Id Name Country Category
78230 Eden Garden Egypt Hostel Show
78231 Car electro mechanic Egypt Mechanic and Parts Show
79539 Petrol Sudan Fuel Station Show
79540 Apsco Sudan Fuel Station Show
79541 Petrol Sudan Fuel Station Show
79542 Amonia Sudan Fuel Station Show
79543 Camp under the trees Sudan Wild Camping Show
79544 Diesel station Sudan Fuel Station Show
79545 Nile Petroleum Sudan Fuel Station Show
79546 bush camp Sudan Wild Camping Show
79547 Border Sudan-Ethiopia customs step 2 Sudan Customs and Immigration Show
79548 Border Sudan to Ethiopia step 3 Sudan Customs and Immigration Show
79549 check point Sudan Checkpoint Show
79938 Lost drone on the tree Ethiopia Other Show
79997 wild camping Ethiopia Wild Camping Show
80930 good place to cook or rest, maybe camp Ethiopia Other Show
81011 Abay insurance Ethiopia Vehicle Insurance Show
81200 Noc restaurant Ethiopia Restaurant Show
81201 Zirhune garrage Ethiopia Mechanic and Parts Show
81202 Spa Hotel Ethiopia Established Campground Show
81357 Good data hospital Ethiopia Medical Show
81638 Zarsi hotel Ethiopia Established Campground Show
81839 Restaurant Ethiopia Restaurant Show
82326 underground water Ethiopia Water Show
82327 official shop phone Kenya Wifi Show
82913 Total auto service Kenya Mechanic and Parts Show
82914 Boch Toyota Service Kenya Mechanic and Parts Show
82986 Oloidien lake Kenya Wild Camping Show
83222 very difficult 4x4 drive Kenya Warning Show
83223 Air condition filling Kenya Mechanic and Parts Show

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