dutchonwheels Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
September 1st, 2020 Canal side

spot next to the canal. there is a bench. quiet night.

May 27th, 2019 Official camper parking - 2 spots - for free

On this parkinglot (in the village Bathman) next to sportfields and a cementary are 2 spots available especially for campers. So it's legal to spend the night here, for free, max 2 nights. Quiet. From here it's a nice bicycle trip, 10 km, along the IJssel river, to the beautiful town of Deventer.

March 11th, 2019 Overnight parking Barichara

Still a very good spot to wildcamp. Clean, leveled spot incl some streetlights and with a great view.

March 8th, 2019 Route 60

Very nice, scenic off road drive, bumpy & small road in places. Only a handfull of other cars. At the moment no deep creek crossings (15 cm max) and no road closure. I don't think high clearance is absolutely necessary, convenient yes. 4x4 not needed (at the moment), some locals are driving normal cars. I wouldn't recomment driving this road with a big, normal camper. Some parts are rocky and a bit steep up and down. Coming from west, 13 km before Otanche it's asphalted again. You can app Alejandro from Finca San Luis for update info about this road.

March 8th, 2019 Camping at the entrance to Reserva Natural Rio Claro

I don't consider this a campground. A noisy parking right behing the entrance. The camping (only tents allowed) has run down facilities which you wont you use when it gets dark (too far away and no lights). Campground 5 km from here is far more beautiful and better, especially when you are with children. But the reserva is nice though and worth the entrancefee.

March 8th, 2019 Hacienda Napoles

Parking 17.000. Different entrance fees all valid 3 days: 45.000 - 62.000 - 90.000 - 133.500
Museo Memoria 45.000. Didn't go. Pablo Escobar's little airplane at the entrance is no longer there.

March 7th, 2019 Rio Claro La Peña Zona de Camping

Ask the owner which tree a toucan family (mr & mrs & baby) live. If you are lucky like us, the baby puts his head out of the trunkhole! Basic facilities, but the sounds of all the birds and insects are impressive, nice swim in rio, campfire, nobody here during weekdays: this is what overlanding is about. Good gravelroad to get here, suitable for all vehicles.

March 5th, 2019 Hostal/Finca/Camping La Dicha

This is probably gonna be the most popular overlander place of Guatapé!
Beautiful, quiet place. View on Piedra El Peñol. Good location between town & El Piedra: both 20 minute walk. Parking is big enough for couple of rigs on the private parking between hostel and swimmingpool. No sign at their entrance but it's the stoney/gravel road up starting in front of the school. No height restriction. Tents & pets are welcome. Kitchen well equiped, with oven. Down their property they have a little "beach" and you can do kayaking (20.000 p/h, 50.000 p/d) and wakeboarding.
Price 17.000 p.p. (kids for free). We also got breakfast,not sure if that's always the case. Highly recommended.

March 4th, 2019 Al Bosque Hostel & Glamping

Great place and staff. Stayed 2,5 weeks. They arranged us a good dentist in town, after 1 tooth broke off! Fireplace inside and outside. Good facilities (even an oven 👍), clean. 220 volt possible with their converter. Discount when you stay longer. Highly recommended.

February 27th, 2019 "Amsterdam" snackbar

The address is Avenida Jose Larco 25, on the corner with Avenida Ernesto Diez Canseco

February 27th, 2019 "Amsterdam" snackbar

The address is Avenida Jose Larco 25, on the corner with Avenida Ernesto Diez Canseco

February 27th, 2019 "Amsterdam" snackbar

It's in Miraflores (Lima), in the street "Av. Jose Larco" on the corner with "Avenida Ernesto Diez Canseco".

February 27th, 2019 "Amsterdam" snackbar

It's in Miraflores (Lima), in the street "Av. Jose Larco" on the corner with "Avenida Ernesto Diez Canseco".

