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Mountain View Bush Camp

Amazing vistas just a short drive from Telluride. High clearance and 4x4 not needed. Free.

Mountain & Aspen View Bush Camp

Great view of Aspen trees and mountain vistas. Campfire circles already established. Could be breezy at times but there are some sheltered areas out of the wind.

La Constitution YPF

There are two YPF truck stops here (at Km 256) -- one for each direction on the highway. We camped in our van at the southbound one (going toward Buenos Aires). There is actually a separate area for camping here where the big commercial trucks are not allowed (it is located next to the bar and comedor). There is a grassy and shady area for tents too. Wifi reaches the areas closest to the building. Coin-operated hot showers are available, but we didn't use them. The trucks park in the big lot between the camping area and the highway which makes for an effective noise block when they all settle in for the night. Free to camp.

Camping Familiar El Vado

Full-service campground. Paid 300p total to camp in our van. We would've preferred something less expensive but everything else seemed to be closed or really run down. Big rigs could fit in some spaces, but it will probably be a bit tight due to all the trees. Looks like there is a nice bush camp right across the river from here.

El Rincon del Leo

Lovely treed and grassy sites (with picnic tables and parrillias) next to the river. Bathrooms are a little run down but ok. Didn't try the showers. We paid 160pesos total.

Domaine Bousquet

Largest organic wine provider in Argentina. Tours available in Spanish, English and French. Reservations necessary. Http://, [email protected], (9)251 (15)5 320896. Ruta 89 Km 7. Tupungato.

Mendoza - Parque Suizo

Great place to chill out for a couple of days. Lots of shady trees to keep you cool. We paid 70p per adult, 30p for our 6yo son, and 50p for our camper van. The first load of laundry is free and it is 40p for each additional load.

Camping Municipal Uspallata "Apuyam"

Decent value for the money. We paid 30 pesos per person (including for our 6 year old son), so 90 pesos total.

Integrated Border Formalities -- Eastbound Only

This is your one stop for all border formalities to cross from Chile into Argentina. You do NOT need to stop here if you are headed westbound -- there is a similar facility on the other side of the pass/tunnel for westbound traffic (Argentina into Chile). Also, this is a drive-thru checkpoint so you get to stay with your vehicle throughout the process.

Argentina - Chile Border Crossing

This is a one-stop shop for all border formalities (Argentina and Chile), but only for those leaving Argentina and entering Chile. There is another similar building on the Argentinian side for those needing to exit Chile and enter Argentina (20kms to the east). Save yourself some headaches and do NOT stop here if you are exiting Chile.

Trucker Stop, Los Andes

We stopped here late in the day on the way to the Argentina border. Lots of trucks coming and going, but it is a large area and it quiets down around 10pm. There are toilets here (and I believe showers too) but we didn't try them. We did buy a beer from one of the tiendas here. Free to camp.

conaf campsite, Siete Tazas

Full campsite name is "Camping El Radal 7 Tazas". Solar heated showers, water taps, and fire pits in a beautiful treed campground right on the river. Paid 3,000 per adult and 1,000 for our son (rate for kids under 10). We had the place to ourselves so it was very quiet.

Location Of Camping Site In Villa Baviera

Put this location in as the other site in iOverlander is near the entrance of this large facility and the camping location is quite a distance away. When we asked we were told that we could camp near the hot tubs and pool in a large grassy area. Toilets and cold showers available close by and they offered to open a room for us in the hotel to use hot showers there but we declined. They didn't charge us for camping, but we did buy lunch in the restaurant, took an hour-long Unimog tour of the property and booked 30 minutes in one of the wood-heated antique hot tubs. Entry fee for Villa Baviera is 1500 pesos per adult (no entry fee required for our 6 year old son).

Copec Shower

Very nice self-service laundry machines, plus super nice and clean showers. Camped in back with all the truckers. Free.

Parque Nacional Conguillío - parking by lake

Campgrounds were not open yet for the season, so they told us we could camp here. Beautiful, quiet and free (after paying the park entry fee -- 6,000 pesos for adults and no charge for our 6 year old son to camp in our van). Toilets were open for use around the clock, but the restaurant and camp office were closed during our stay.

