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Williamston Boat ramp

A delightful little spot for a one night stay just outside the town of Williamston North Carolina. About two hours from the Outer Banks. Good cell phone service and in a little parking area across from the boat ramp. Clean toilets a walking path and a fishing boardwalk. No one hassle to us. A little loud from the highway traffic but doable for a night

Spill way boat ramp

Found this lovely little gem of a parking area with no parking restrictions at Carlyle Lake Spillway boat ramp. Lots of picnic tables bike trails bathroom dumpster great cell service. Stayed for one night although you could probably stay for two or three without being hassled


As described. It’s a crapshoot on when the cylinder tank truck will show up so you just have to hope One comes soon. When I first got here they told me it would be half an hour. One hour later I went to get my tanks because I was going to leave and he said no just give it five more minutes. And sure enough five more minutes went by and the cylinder truck showed up. Took my tanks in and whole process was normal for South America. It allowed me to get my camper back in shape after I picked it up from the Port that morning. Super friendly guard.

Enlace Caribe SAS

If you are reading this text then I assume you are looking for a broker in Columbia to either help you ship to Panama or receive your vehicle here in Columbia. Do not read any other posts. This is your place to go. They are absolutely the best and due to unforeseen circumstances we fired our first broker and ended up with these guys. It is seamless and the entire process is very calm and thorough. You feel very well taken care of and if this is your first time shipping a vehicle, these are the people to go with.

Many people in this office speak English and they know everyone at Aduana and at SOAT and at the port. Very important to have these connections. Stop looking anywhere else and just book with these guys.

M and R logistics

This is where you go to STaRT the process to get your vehicle back. Start early like the day after you get to colombia. Process takes a long time with lots of forms. This is Caesar if you ship with WWL. Be aware. It takes at least 1 day to get paperwork initiated before you can even think of getting your vehicle from the port. So as soon as you get to Cartagena, start the process and be prepared to wait

Add on to original post: we fired Cesar after two days as he was absolutely no help at all. We went with in Enlace Caribe and they took such great care of us that we didn’t have to worry for the rest of our import process. If you use WWL, do not use Cesar or for that matter just don’t use them at all

Barwil Agencies / Wilhelmsen Main Office

If you are even thinking about using WWL, think again. This was my first time ever shipping a vehicle and I had good reviews from other people who used WWL. They are the worst and I would not recommend them to anyone. I would rather lick all the bathrooms in Grand Central Station with my tongue then use their services. Evelyn is great and I only have good things to say about her but only because she knows her company made a mistake 4 times costing us extra days in colombia waiting for correct papers They messed up the van on my draft bill of lading and I corrected it. Once I got the correction I thought I was good to go. Unfortunately they never updated the database with my correct Vin number so I end up with incorrect paperwork at the port in Panama which had to be corrected. I thought the second time they would’ve updated the database but once again they did not. I get to Columbia and my bill of lading is incorrect. that’s causing me extra days and lots of run around to try and get the correct paperwork. All because WWL did not do a thorough job the very first time.

Exit Visa for Dogs

As described. As opposed to all other banks is central
America. You must fill
Out a deposit slip for the 5$

You get the acct info from MIdA and then go to bank. Fill out deposit and return with factura. I filled out on line form the night before and whole process took 30 minutes.

There is a copy store next door should u need to complete the forms on site.

Parking sucks so be prepared to walk as building is downtown

Part 1 - DIJ Vehicle Inspection for Exporting Vehicle

So I got screwed at the border and my TIP was missing 1 letter from my VIN. Double check your papers prior so You don't annoy the inspector. Had to drive to Aduana (5 minutes ) and new one issued. Plus make more copies.
This is really only a VIN inspection. Nothing needs to be cleared. Just have your docs in order

Playa Bonita Westin

We stayed at a VRBO next door at casa Bonita for way less. Spilt it with another overlanding couple and their dog. 4 ppl and 3 dogs. The process to get your pet to colombia is a nightmare. Having this place was
Really nice to Come back to

Surfers Paradise

Great place. Super helpful as we had some repairs to do on the camper
Loaned us tools and gave us materials. Panama vibe way better than Costa Rica (some places).
Poor cell service but works. WiFi works in common area

8$pp/night Including power Not strong enough for A/C In Case want to know

Wave out front is a high tide wave and requires 800 meter paddle for access. Definitely worth it

They are building a new common kitchen right now so those reading this, look forward to a larger space with better cooking space

Ronaldo and Alexandra are just great. Super cold beer. It’s a good walk to town proper but not too bad


Santa Fe

Quiet little town with some mini supers but that’s about it. River swimming is only 20 minute walk from town. Free WiFi in the park. Legit!!!!
Stayed 2 nights to get work done and download download download

Cops came by each night and town stats bustling around 7am. Road to get here is not great in panama standards but better than Mexico !!!!

National park is right next door and lots of hiking

Parque Principal

We did not stay here as the parking is not level. No free WiFi either. And just way to busy. We stayed a couple blocks down the street and there are numerous places to stealth camp for free in this town. Bathrooms in plaza are $.50. Plenty to do. Easy to drive to hikes and waterfall and return to your spot

Wonderful town at 4500 feet. Beat the heat. Organica has the best vegan food and even beyond meat burgers. Have not had one in 7 months and we cleaned out our freezer to fit extra. Strong cell service and lots to do

Pavones - best spot for surfers

This place is the Costa Rica of
The ‘90s. Please keep it that way. Be nice. Speak Spanish. Wave and greet everyone Pay in colones. Clean up after yourself
If you do, This place will remain special. Don’t fuck it up
Spent 3 nights. Poor cell reception but it works Wave fires all day. Be carful of rocks

Clínica Veterinaria Los Álamos

Wow! Needed our paperwork updated to exit Costa Rica as we were not given correct papers when we exited Nicaragua. Dr Dianna and staff were incredibly friendly and were the first vets in 7 months to actually perform a health check on our 2 dogs All others just weighed them and gave us the paperwork. Very professional and worth every cent!!! We are now confident we have the correct docs to get into panama and Colombia !!!!!

