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Stoffers Hoff

We are overlanders ourselves and welcome travelers from all over the world. While travelling we always enjoy to meet locals and stay on non-established campgrounds. That's why we invite you to stay on our farm!

We can provide a campspot on the farm or on our grasslands. You can use a basic washroom with toilet, hot shower and a washing mashine.

Please call or write us in advance: +49 17661424621.

Best, Elisabeth and Sebastian

Wohnmobilstellplatz Verden

It is not a real campground but a parking lot for RVs with electricity, water and dump station. 6€/24h, +1€/8h electricity, 1€/90l water.
Walking distance to downtown of Verden.

Xkopek Camping

You have to camp/park in the small parking lot if you want to have shade. Otherwise there is also a trailer park (no shade, but electricity), which you can reach via Calle 59.
Besides everything positive: Fast WiFi for mexican standards, nice communal area with hammocks and kitchen, warm showers, clean toilets.
100M$/person, +20M$ with basic breakfast (wouldn't try it). We got a 10% discount because we stayed one week.
Bikes are 50M$/day.

Campspot at the lagune

very nice spot for wild camping on a micro peninsula within the lagoons. nice views over lagunas and short walk to the ocean.
if the ground is dry you can park behind some trees to be less visible from the road. if it's wet, there is still space for 3-4 vans but you will be visible from road.

Felt safe and had no problems.

Cenote Ucil (Muzil)

Small parking area with shade from trees. There is also space to put a tent or a hammock.
The police came by in the afternoon and we asked if it's okay to camp. - No problem. They came back during the night and in the morning to checked if everything is okay. Super friendly.

The locals we met were also very friendly.

Balneario Zac-Ha

Excellent beach camping with palmtrees and palapas. Nice, fresh breeze. Clean toilets. No garbage laying around, clean campground.
Water in the ocean is not clear and not really inviting to swim.

Ixchel Artesanias

I think it is overpriced. Payed less in other places.

Crafts From The Jail

I don't think that the things are all from the jail. But they have good prices for hammocks with good quality.

Laguna Rosada

We saw flamingos and a crocodile. Beautiful moon- and sunrise.
4G with telcel.

Some garbage. Little noise from the road.

Ecocamping Valladolid

Super friendly and laid back campground.
Clean showers and toilets, clean campground. Different areas to hang out and relax.
150M$/person to camp.

We payed 100M$/bike for half a day and drove to the city and a cenote. The owner told us that the bikes are much more expensive in other locations.

UPDATE: On our way back we stopped in Valledolid again. This time we stayed in Xkopek. More shade, cheaper bikes (50M$ per day), also nice communal area.
Eco-Camping seems overpriced.

Camping Playa Roca

We didn't stay.
If you want to sleep in your van, you have to stay in the small parking lot.
Tent area is nicer and closer to the beach but it is very crowded. As is the whole area.

Playa Paraiso

Super nice camping area between palmtrees, directly at the ocean. The place itself, the toilets and shower are very clean. The Senorita is super friendly. Place is very quiet and peaceful.
Wifi was slow or didn't work most of the time.

At the beach is a lot of seaweed and garbage. You can walk a bit to go to cleaner areas for swimming/snorkeling.

Military Checkpoint

Only asked where we wanted to go. Very easy.

Bonampak's caseta de cobro

Police and other people were there. There were also topes. But they waved us through.

Valle de Bascan - Centro Ecoturistico

Amazing falls. You can swim in and jump into different pools.
Nice camping, friendly people.

Centro Ecoturistica Cascada Las Golondrinas

Just stopped to refresh in the pools. Very nice! We were the only people on Thursday noon.

Military Checkpoint

Waved us through, no issues.
On the entire road we didn't have any problems.

Tres Lagunas

You can park your van in the parking lot close to the street. So there is some noise. You will also get the WiFi signal here. password: 58398067

the restaurant is bad and expensive. Paid 100M$ for two watery orange juices and a cup of instant coffee. Waste of money.

El Retoño -very nice!

Nice spot with a lot of trees and orchids.
Clean baños and bucket shower.

She asked 100M$/night for two people in a small van. When I said that friends paid 50M$, she told me that big trucks with their own toilet are 50M$ and tents/vans are 100M$ because they use water and baños.

We stayed anyway and enjoyed the peaceful village.

How to check-in: If there is nobody at the cabañas, go back to the village. Go straight at the first junction, go to the end of the next block. The house (grey stones) is at the end of this block at the left.

San Sebastian Hotel

Nice hotel with friendly owners, hot showers and save parking for cars/vans/bikes. Bigger rigs would not fit in parking lot but can park outside in the street.

500M$/night for two people in a small room.

Las Nubes

Paid 200M$/night for two people, no chance to negotiate.
Showers and baños clean.

Seems a bit overpriced. In the village somebody offered us camping in the backyard for 50M$/person. But we stayed in Las Nubes because the entrance fee without camping is 30M$pp. So you end up paying nearly the same if you want to visit Las Nubes attractions.

Cabañas Paraiso Tziscao

Very nice place, clean toilets, hot shower, average Wi-Fi and great view.
100 pesos for 2 people in a van.

Grutas del mamut

Cave is awesome.

The parking lot is huge and leveled.
At 9.30pm we were a bit worried because we saw people running at the edge of the forest with flashlights. At some point they shot something. They stayed a while and moved on.

We think they might have shot an animal. But it's uncommon that they would use flashlights to go hunting.
We stayed anyway and had a good night afterwards.

Rancho San Nicolas

Excellent campground, but Wi-Fi is slowly and we had only H/H+ with telcel. 4G in town.


Dropped the laundry off at noon and could pick it up the same day in the evening.
But it was not super clean and we had to go back to get our laundry bag.

Check point

No police today, nobody stopped us. Drove through.

Military check-point

Nobody stopped us. They only checked those, who went west.

Federal Police Checkpoint

Didn't even look at us. Only checking those who go west.

Playa San Diego (Surf spot)

Amazing spot, bring enough water and food because you want to stay longer than you think.
End of February it is very hot during day (34°C) and night (25°C).

Overlander Beach Campsite “Don Taco”.

Anneke and Frans are very friendly and helpful. Showers, toilet, open kitchen are very clean.
The parking is small and with no shade but there are more than enough palapas with hammocks, tables and chairs so that you can be in the shade all day.
The ocean is 20 meters walk with clear water and corals at the end of the bay.


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