corgi Check-Ins

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Victor Lau Shipping Agent

Victor took care of our shipment back to Europe and arranged everything. It took 3 days, too. We we're in good hands and everything worked out perfectly. We highly recommend to use an agent to do the shipment.


Very good laundry with a good price. We asked for the return the same day and it was possible. Good service and nice staff.

Supermercado Neto

Supermarket with all groceries except fruits and vegetables.

Verduleria Los Amigos

Grocery store with fresh fruits, vegetables and other groceries. Very nice staff.

Tepetepan Villas and RV Park

We paid 300 peso per night for a 6m long RV. Electricity only available with 30 amps adapter. Showers, toilets, playground and pool not well maintained and a little dirty. 15 minutes walking into town, quiet at night except of some dogs in the neighborhood. WIFI fast but upload was not working for half a day. A lot of shadow.

Pemex 12699

Overnight parking at pemex station for free with clean toilets and a gratis coffee if you fuel up. It is not quiet until 11pm. Very nice and friendly stuff said police is coming by frequently so it is safe. Store for drinks next to it and 3 atm nearby. Good for one stop.

Sonis Spa Auto Lavado

Very good organized car wash for big rigs with 3 to 4 meters height. We washed the exterior and underneath for 160 peso for a 6m rig. Washed with high pressure. We are here the second time and can really recommend the place. WiFi and toilets available. Waiting room with AC and kids playground. Very friendly staff.

Recreativo El Gordo y San Pancha & trailer park

Very cool water park with a lot of show and people on Sunday. 300 peso for a night with electricity and multiple access to the pools. Clean washrooms and super quiet after 7pm. Night guard around but also tons of mosquitoes. We really enjoyed the stay, nice owner and staff.


Asked the people at the entrance and they said it is ok to park overnight but they won't take the responsibility, which we did not ask for. It is getting quiet after 11pm when Walmart is closed. Opens at 7 every day, WiFi only working inside. A lot of mosquitoes.


Very good fruits, vegetables and other groceries from farmers. Nice stuff and good prices.

Mi super supermercado

Grocery store with the main things except fruits and vegetables.

Lavenderia Faro

20 pesos per kg. Nice stuff and machines look new. Open from Monday to Saturday 9am to 8pm. Service on the same day possible.

Freedom Shores

Very clean campground for Mexico. Water was not working at the sites, electricity available. Nice beach 5 meters away. We paid 400 peso per night, the fifth night and following are only 300 peso. The bathrooms are very clean and the showers are HOT! The restaurant is closed on Mondays only. WiFi ok but only available at the office. The food if the restaurant was very good and the prices are very fair.

Uxmal Parking Lot

It is nie 300 peso per night on field grassy field outside the parking lot. It is too expensive but there is no other option, asked at all hotels and the chocolate museum but everyone said we should park at the ruins. Also the entrance with 413 peso per person way too expensive compared to ruins in Chiapas, Quintana Roo and Campeche. But we are here and took a look.

Uxmal Ruinen - OK

It is not possible anymore to stay at the parking lot of the hotel.

Museo Del Chocolate

Very good museum and wild animal refuge who cannot be sent to freedom anymore. They show also how the Mayans made their cacao drink. Entrance fee is 140 peso per person.

Palula Beach

The best beach campground in Yucatan and Quintana Roo with a lovely family running it. Also the restaurant next to it is great with a nice lady cooking very good food.

Yokdzonot Cenote

Very nuce cenote with a good restaurant and voran facilities. Entrance fee is now 80 ppp. Staying overnight in front of ticket office parking lot is possible and quiet at night.

Chichen Itza

481ppp + 80 parking. Too expensive compared to other ruins but still amazing too see. Palenque and Yaxchilan much nicer for the price.

Ek Balam Maya ruins

Nice ruins, not so crowdy like Tulum or Chichen Itza but too expensive. compared to ruins in Chiapas and Quintana Roo with 413 peso per person.

Agua putificada

Out of service, no water at the moment. Not good.

Cenote Choj Ha. MUST SEE CENOTE!

Entrance fee per adult is 100 peso. Overnight stay is 200 peso per car and 100 peso for the night guard, who was not there the whole night. Could not get the money back because we left before somebody was there. Toilets are clean, cold and rustic showers but new building almost finished. Beautiful cenote and worth the entrance compared to other more expensive cenote in Quintana Roo. Very nice family running the place. The road is rough but ok for bigger rigs, we made it with 2wd and 6 meter long RV. Very quiet at night and not so crowdy during the day. Be careful with the names, both Chooj Ja and Choj Ha is the same cenote.

Cenote Chooj Ja/ Choj Ha

It is a very beautiful cenote with 2 names existing on the signs and in the internet. 100 peso per person for the entrance, rustic showers and clean toilets. New buildings for changing rooms, showers and restaurant almost finished. Possible to stay overnight. Very nice family running the place.

entrada economica

Very friendly staff told that we can stay overnight and use the beach. Although crowdy on Sunday you still find a place to park until all visitors are gone and then you can find a very nice spot for the night. Very quiet, no services. 30 pesos per day and 60 pesos per night per person.

Xpu-Ha Campground Mundo Chalio

It was the most unfriendliest way to be sent away. It was Sunday and we knew it is crowdy but we said we would like to stay overnight at the campground. We were not allowed to go in. All other cars were allowed to. The woman at the gate came towards us when we parked shortly at the side to find out what to do and where to go to stay overnight with our baby. She said we should wait 3 hours but are not allowed to got to the beach! What a business? How does the campground survive if they react like this. We hardly do not recommend to for there. When we entered the beach at the next place 100m further we saw that it is not adorable to go there. Checked the next place and could easily enter the beach for 30 peso per person and for 60 peso per person we could stay overnight. Very friendly here.

Zona de Arqueológicos de Balanku

It is beautiful and not crowded, make sure to ask whether the door to the frescas is open at the entrance. It is now 45 pesos per person.

Autolavado Soni's Spa

good place to wash your car. chaussis and exterior for 160 pesos with high pressure. enough space for big can wait in a building with aircondition and free wifi.


we bought a WD40-spray for 100 pesos and ask to stay overnight at the parking lot. they said yes and offered us to use the toilets inside. it is a bit noisy from the big street nearby but it seems to be safe with cameras at the parking lot.

Parador Turistico "El Mirador"

Property with gate, restaurant, cabins for rent which offers camping. Paid 50 pesos per person per night with an RV. Toilets are clean and it is safe. You have an amazing view on the volcano and the church from the terrace in front of the good restaurant. The food is tasty and the prices are fair. It is very quiet at night. We highly recommend it.


Parker overnight in front it für PEMEX gasolinera. Open 24 hours and bathrooms available.


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