Camping Parque La Poza Pucon

Stayed here two nights. Very quiet place (close to town) that could be amazing with a little work. Showers frequently fluctuate between hot and cold. Wifi very slow. We paid 5,000 pesos per adult (and no charge for our 6 year old son) to camp in our van.

Camping Puchaley Laequen

Lovely place to stay! Paid 5,000 pesos per adult (and 3,000 pesos for our 6 year old son) to camp in our van. Met other overlanders here. Highly recommended!

Car Park San Martin De Los Andes

Nice place on the lake to camp. Quiet at night. No pit toilets here during our stay, but flushing toilets are available at the bus terminal (~2.5 blocks away, near the marina). Also free wifi is available in the town plazas and in the tourist information center. Free.

Camping Agreste Arroyo Cataratas

We camped here looking for hot showers. Nice big campground on the lake -- two sides are separated by a river. Each campsite has a concrete fire place and a picnic table. Hot showers available 24 hours per day. Might be tight through the trees in some places with big rigs, but there are sites here that are more accessible. We paid 80 pesos per adult and 40 pesos for our 6 year old son to camp in our van (so 200p total for us).

P.N. Nahuel Huagi - Paloma Araucana

Came here looking for a hot shower too. They wanted to charge us 120 pesos per adult and 60 peso for our 6 year old son to camp in our van. Barbed wire fences prevent beach access so between that and the high price we decided not to stay here.

La Estacada

The name of this place is La Estacada. Not sure who owns or runs this campground -- there are prices posted but the bathrooms look abandoned and reception was all closed up even though there were many people here for the day fishing and barbecuing. We found a nice spot next to the lake to camp. The sounds of the river and the presence of lots of trees effectively blocks out road noise. Easy beach access and beautiful views of the lake and surrounding mountains. Fireplace and picnic tables at every site. Since there was no one here to pay, we paid nothing.

Berlina Patagonia Brewery

Great beer and food. Lovely patio and playground. Bariloche prices.

Fabula Lake House

Lovely place to stay. We paid 150 pesos to camp here in our van. There is room for 1-2 rigs with plans for an exclusive bathroom facility for overlanders. Please email Walter ahead of time to secure your spot at this amazing place. Highly recommended!

Camping Aguas Calientes NP Puyehué

Very nice campground, but pricey. Easy walk to either indoor or outdoor thermal baths (extra fee). It is necessary to go back over the bridge to the reception office to pay for your campsite. Covered picnic tables, sinks and fire place with iron grates for grilling at each site. Bathrooms are clean and stocked with paper and soap. The campground offered us a discount since they weren't officially open for the season yet. We paid 10,000 pesos for our campsite, but they told us that the normal price is 20,000 pesos.

Parking area at Lago Todos los Santos

Due to the eruption of Volcán Calbuco last April, ash covers the ground everywhere (over 1m of ash on average fell) and the campsite is closed for maintenance so we camped here in the parking lot. Fast wifi, dinner, drinks and bathrooms available in the Petrohué Lodge. Quiet and free.

Compass Del Sur

Full-service hostel that also allows camping. There is a grassy area in back where ground tents can be set up (two are there at the time of this entry). There is also space for 1-2 small-to-medium-sized vehicles to park (would be tight to maneuver in a big rig). A separate bathroom with hot showers is available and easily accessible to campers. Close to town and yet quiet. Fast wifi and laundry service available. A basic breakfast is included in the price, and options to add eggs, muesli and/or porridge are available for an extra fee. The owners are super nice and speak Svenska, Chileno, Deutsch and English. We paid 8,500 pesos per adult to camp in our van (no charge for our 6 yo son).

El Humedal

This lovely place serves breakfast, lunch, tea time and dinner. The food is amazing and so are the views and the ambience. Highly recommended!

Camping Mapocho-Bajo

Nice campground next to the river. Shady trees, fire circles, and picnic tables. Trail from here leads to Lago Azul (clear, pristine lake). With a small 4x4 you could probably drive all the way (~3-3.5km) to the lake and camp there. Quiet. Paid 10,000 pesos for the 3 of us to camp in our van at the campground.

Bush Camp On Lago Tagua Tagua

Camped here so we could make the 9am ferry. Found this beautiful pebble beach. Mostly quiet except for a generator running in the distance in the evening. Free.

Camping Beware

Witt was bitten badly by the owner's dog while looking at facilities. We didn't camp here.


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