mdjmarsh Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Douglas, Arizona, USA to Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico

Exit Mexico/Enter USA. Very quick crossing. Passports exit stamp and tvip refund at the Banjercito which is marked on IOverlander. 10 minutes. Skipped passed the cars in the right hand express lane and cut through the barriers to the correct lane on the US entry. Took half an hour for a quick bag search and our entry visa exemption. Courteous professional staff on both sides. Happy days.

Baristas Cafe

Great little coffee stop, nice food and coffee. Fast wifi. Friendly staff. Cheap.

D&D Brewery

Hasn’t been an update for a while so I’ll add our five cents for what’s it worth. Chaotic check in process with staff trying to serve the lunchtime rush in the bar/restaurant and check multiple guest in. Room wasn’t ready till half an hour after check in time. With one exception the staff really couldn’t be bothered. The craft beer is pretty average (We are not beer snobs) and tastes more like “kit” beer you’d brew at home, also very expensive. Shower in the room hadn’t been cleaned and was full of hair. No wifi in the rooms. Ordered dinner which took an hour to arrive and was cold and inedible. Looks like things have gone downhill here. Would not recommend or come back.

Wingo at Panama Pacific Airport

Hot inefficient but cheap. Needed proof of onward travel from Medellin to Panama. There is a little cafe that has wifi so you can order an Uber and save some taxi money. Didn’t locate a Cambio or ATM

Sura Soat

Clean professional courteous outfit to get your soat. 1 month for the moto. 46k CP

Casa 1881

Still awesome. $45pp matrimonial. Parking half a block away. Secure, not under cover though.

Sabor Cuencano

Great little Panaderia/coffee shop. Breads, slices and cakes. Get in quick it sells out fast. Very friendly staff

National Park Loop road conditions

The loop road from St Louis has completely washed away and doesn’t look like it will be fixed any time soon. There’s an old road better described as a goat track a few kms south that we tried to get up that apparently connects further down towards Yanama. We couldn’t get up 2 up on a moto. Ended up destroying a luggage rack. If you were one up on small bikes you should get through with a bit of luck.

Two Cordillera Panorama

Came in from those side two up on a motorbike. Has been raining a lot so Pretty wet and muddy in places,a few big rockfalls that would be hard to squeeze around in a big rig. 4x4 should be fine. Took us about an hour and a half with a couple of photo stops. Stunning riding and scenery.

La Pancha

Great Perrilla restaurant in the middle of city. Varied menu, everything homemade. Awesome service.

DHL Express

Great clean helpful postal service. No lines as it’s not combined with a western union office like a lot of the other offices. Cheaper than Chile express.

Santos Cerverceria/BEER of the craft Variety

Good beer, nice empanadas, go somewhere else for the main course. Service pretty average.


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