February 9th, 2019 start for hike to laguna del otun

Don't drive up here without high clearance, although we saw a few cars doing it, which I really don't understand! The road is in parts bad and rocky which starts at the barrier gate 2,5 km's before La Suiza. Untill La Florida the road is asphalted and the area is very nice and popular whith locals.
In weekends crowded with mountainbikers, which made the drive annoying. Also many hikers during weekend. Probably deserted during weekdays.
We left the car here for the night, which is perfectly safe since it'a dead end (off)road and the people from the tienda/restaurant live here and keep an eye on the car for free.
There are around 40 beds (28.000 pp incl warm blankets & cold shower) in La Pastora, which is a big, nice & clean hostel, campground & information centre, so even in weekends no reason to make a reservation. You can have diner (12.000 pesos) here, also breakfast & lunch but dont know the price. Nice area, recommended.

February 8th, 2019 Land Rover & 4x4 mecanic "Taller Santana"

Diego and his colleages run this highly recommended mecanic. Mainly Land Rovers (new and old) but also other brands. They also sell new and 2nd hand parts
A local from the Land Rover Club recommended this place. There are a few more LaRo specialists in Pereira and Cali, but they are more expensive.
Locals from Bogota come all the way here because he is well known in the LaRo-world.
We had problems with our gearbox and they worked for 3,5 days on it. We payed 350.000 pesos on working hours.
We could "camp" in the workshop and use shower, electricity, water etc. Very safe and quiet place.
Very knowledgeable and friendly people. Highly recommended.

Address: Carrera 10 no 1-33 Pereira Risaralda (Frailes)
Tel. 331 5575 Cell.phone: 321 815 9090 / 321 576 6264 / 316 831 9148

February 1st, 2019 ecoparque Pance 1era entrada

Stayed 2 nights on this big parking, used the facilities (swimmingpools, shower, toilets) and agreed on 8.000 per car. When we wanted to pay the 2nd night, they didnt let us.
Kind people, potable water from the tap in the 'kitchen' on the left after the entrance. Sometimes a bit noisy because of music, but besides that tranquilo and safe. Dogs are allowed.
To Cali by bus takes a long time, 2 hours! There is a busstop 20 meters from the gate. Go to "Estacion Universidad" (2.000pp), than take bus 21 or 31 (2.000pp) and have patience.

February 1st, 2019 Finca Alejandria (bird watching)

This is absolutely the best bird watching spot of our entire trip!! A must go for bird lovers. Never saw so many birds, it's almost a plague in a positive way! Two species of tucans, 32 species of kolibries and many other colorful birds.
Camping is not allowed, we asked. Open 9am-5pm, 15.000 pp, breakfast & lunch possible.
The road is a bit bumpy on some parts but doable for every car/rig. If you are too big to enter through the gate of the parking, you can park next to the road.

January 30th, 2019 Ecoparque Rayos del Sol

Very nice view from the campspot. Friendly people, facilities are basic, wifi so so, water pressure low, bbq-ing allowed. They always make sure there is toiletpaper, but it would be nice if they would clean as well. Our friends 3,69m high rig just fitted under the gate, so higher than this is a problem. All in all recommended.

January 26th, 2019 Potholes x 40 km ROAD

Some parts are bad, because of potholes and rocks, but when you drive slowly it's ok. Nice scenic parts.

January 21st, 2019 Posada Turistica Dantayaco / Camping

Stayed here 3 nights (waiting for good weather to do the hike), for free! We ate at the onsite restaurant every night, nice food. Nice garden, friendly people and good facilities considering it's for free. The owner told me to write that you can use their kitchen as well. Our friends with their 3,69 m high rig fitted through the gate.

January 17th, 2019 Communications tower

What a good place considering there are not many options. The guy who works here was happy to have us, safe & quiet place with very nice view. We were a bit surprised a 7 meter rig fits here. Small "parking-area" which can be hard to level.

