Adventure Trio Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
McCloud Mill House & Camping

Camping with water & sewer hookups . Tools and motorcycle parking if needed. Very secure. $20 per person. This GPS location is not the location of the house. You will need to email to make sure we are there to receive you. [email protected]

Camping ACA

Clean and secure camping in a large park with overnight and dat use areas. We paid 340 pesos for 3 people and 2 motorcycles. Friendly staff.


Great camping spot with very well kept camp sites. This location is the correct coordinates for the site. We paid 340 pesos for 3 people and 2 tents.


Cleanest camping we have had. Great staff and facilities. 2 motos and 3 people for 320 pesos.

Buquebus Ferry Port

This is the port to get from Montevideo to Buenos Aires

Hotel Colon

We paid 1646 pesos for a triple room that had 4 twin beds. The rooms were very nice and the showers are amazing! Parking is excellent and we could see your motorcycles from our window.

Guarani Apart Hotel

1100 pesos for a double cabana. Great parking for motorcycles right outside your door as well as other vehicles. Thermal pools across the street.

Municipal Campground

Beautiful spot to camp as We were there in the off season. The bathrooms are really run down and the showers looked unusable. There are a few places in town you could negotiate a shower for a small fee if needed.

Municipal Campground

Great camp spot right next to the lake!!

Hostel Km388

Great clean rooms with a separate and big bathroom. The kitchen is very clean and has everything you need to make a meal. Common area is very nice with 3 dinning tables and a couch. Our stay was excellent!! It does get very cold at night, but otherwise slept like a rock.

La Luna Camping And chalets

We paid 150 reals for 3 people and 2 motorcycles. Rooms are clean and nice, the camping area looks very tidy and clean.

Cantinho da Praia

We had a worker of the parking lot offer us to camp here. The area was a nice grassy area right next to the beach. It was 50 reals for 6 people and 3 vehicles.

Lagoa Guest House

Amazing hostel with great people. Beds are 12 U.S. Dollars a person with clean pillows and sheets. Rooms are very clean. Parking for 2 cars and two motorcycles is available. A reservation for parking is needed. Clean kitchen and nice big eating table next to the big open common room.

Posada El Quincho

We paid 650 pesos for a large triple room with a mini fridge and dining table. Great people and parking right in from of our room for our two large motorcycles.

Paraná Hostel

We paid 495 pesos for a triple private room and for parking. Parking for our motorcycles was 20 pesos per vehicle. Rooms are great with one giant bed and a bunk bed. Long eating table and roomy common area. Kitchen is excellent with everything you need to make a proper meal. Definitely stay here if you are a traveler going through Parana.

Camping Luz y Fuerza

No charge for motos but paid 25pp and 40 for each tent. Under $9US for 3 of us, 2 tents and 2 motos. Hot showers and secure.

Insurance Office

A place to buy insurance for Argentina most other southern countries of South America that require it. We paid $50US per Moto for 6 months liability coverage.

Bolivia Lavado

They got the job done. 40B per motorcycle, I didn't haggle. We did most of the work to make sure they didn't spray where they shouldn't. Young guy was nice and efficient, older guy with mouth full of coca leaves demanded a tip when they were done. All he did was supervise. No tip paid. Water was fresh, no salt and was worth the price getting the salt off the bikes.


Great food!!!! This place has legit sauces and pastas and really tastes meats. Definitely a good place to go for some good flavor.

Hotel Lago Azul

Great hotel with motorcycle parking and warm clean rooms. They put heaters in each room so you are warm throughout the night. The showers are a little tricky to work with the instant heater on the shower head. We paid 100 bolivianos per person for a matrimonial room and 120 bolivianos for a single room. Breakfast is included with the room.

Tinajani Canyon Campground

Great place!! The elder man and his wife gave us a warm welcome and told us to set up our camp anywhere. Definitely stay here!!!

Hotel Qasikay

Great hotel with a good atmosphere. They let us park our two motorcycles in the lobby but other wise there is street parking. We paid 60 soles for a matrimonial room and 40 soles for a single room. Definitely stay here if you are looking for a comfy night sleep.


Good food, looked like the cleanest place in town. Prices all under 15 soles.

Hotel Rey

Very clean and great secure parking for motorcycles. Single room for 40 soles. Fast wifi, tiendas and restaurants just a few doors down. On the south end of town and a good jump off point for heading to Ayacucho.

Hotel Villarma + Camping

Neat little place in the mountains with rooms and camping. We took camping because the rooms were 90 soles PER BED. It is right next to the river and the two ladies that welcomed us were a very nice mother and daughter. Good overall place. Definitely a good stay.

Río Azul

Great place! Good rooms except when it rained and leaked in one of our rooms in 3 places. Great host, there are 4 dogs, one female and 3 of her puppies. We paid 25 soles for each room which had a matrimonial bed and private bathroom. There is a pool that looks a little dirty, but otherwise great place to stay. Great Atmosphere!

Villa Jennifer

There is no longer camping here

Hotel Nancy

We were 5 people traveling by motorcycle of which they had great parking for. The garage was right behind the hotel where the gates closed at 9:00PM. The rooms were clean and had good beds with lots of warm blankets due to it being cold at night. We paid 35 soles for a double bed room and 25 soles for a single room. MAKE SURE TO ASK IF THE ROOM HAS A BATHROOM, the lady who helped us did not tell us if there was one and we had to keep clarifying of what we wanted to her. Otherwise great hotel in the center of this neat little town. Definitely a good place to stay.

Hatun Wasi

S15 per person for a dorm without breakfast and s25 per person with breakfast. Much cleaner than Joe's place next door with great Moto parking for at least 6 bikes. Easy walking to the city center.

Camping Guadelupe Jaime Veliz Caraz

We paid s15 per person. Jamie and his wife are beyond nice and the place is is tidy. The bathroom and shower along are worth the price.


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