salita_46 Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Viento en Popa

Best fish restaurante in all Argentina. We always order calamaretis a la leonesa and gambas al ajillo. Besutiful people working here, 10 points ever. Good price

La Terminal

Perfect place to have a very good meal. Milanesa napolitana, matambre super recomendable!! Hreat place

Car break-ins at Parking of Lider Supermarket

They try to open owr van when we are park it here. Be careful because we here a lot about of cases of robbery in this city


We charge our us bottle here. They said thay they dont have the adapter but that they could charge a little 🤔 and they dont charge anything 😃

Gasco Propane Gas

They dont fill any more, dont try. Chile puto

Petrobras - parking area

Make you a favor and not sleep here. Super noisy gas station, and you cannot sleep

Car Wash

Very profesional car wash, they charge 50bs for our van and they make a perfect job. Very kindly people

Duchas paraiso

Super recomend place to take a shower, really hoy and 10 bs for 15 min two people. Open at 8:30 to 19:00

Island Incahuasi

We sleep one night here, super quiet, beautiful stars and night and no wind. Very nice spot

YPFB - Grupo Colque

We charged directly in our tank at five Bs per liter

Outside Tonito Hotel, Uyuni

One night here before the salar, very noisy at night because the militarys plays their music and at 2 am a lot of people shouting, but feel really safe

Food trucks

Very nice place with nine food trucks that offers different kinds of food. We trust the mechados and its very delicious and cheap! Super recommended


After negociation we can charged at five Bs per liter directly to the tank

Quiet spot by church

Very nice place in Sucre, beautiful houses. We leave our van all day, feel really safe and its quiet at night. Near the main square


One night here before going potosi. Very quiet, feel safe

Gas Station Cucuta

They charge directly to our car tank for 5 bs per liter.

YPFB gas station

We charged at local price with our 20 litres portable tank twice and they give us ticket, but they ask for our argentinians documents.

Alojamiento Aroma

Hot showers, 5 bolivianos 5 “minutes”, good option

Informal parking lot by the lake

Two nights here, very safe, quiet and with beautiful skies views.

Overnight parking and private tour to Uros: Yordy and Dina

We sleep one here before doing the tour to Uros island with Roger. Super recomend tour, a must in titicaca lake. They charge us 15 soles per person and its a 3 hours tour, very interesting.
Be carefull because there are a lot of people that said that they are Roger and charge a big lot more, roger is attached in the photo

Lion AQP Hostel - cheap overnight parking

We spent two nights here. Very good option to visit arequipa and leave you van in a safe place. We paid (2 persons) 20 soles per day and they offer hot showers, good wifi to download Netflix movies, kitchen to use their propane gas and cook a lot and water to wash you car.
Beto the owner is very kindly with us and the neighboor is very nice

Cabanaconde town square

Two nights here, feel safe and quiet. Personally, we dont recommend colca cannyon, thay charge a lot of money and all the trails have very bad signals.

El locazo

Nice restaurante to get lunch after the rainbow mountain.
Menu option: 10 soles (delicious trucha)
Buffet option: 20 soles
We take the first option and was perfect

Restaur Turístico-Sicuani

We spent one night here. A little noisy because of the road but is free and feel safe

Gas Station Guadalupe

we stop here to take a shower and NO SHOWER!!!

Pisac Parking Lot

Quiet place in front the river, you can use the gas station bathrooms paying 0,5 soles


We stay one night here, quiet safe, good option if you dont want to pay


Good place to check and repair yours brakes. Very cheap

Parking at Hydroelectrica

We leave our van one night here and they charge 10 soles, very good option. We take a cold shower too when we arrived and he doesnt charge anything

Praça Cívica de Santa Teresa

We stayed two nights here (one before and other after machu picchu). Very nice place, quiet, safe and good weather


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