m.m.e.gonecamping Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Silver City Rv Park

Nice quiet RV park close to the historic downtown of Silver City. The town is worth a visit and it's an easy walk away. WiFi is OK until everyone gets on at night. But our ATT filled in nicely. Hot showers free. Price is up to $39 now.

Sierra Vista RV Park

Small park (~20 sites) tucked into the back of a very large mobile home community. Clean, hot showers, internet sucks but our ATT 4G worked fine. Great library in the clubhouse. The town of Sierra Vista has some very strict rules on pets and these carry into the RV park. Not recommended if your pet is a bit "active". Pools were out of order for our visit but hot tub was running.

BLM site, great view, maybe some cows.

We first tried the sites marked to the north east from here. All full. Had this place to ourselves. Agree with all previous comment about this site. We think that the easiest access will be from 82. But if you come in from 83 be sure to go all the way North to Empire Ranch road. None of the others go through.4 bars of ATT

Beunos Aires #35

We initially tried to find a site on the south side of the highway. Everything full. Lots of space here on the north side. Conditions the same as reported in all the other posts. We were treated to 3 deer charging past our window in the morning. A true reminder that this place is very similar to the African bushveld. We had 2 bars of ATT.

Beunos Aires # 6

On the Browns Canyon road. We didn't realize that we needed a reservation to hike the canyon before we camped here so could not. Very clean. Let's keep it that way. Easy access for our 22 ft C Class. Free. 1 bar of ATT 4g. Stayed 1 night. Could not find site 4 which is supposed to be close by.

Playa Bonita

Having toured round all the available campgrounds (but not stayed there) in the area, we feel that this one offers the best stay. Walking distance to downtown, very close to the best restaurant we found and all the amenities you need for a Mexican stay. Things are maybe not so good if you don't get the waterfront but even if they claim there are none, a little bit of negotiation will get you what you want. Place turns into a bit of a lake during heavy rain. Showers are warm as is the hot tub. Staff is very Covid aware. Lots of local contractors hired to work on RV's in the park but we did not find this disruptive. The restaurant to the west can get a little noisy but it shuts up pretty early in the evening. We were unable to use the campground WiFi but our ATT worked fine,

Off Vekol Valley Rd

Nice quiet (except for the military planes) spot with easy access for our 24 ft C Class. Clean too. The road beyond this point calls for clearance and 4wd so we didn't try it. Full ATT service here.

Near Oatman Massacre

Honestly could not find the access to the Wagon Road so we ended up here for the night. Was quite easy to drive our 22ft C Class to about 300 meters from the road but this proved unnecessary because not one vehicle passed while we were here. Nice spot for the night but windy and exposed for our visit. Only 1 intermittent ATT bar.

Black Nugget Mine camp

Much better and cleaner than the place listed to the north. easy access for our 22 ft C Class. Great scenery and very quiet. Highly recommended. It's an old Manganese deposit which has been looked at since 1939. Apparently the deposit is too small for commercial production

Verde Ranch RV Resort

An acceptable stop for one night but not our kind of scene. Close to highway (noise), hundreds of RV's jammed in, poor wifi, advertise Passport America rates but don't honour them and really a nothing area. But the toilets are very clean and the showers hot. We did not try the spa so will not comment. With the AAA discount we paid $35 for a small back in site with full 50 A service including good cable TV.

BLM land off Eagle Eye Rd

Tried to go down the road, blocked by mattress and other garbage.
didn't feel like moving it, so moving further down the road.
what the heck is wrong with some of you people, why is it so difficult to leave it clean.

Marble Canyon BLM

Got in here with our 22 ft Class C. A bit touch and go just after we got off the Highway but plain sailing after that. Camped on the canyon edge - stunning. Joined by two other RV's for the night - both camped more than 500m away so very peaceful and quiet.

Just off of Fire Road 776

Nice forest setting. quiet so far on a Tuesday night. Made it in easily in our 22 foot C class.

Kan National Forest

Great spot on top of the hill with views over Kanab range. Room for multiple rigs some distance from road noise. Did not spend the night as we were running from the weather.

Kaibab Paiute RV Park and Campground

Excellent spot open all year with all the facilities. Quiet and clean. Right next to the Pipes Spring NM. $12.50 for full service. Excellent wifi. We had no cell service here.

Chevron fuel station

We have a built in propane tank, they fill them here.

