ines.braun Places

Id Name Country Category
3167 Restaurant El Tambo Colombia Informal Campsite Show
3168 Overnight parking Barichara Colombia Wild Camping Show
3169 Brio Gas Station - Parking lot Colombia Informal Campsite Show
3170 Donde JuanB Restaurante Bosque De Cocora Colombia Established Campground Show
3171 Hotel Y Balneario El Ranchon Colombia Hotel Show
3176 Finca Sommerwind Ecuador Established Campground Show
3218 Refugio De Vida Silvestre Pasochoa Ecuador Informal Campsite Show
3219 Posada De Tigua Ecuador Informal Campsite Show
3220 Visitor Center Chimborazo Ecuador Informal Campsite Show
3225 Hosteria Estacion Del Sol Ecuador Informal Campsite Show
3241 Recreo Campestre El Cañaveral Peru Established Campground Show
3328 Hotel Tampumayu Peru Informal Campsite Show
3392 Fruit Control Peru Checkpoint Show
3393 Hidden Camp Peru Wild Camping Show
3615 Valle de Rocas Bolivia Wild Camping Show
3616 Los Abuelos Chile Established Campground Show
3617 Rockfingers (Las Monjes) Chile Wild Camping Show
3618 Border crossing Chile-Bolivia Chile Customs and Immigration Show
3619 Chilean Immigration and Customs for Hito Cajón Chile Customs and Immigration Show
3620 Immigration + Customs Chile Argentina Argentina Customs and Immigration Show
3716 Aguas Termales Nacimientos Argentina Wild Camping Show
3717 Rocky Beach Chile Wild Camping Show
3718 Municipal Uspallata Apuyam Argentina Established Campground Show
3719 Near La Jaula Argentina Wild Camping Show
3720 Dry riverbed - Ruta 40 Argentina Wild Camping Show
3721 Fruit and Meat Control Argentina Checkpoint Show
3731 (Sir Henry’s Castle) Refugio on RN60 in Pastos Largos Argentina Wild Camping Show
3732 Camping Tikal Chile Established Campground Show
3974 Lakeside Lago Musters Argentina Wild Camping Show
4346 El Rincon Park Ranger Office Argentina Established Campground Show

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