone mentioned 30 per person. Not fenced so people could walk in but quiet area, felt safe.

F1 Pemex

Nice Pemex with big parking lot in back with guard (12hrs for $50) but could probably park in front area no problem. WiFi, small restaurant, hot showers for $40. Welcoming and friendly place to spend the night!


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