Watchman campground

What can you say - this place is busy. First night out there was a very loud party going on till pretty late. Rangers did nothing about it. But they did object to us walking out cat without a leash. Would not like to be here in summer when everything is open - way too many people. But in winter it was OK. Washrooms open (no showers) and 30 amp for $30 plus the park entrance fee. Great hikes and bike ride up the canyon but we've seen it and probably won't be back again.Think Brice is better. Our AT&T worked very well here.

Snow Canyon State Park

Great state park campsite. Full hookups on some sites, only electricity on others and no service on the rest. For a really quiet night, suggest you take the lower sites (16 and 17), totally isolated from the rest of the camp. Free hot showers included but you have to pull on the chain to use them. We paid $35 for site 17 which had just electric. Unfortunately you probably need a reservation and the fee for that is an extra $8. Sites are tarmac but most sites lean a bit to one side or another. Takes a bit of levelling. But great hikes/bike rides close by.

Cathedral gorge campground

Great place, very quiet. Showers at the end of November is still open, hot shower five minutes for 25 cent.
30 amp power at all sites.
As none local we paid in total $ 30.00 a night.

Cathedral gorge campground

Great State Park. Excellent facilities and very quiet. Camp nearly empty when we visited. $0.25 for 5 minutes in a clean hot shower. 30 amp service. As out of state we paid $ 30 for entrance and camping combined.

Silver Creek Res

Nice spot for a night, very quiet.
Easy to find, only had two cars passing by. Had a herd of deer come by in the morning.

Lower Lehman Creek campground

Great place, with lots of room for your unit.
On a first come serve base.
$20 per night. very cold at night this time a year.
Dumpstation is still open, water is turned off this time of year.
We have two bars of AT&T.
Think a total of 11 sites, the lower one is the only park open in winter.
We forgot to put in the Lehman cave, so will say it here. As we arrived someone warned us to get on line and book a tour, good we did for we got the only two tours left for the following day. So if you plan to do the cave tour book in advance.

Mountain View RV Park

A place in Wells for an overnight stop because there is not much to do in Wells. Very well run, clean park with the occasional passing train. We ended up spending 2 nights because of weather. Nice clean, free, hot showers, laundry and book/movie exchange in the office. We paid $31 per night for full hookup on a pull through.

Little Camas Reservoir

Great spot up in the mountains but we think we were a bit too late in the season. Area is very wet and muddy. Tried to park on the flat area and nearly got the rig stuck in mud. Ended up on the concrete slab in front of the pit toilet. Temp dropped to about -7C overnight. Propane heater working overtime. Incoming snow made us pack up and go because we were not confident about getting out in snow.

Wallowa-Whitman National Forest

Stopped here for an overnight. Pretty chilly this time of year but a nice spot. Reasonably clean but lots of gunfire. Moved on pretty quick because of an approaching snow storm

Wind Mountain RV Park

Called Dog Mountain RV Park in the Passport America app but it's the same place. A bit run down and lots of expansion work going on. But very nice showers and washrooms included in the price. Acceptable view down onto the Columbia river. A bit of train noise. We paid the Passport America rate of $25 and that's about what it is worth. Would hate to pay the listed $50.

Gilgal Oasis RV Park

A bit of a nothing spot with large pull throughs for your biggest RV. But a very convenient spot if you are travelling on the Coho ferry and looking for a spot to overnight. We paid $44 for the night using the AAA discount.

Wreck of WW2 Bomber

Fairly well preserved wreck of a crashed WW2 bomber. Apparently all 12 passengers survived the impact. Trail starts from the bike track about 500m SE of the Radar Hill entrance. Well marked and bikable for the first km or so until you reach the building relic. From there you decend down the rough muddy path to the boardwalk across the bog. Follow the boardwalk to the end.

Crystal Cove Resort and RV Park

Very nice place on the beach near Tofino. Like everything else in the area it is horribly expensive. But some relief in the off season. We paid $55 for full service.
includes hot showers and internet at site in price. nice playground for kids and a propane fireplace at the office.

Pacheedaht Campground Port Renfrew BC

A great site but unfortunately the owners are just milking it. $42 per night for beach front and you get nothing. The owners are doing zero maintenance and the amount of garbage lying around is disgusting. Lots of day users leaving their crap behind too. Did not use the washroom but it looked pretty disgusting from the outside. We was in site 130.


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