El Rodeo

Ok place for the night. Had errands to do in San Isidro all day. We actually stayed next door In the lot of the electro muebles. Maria loves travelers and if rodeo gives you any grief.....just ask next door. Still used bathrooms at rodeo

Ursu Petrol Stn

Great spot to land after 5pm ferry from Paquera to PA. Clean bathrooms cold beer and 24 hour restaurant. Pretty quiet for being road side. FREE

Mar Azul

Super sweet camping. Surf break out your back door. 3 different lefts on rocky beach. Only surf it at higher tides. WiFi works well close to bar. Only a couple bars of 3G
10,000 colones per
Night for 2 ppl 2 dogs truck camper and electricity. Power not strong enough to run AC but not a deal breaker Bathrooms cleanish. Long walk to town for supplies or dining so plan ahead or bike it. Tide pools save you during the heat of the day

Congos Hostel & Camping, Playa Hermosa

This place is large enough for all rigs. Plenty or power to run AC. 1 block from semi crowded beach
Clean bathrooms. WiFi only close to main house. 20$ for 2 ppl and 2 dogs in truck camper.
Stayed 1 night as we called this a landing spot after crossing the border ...3.5 hours due to not having correct exit papers for dogs. 98 degrees outside and needed AC for at least a night to cool down before heading down the nicoya


All below correct. Except. Dogs are not free. $14.00 Pay at the bank and bring receipt to sanasa. Located where bag x Ray is in migration.
Paperwork a must.

El Puerto

Late start to day so camped here before crossing into CR. Price is 270cdb. WiFi does not work and electric is very weak. Would not run our fans when plugged in. Bathrooms clean and open all night
It’s a port so expect noise at night and in morning

Parking At Restaurant "Natural"

Ok. Serious. If you are vegetarian or vegan... you must try this place. Calia is super knowledgeable and all fruits and veg are grown on site or at her property down the road. We had giant smoothies one morning and had to return for lunch. Comida Rica And she bakes her own bread daily.

View is fantastic with monkeys on one side and the lake on the other

Top 5 in Central America

We spent the night on the road and walked the 3km beach in the morning.

Not ideal for big rigs at all. 1
Space to park.

Studio Bar & Cafe

As described. Decent local and was nice to get up and surf before the crowds. Strong 3G signal. Power strong enough for AC. WiFi worked right next to restaurant. Bathrooms sort of ok and locked. Sunsets are very nice as is everyone who lives out there
Check out pizza night at market machete on the way in. 20 minute walk from playa. Some of the best Neapolitan pizza I’ve ever had. $10 for a large. Dough made fresh and only open on Fridays
Shuttle to town drops u at casa oro. Fruit and veg store just around corner as is misc Sánchez where u can find some gringo products at really high prices Stayed 5 nights as surf was great

Paradiso Hostel

Super chill hostel with all the bells and whistles. Lots of other choices around lake but this one worked well for us. 3G service. WiFi only next to reception
Free welcome drink at 6pm.
Food is ok and lots of young travelers and day visitors from Grenada.
10$ /night for 2ppl and 2 dogs in truck camper with power. Strong enough for AC. No real place to clean dishes but were able to fill up tanks before leaving
Stayed 5 nights to get work done on terrace and enjoyed swimming and fishing in lake

Rio Mar

So the real name of this place is Bar pelicano. It’s owned by the same guy as La Tortuga. Secure private plenty of room clean toilets and shower. Empty. And I mean empty during the week. Busy on weekends. Had 5 bars 3G and was able
To work. Fishing in river mouth at low tide was productive. Croaker catfish and sand bull. 5$ cab to surf break in Las Flores.
This place is a food desert. No real stores. Produce available in El cuco but not quality Luckily we were stocked up and stayed 8 nights. $10/night for 2 ppl and 2 dogs with electricity. Felt like a great deal as we had the entire place to ourselves. Except for sat and Sunday which is normal in any beach town

Pachamama Bungalows

Ok. So the RV Park no longer exists. It’s the firewood hotel and restaurant Very very nice people. We were at surfers inn but their power could not handle our A/C and with two dogs, we had to look for something different.
20$ / night. Expensive. But it was late in the day and had no choice
5 minute walk to Sunzal break.

Still plenty of room for big rigs but not a campground any longer. Don’t get much for $20. We only stayed 2 nights to get work done in the comfort of our AC and surf

Puma fuel stop

Puma fuel stop. Asked if we could stay the night and security guard said no problem. Gratis. Bought him a coke Bathrooms picnic tables and small tienda. Great stop after crossing over if u get late start like us

La Bruja

Best vegan food choices in Antigua. A must and dog friendly. Lots of other choices in small courtyard. Be sure to hit up Petra. For awesome. Falafels and pitas as well

Turista Police Car Park

As described. Be careful. No drinking outside your vehicle and long list of rules provided when u check in. Must be inside gate by 10pm or they get angry.
Clean toilets at bus station around the block. 2Q. Hotel 50 meters away has showers for 25Q

Dog Friendly.
We stayed 15 nights w/o moving at all. Just ask. Also were able to use some water onsite for dishes

Jenna's River Bed And Breakfast

These coordinates are wrong. This place is out of town. About 15 minutes and 45 minute walk

El Remate

As described. Very nice locals washing laundry in lake most of day. No shade but swimming in lake makes up for it
Lots of dogs, chickens, pigs and horses around. Good for a night or two. We stayed one as we don’t want to intrude on the local lifestyle.


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