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Long way through forest will lead you to the end, where you have enough space for one car to camp. Rather not for big rid because the road is sometimes thin. there is a path to the water.

potable water

Public water tap. Possible to drive close with your car so you can feel up a water tank. Locals said it is good to drink without boiling.

in the park in forest

in this area it's not easy to find a place to camp. This one is in the park. No one disturb.

Cedr area

flat place next to a small road and dry river.
quiet. nobody
Few houses are close but nobody disturb.

dmoumen restaurant


Nice river before/after Fez

We spend night here after lomg day in Fez. River is very clean to swim, nice grassy flat space to park for a night. Friendly locals around didn't dusturb. We stayed till noon

Fruites du mer

Delicious restaurant not only with sea food. Good prices, well served, many locals eat here. Wifi available. Option to pay by credit card.

Cirque de Jaffar

Nice place flat but next to the gravel road. Quiet.
Nobody pass.
Great mountain view

Lac d'Isli

its nice, more wild but without any trees.
No gsm signal, water a little dirty because there is a little bit of mud.
Smaller lake is much better than this one but unfortunatly more people and noisy from a main road.
Water is cold (17°C) even in september becouse at night is close to 10°C.

turn to nice desert track to Merzouga (road report)

We drove this route, heard it's a part of old Paris-Dakar rally.
It is around 180 km without tarmac, only stone/gravel in one part almost dry river or sandy road. It's not difficult in dry season, we did it 2x, only once for a dry river part we used 4x4.
Locals told us that in rainy season (start in October) road through river is impossible to drive so you have to go through dunes which are tricky because they are like farine and you can easily get stuck. For 100 km you will be all alone in the dessert. Mostly you will see huge open spaces, sand in a distance. Nice ride. Few military checkpoints because it is close to Algieria border. They will only write down your personal details and let you drive.
After 100 km you will see first small village and then another. After 180 tarmac which will lead you to Merzouga which is crazy touristic and commercial place... we didn't like it. This drive was much more better.

Tamda cafe restaurant

Very veeeeeeeery good food. You can eat on the terrace. Try Kafta, it was the best food we ate in Morocco and nice served.
Owner is very friendly. He also has a shop and a butchery so everything should be fresh.

next to stream with mountain view

Nice spot next to a stream, unfortunately in september it was dry. No traffic here, hidden from the road, quiet, between trees with view on high mountains.
Only a guardian from transmitter came to check who we are but friendly and ok.

Ali Nasser Mechanic

Ali stoped us on the road and said he has the best garrage. We asked about the price and he said that firstly we have to go to garrage so we did. Then he told us the price for welding our leaking tank which is equal to new fuel tank so we didn't even start to negotiate the price and kindly left.

ait bin haddou

Unesco heritage city. Gladiator movie was filmed here. Very touristic place.
Enter only through main entrance it's for free. If you choose private one they will charge you and trick you giving you even ticket for it...

potable water to fill

Water in the wall. Locals are filling up here. Told us it's good to drink.

open area with view on the mountains

Big open flat space, you'll find hidden one and visible from road but with view on the mountains. Choose whatever you like. We were visible, stayed for 2 nights and nobody disturb us.

Amazing spot in the Paradise Valley

There is no water in this time (september) but still very nice and quiet.
We stay here for all the day.
You can find here a lot of shadow and nice wind.
We stayed in a gorge in dry river.

fresh sea food

Area with fresh sea food. There are 100 local restaurants. All sell the same: mix of calmar, crevette, merlan, sole for 34 dirham pp. You'll get in this price bread, olives, moroccan salad, lemon. We ordered 2 portions and it was too much for us. Food super fresh. We went to restaurant no 87 and can recommend it. Must be if you're in Agadir!

Anaprix biere et vins

there are also a lot of souvenirs to buy

tajin and other crafts cheap

we bought beautiful painted tajin for 40 dirham. Many other beautiful things, surely cheaper than in touristic Agadir

next to dry river

nice and quiet place next to dry river in a save high place.
nobody has come with a bread ;)

Plage Portorico

indeed, nice beach. In beginning of November we were here alone. We were asked for fiche by friendly militians

tropic of Cancer sign

sign of the tropic of cancer to take a photo

Small bush

There is a lot of places like this on that road.
Be carefull on rainy sezon because it can change in the small river/lake, we saw many sank places on the road after rain.
Try to find a place without water to camp without any insects.
No people.
No cars.

Fort Saganne

Old fort in the middle of nowhere. The price on the sign is 60 pp but there was nobody around. The road in here is dangerous in one place when driving down the pass. Some stones fall down. Our car is 1,9 m wide and we made it but it was risky. Definetely not for big rid.

Road Chinguetti - Ouadane

not only from Ouadane.
this road is damaged even from Atar.
Only a pass is tarmac. But pass is beautiful!

Dune on the way

There is no way now.
Dune came on the way and it is close to impossible to cross it by car. Maybe for a motobike will be easier but beter is not to try.
We spoke with a local guy and he told us there should be next way. So you can go to east a little bit and try, we didn't.
We lost a lot of time trying to get inside from west side so we decided to go back to south. There is easy way in.

But don't expect you will see Eye like on the pictures from the sky :) there is no place on the ground to see it.
It is impossible to see circle shape.
When we finally drove into the circle there was a huge sand storm. Really strong, our car was moving and we were a little scared.

magnificent road in the sandy valley

a must if you are in this area. Amazing road in between rocks. Pure desert. 4x4 needed. There are some tyre hints but you're driving in the sand. Some small villages on the way with very friendly people.

Sandy place

quiet place
nobody came only black cat.
Nothing special but ok for one night.
No cars passed by.
Small bush
There is a lot of places like that
Update: there was a lot of water here after rain on the next day when we passed comming back from Eye of Africa. It is seson river but not so deep. So better sleep here at dry season.

in the dessert

Find your place anywhere in the dessert. You'll be here on your own. Only camels may show up :)


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