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May 3rd, 2019 Sage Picnic Area

Beautiful rest area with outhouse and picnic tables overlooking badlands, canyons and the snowy peaks of the Rockies. A great spot!

May 3rd, 2019 Rebels Roost/ Juicy Jitters

This spot is a real gem. Vince has created a great spot for people travelling the continental trail and for small rigs. He has two buses that people can stay in as well. Vince is a very gracious and welcoming host. If you are coming this way we highly recommend staying here. Bonus: Vince has a tiny home coffee shop and makes the best smoothies and fantastic coffee.

May 1st, 2019 Santa Fe, free overnight parking

Great spot to stay within a 5 min. walk to the center. Tourist information center said if the rv spots are taken it’s no problem to stay in the bus parking area as well. Check with them. Town was too decadent bourgeois for us so we only spent a night but I can’t see why you could not spend a few here.

April 30th, 2019 The lazy lizard

A micro brewery / restaurant with a large parking lot. We went in for a pint and asked if we could stay. The server said it was not a problem and “not at all uncommon”. Park around back and there is very little noise.

April 27th, 2019 Grenwelge Park

Nice, quiet spot next to the river in Llano. One block from cafes, bars, etc. in a picturesque old town on a scenic river. The park has a public washroom that is open until 10pm. There’s about 15 spots and we are the only ones here.

April 27th, 2019 Enchanted Rock

Looked like a wonderful place to camp but as it was the weekend it was full. We asked permission to shower and the park officer allowed us. Great, warm showers and fresh clean water to fill your tanks.

April 26th, 2019 Texas Travel Information Center Laredo

Fantastic free spot to spend the night. 24-hr Washrooms, water and an oasis picnic area. You are wedged between a hi-way and an active train line and truckers also pull in to overnight... but if you pick your spot well and wear plugs it’s great. The info center closes at 5pm. In the morning we received a warm welcome and a lot of great info on Texas from the tourism office staff. This was a great stop after crossing over from Mexico.

April 24th, 2019 Las Palmas Midway Inn & Trailer Park

As described earlier. Great, safe spot if you are heading to the border. The washing machine was great. Lots of amenities in the town across the hiway.

December 1st, 2018 Playa Santispac

Yeah, we suggest moving on to another beach. There’s other options further south that are way better. Sure, it’s beautiful but so are the others.

200 pesos... for,
- After offering horseback, the Cowboy was flirting at our van. Suggested tequila later on. (See review below) We saw him awkwardly prowling young ladies at the bar later on. (Side note- the bar plays music loud at night, which can be a plus or minus, depending on your preference)
- Toilets absolutely disgusting.
- 7:22 am Anna’s decided to blare tunes so loud that if you were near the restaurant you would suffer ear damage. Audible everywhere on the beach.
- A constant barrage of vendors approached the vehicle throughout the day. (Suspiciously they began at 7:35, just after we awoke to Anna’s alarm clock - four vendors by 8 am)
- Only a few palapas available.
- Can get crowded.

Positives... it’s a beautiful bay with green blue water. After a drive down the baja I suppose one would be excited.
Just remember, just past here there are others!

November 8th, 2018 Romanita RV Park

Awesome spot right in the heart of town! They have recently added two showers, water and electrical hookups and are ready for the season. 200p for basic or 220p if you want electricity hookup. Shower is not heated but water a little warmed from sun. Everything is very clean.

You get lots of privacy here with shade from palm trees or park under the three vehicle palapa coverings. Best of all it’s on the main walkway to the square, half a minute away and 2 minutes from beach. Super location!!

It was started last year but have now made it more official. Wifi and stronger shower pump pressure apparently is being installed in next 10 days. The property is owned by a young local couple who come daily to clean. Right now Dave and Alberta from Canada help collecting fees and get you setup. They have an RV setup here. They are very lovely and helpful.

Getting here is a bit tricky. You have to turn off of Hidalgo street onto Romanita street (which is marked as a walking path only street, but if you have issues just say you are going to this RV park as it’s quite close). Then turn left and Romanita RV will be on your left about 20 meters up the street across from Santo Niños guest house.

We initially planned to stay here a few nights but now are spending a week- you just can’t beat this location when you have a van or are camping!

November 4th, 2018 Playa Ecomundo

Great free beach camping. We spent a night here and enjoyed walking over to Lucy’s restaurant for breakfast. Felt very safe and minimal noise from highway. There seems to be a semi-permanent RV on the beach, a boat marine mechanic, so you are safe. Also rented a kayak for half a day, 150 pesos, from the tourist info shop by Lucy’s. The island in the bay has so many different birds. Very beautiful and chill spot. Watch out for the sting rays in the shallows!

November 2nd, 2018 Deserted beach north of El Rosario

Great overnight spot. Long Rocky beach. Turn off highway is slightly north of the actual spot. Compact road with erosion in spots. A little bumpy down but no problems.

November 2nd, 2018 Behind Salt Factory

Did not feel safe! My boyfriend and I parked our van at the bird sanctuary entrance in the big sandy parking lot. Noticed quite a bit of traffic because it was a Friday night, so it seemed safe ...but a half hour later at around 9:30pm my boyfriend saw two vehicles pull up behind us with their lights, one guy jumped from the car to the truck and they pulled up beside us. My boyfriend was having a smoke outside and the first man walked right up to him at the van, starring and then started speaking in Spanish, small talk. Definitely quite drunk, maybe in drugs also. His buddy came up as well and starting trying to chit chat, also very drunk. Then the first guy went to the back of the truck and was unravelling some rope from a fishing net and gesturing at my boyfriend to get in the back of the truck, he pointed to this about 5 times. I stayed in the van as this was playing out. Then they offered some beers but my boyfriend said he’s got to go to bed and backed into our van when the two guys went to the back of the truck to get something.

We didn’t want to wait to find out what they were getting, obviously way too drunk to pull off anything. My boyfriend got in, locked the doors and we drove away and went straight to the paid Malarrimo RV park near the entrance of town.

The following day we met someone in Santa Rosalía and they mentioned that Guerrero Negro is having a “hard time”.

October 31st, 2018 San Ysidro, San Diego, California, USA to Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

Tip for getting your FMM tourist permit (allows you to stay in Mexico for longer period). This is different from a vehicle import permit. If you need an FMM for your trip - DO NOT LEAVE THE BORDER AREA UNTIL YOU GET IT.

We drove this border crossing incredibly quickly, we had nothing to declare, they quickly searched our van and waved us through. Next thing we know we entered Mexico. We quickly realized that we need our Canadian passports checked to get our 180 day tourist visa. We paid 3$ street parking and attempted to walk back into the border zone to go through customs... 45 minutes later, after speaking to 5 security guards and border guards we were escorted down to get our visas and pay the $27 tourist fee. Initially they all insisted that we had to walk back into the USA and walk back into Mexico to go through customs... Well there was no way I was going to leave this country without our vehicle. Finally a guard walked us down to the customs agent. As we got our tourist visas completed (totally an easy process), I asked the woman how do we do this better next time- she smiled and said she gets this question a lot, we weren’t the first!

THERE ARE TWO OPTIONS: you can take the “something to declare” lane when you first enter the border, then park your car, and walk into customs.

OR park your car on the USA side, walk into Mexico, go through customs to get your FMM visa and then walk back into the USA to drive your car over.

Either way works. I asked her why there is no signage for FMM, she nodded and smiled agreeing that this is an issue. Haha, a good welcome to Mexico :)


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