dkingram Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Taos beach

wild camping beside river. one spot down here has a table and fire pit. lots of pull off spots

Osprey Lake Recreation Site

stayed here twice now. Beautiful. fish jumped onto ice another camper retrieved for us😎


turned off hwy down dirt road. found this spot right by a bridge over the river.
I caught a fish for dinner, so there's that. ;-)

RV Parking: The crossing Resort

FREE! Gravel parking lot.
Check in at front desk. No services, just a spot to pull on and sleep.

Robson Forest

tiny hole in the side of hwy and down a narrow road 100 yards. great spot!

Green Lake Provincial Park

full up, but one spot left for our 1 night stay. seems everyone rides trails here on bicycles:-)

On a side lake of Banks Lake

we didn't drive in to far. we found a great spot up on a small bluff.

San Carlos Marina

got into town late, my headlights are covered by a motorcycle so we rolled down to the large parking lot next to the Marina.

We drove right past the gate with 2 security guards inside playing with their phones. they never looked up. lol

Good night and very quiet.

Enramada Adelita - Playa Chuquiapan

wow. great little pull off down at the beach beside the cliffs. a lovely old lady welcomed us to the end of the road and waved us in with a smile. no internet at all here so no translator. lol.
We figured it out pretty quick. I gave her 50 pesos to park in front of her house/restaurant and later she cooked a lobster I had in the fridge from a hwy purchase. I plugged in to power to charge a scooter battery as well. Great experience.

Casa Rayo De Sol

Lovely spot. As said, run by fellow Canadians from just a bit North of us actually. beautiful spot. I even caught a fish for dinner tonight.

Restaurante Cayaquitos

lovely sandy road along side a beautiful beach. anywhere along here seems a legit spot to spend a night. I even had a quick swim in the Hotel pool at the end of the road. lol

Chante 18 Hostel

everything is as described except for noise. This is a major road and the busses , honking cars and loud motorcycles start at 4:00am. we will move tonight.
The shower was Great. laundry got done. and Wi-Fi in house is good.
happy travels.

todo gas.

propane fill station.
idfciccu Uzi j ucicicock

Cascadas de Tamul

Wow. not a good road at all. F250 camper 4x4 and still an ugly road. wet and rainy when we were here so didn't hike to the bottom. disappointing but just to slippery. now to get back out of here😣

Propane gas

propane station.

son I gas

open 7 days
A week.........lovely stop. hate to put in 40 characters

Morrill RV Park

The drive up is not for the faint of heart. if approaching from the west
keep on 110 do not turn right into the tunnel! keep left around the city on Panoramica rd and you will be OK.

Derek's Guadalajara spot

24 hour secure parking lot.
100 pesos a night.
We were their 1st overnighters and they were very nice.
good for truck campers, vans and small rvs.
Not available Thursdays due to an outdoor market.
covered & uncovered spots.

El Ranchito

very nice spot on the lake.
The owners even got out a long attention cord so we could plug in our camper.

SAN Pancho beach

This is our second year spending a few days in our truck camper. if you see cars here just park above them. you can slide into the beach end of the road when the staff at beach club leave shift😉

I use the bar & the washrooms if your casual about it

Paraiso Miramar Hotel and Campground

it is not as shown here. you will locate it in Guayabitos on main waterfront rd. it's more a permanent rv park. not really for rolling in for a night or 2.

Paraiso Miramar Hotel and Campground

it is not as shown here. you will locate it in Guayabitos on main waterfront rd. it's more a permanent rv park. not really for rolling in for a night or 2.

the point

just go down the cobblestone road to the end and then out the gravel road a mile. sand and lots of palapas. locals fishing and a few camping. room for everyone!


can just hear the seals on the docks. quiet as noted. good night.

Mar y Arena hotel

Nice location on the beach with power. hot showers but poor drain. food at restaurant is good. going whale watching with them tomorrow. 2050 pesos for 2 on the boat and rv camping 1 night.

El Faro

One of the restaurants...we pulled in under their roof with our truck camper and plugged in to power. 70 pesos each to camp. Best beach we have been to yet!
We are alone here but it does fill up on mexican holidays we hear.

restaurant beach

forgot to add photos fro orig. The restaurant owners refused to let us pay for our dinner & offered up a power cord for the camper. Truly a wonderful stopover. warning rooster at sunrise😊

Caleta de Campos

tried to get in here with our truck camper. no way. heading north to check out next one😊

restaurant beach

turned off down a sort road and boom! little palapa hut with family run food place. asked and was told we could camp for free. There is bucket flush toilets. the beach is 40 miles of abandoned sand😎 10 👍👍👍👋from us.

hotel villa de flore

20.00US. right in the Centro district. they have locked parking for smaller rigs. nice hotel, sweet front desk girl very helpful.


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