January 11th, 2019 Finca Sommerwind

Feels like coming home. Hans is the best! Together with "Hasta la Pasta" (Paraguay) our most favorite campground in almost 3 years South America. Stayed 3 weeks. HIGHLY recommended.
Ooh and the cheesecake...try it ☺👍!!

December 22nd, 2018 Carpas Cali

So happy with this post. The cover of our rooftent was leaking. They made it straightaway, stitching and with heating pressure. Good work, only $10 , about 45 minutes work.

December 12th, 2018 Vehicle intrusion

Another warning: Be careful walking in the dark outside the centre. We camped at La Serrana hostel and when we were there, 3 girls who stayed in the hostel were robbed at 7.30 pm with a gun, 50 meters before the entranceroad of the hostel. There were 2 robbers, wearing helmets. The girls had to give there luggage and the robbers even did a bodycheck to make sure the girls didn't hide valuables. It's a very dark and quiet road to get to the hostel/camping. Apparently a week before something simular happened somewhere close to this road, so better take a Willy as soon as it gets dark. Besides these sad stories, it feels as a safe town and also the hostel, so definately don't hesitate to come because it's beautiful here, but just be aware.

December 10th, 2018 Reserva Natural Kasaguadua

Agree with previous post, higly recommended. Tour is from 9 - 11 am, reservation 1 day in advance. We payed 25.000 pp, later we saw a brochure that mentioned payment is by donation. Maybe we misunderstood him on the phone about the price, but anway for us 25.000 was more than worth it.
Also the possibility to stay in an amazing eco lodge, a beautiful place. Don't know the price. No parkinglot, the lodge is in the middle of the restored jungle, but Carlos said you can park your car at the neighbours. Reservation necessary.

December 9th, 2018 La Serrana Hostel

Other overlanders complained about the price, because of cold showers. They dropped it back to15.000 pp and we could use the hot showers inside. All together it's a good price for what you get. Very quiet, beautiful view and nice relaxing area in & outside. WiFi is mostly good, we could download and watch online tv. Laundryservice is 7.000 a kilo, in town it's cheaper (from 4.000 a kilo).
Be careful when you walk back from town: 3 girls were robbed at 7.30 pm with a gun, 50 meters before the entranceroad of the hostel! It's a very dark and quiet road. Apparently a week before something simular happened somewhere close to this road, so better take a Willy when it gets dark. Besides this, it feels very safe at the hostel and they have a guard during the night.

December 8th, 2018 Lavanderia Salento

It's now 4.000 a kilo, which is still cheaper than other laundry services (5.000 a kilo).

December 7th, 2018 Road washed away

We drove the little road a bit south from here (south from the Rio Quindio), starting from the town of Calarcá passing the coffee farms, Serrano hostel/camping up to Salento. Nice drive. It's a small road though, some parts steep, some parts with quite some water after rain, but still doable without 4x4. Big rigs/motorhomes might feel uncomfortable because it's not a wide road.

December 5th, 2018 Don Elias coffee tour

Very interesting tour, english is well spoken. Don't need to make a reservation, just show up and maybe you have to wait a bit in case the guide is already doing a tour. Don Elias is a smaller and traditional coffeefarm. The one next door, El Ocaso, is bigger and modern.

December 1st, 2018 Hotel Baquero and secure parking also for big rigs

We stayed at the parking of Alejandro (we slept in the car) and also left the car there for 23 days while visiting Cuba. In total we payed for almost 1 month parking incl 5 nights camping 170.000. Good price, very safe, Alejandro and his family live on the parking. The neighbourhood is totally fine, we didnt feel unsafe at all.
It's not recommendable to camp here when you don't have your own toilet, although Alejandro will let you use his one, you have to enter their livingroom to get to the toilet, so felt a bit uncomfortable.
The parking is very squeezy with all the other cars and trucks, so don't expect to sit nicely outside!
We used the shower 1 time in the hotel, but 10.000 pp was way too expensive for a cold shower. Sometimes we had wifi connexion from the hotel at the parking.


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