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Date Place Comment
Bragado-Lake Camping

Nice free camping at a lake. tables, grills, toilet and a small shop. At weekends a lot of people and may be noisy. We stayed on friday and it was ok. You can park at the shore with great view on the lake. Electricity at the powerpoles.

Estancia La Paloma

It's a campground close to the piedra petrificada national park. We dont now about the price, because it was closed at this time. There are firepits, toilets, shower, kitchen...

ACA San Sebastian

A bit noisy at night.

Camping Rio Pipo

200 Pesos per day. No tent allowed. Campground only one more year open.

Rio Pipo

No pets in the park. Crowded on nice weekends.

Parque Penguino Rey

Park entrance is CHP 12000 per person. There is a colony of about 70 king penguins. You can spend the night at the parkinglot. verry quiet and free, no infrastrukture. Might be windy.

Camping Libre El Huala (Free)

One of the nicest lake camps we ever stayed. Nr. 18 has a great view of the lake and the surrounding mountains. Somtimes very windy. Good fishing.

Camping El Niriguao

ARP 70 per person. Camping on grass with tables and grills. Way better than a dusty parking lot like the El Ovejero Camping.

Gob. Gregores Municipal Camping

Good spot to spend the night while filling up on everything in town. Rigs must be parked in the parking area. Grills are available in the actual camping area tight next to the parking. Hot showers in the not so new bathrooms. There's a long hose where you can fill up on drinking water. Free

El Rincon Park Ranger Office

We had to stay at the rangerstation, other places were not allowed at this time (very windy) to camp. The Parc and camping are free. Lot of wind. Hike to the Cerro León, 4h up and down, very nice view of the Lago Belgrano.

Lakeside Lago Musters

Very nice spot right next to the lake. Without wind it is quiet. No facilities. Free.

Camping Nikita Lago Vintter

Beautiful campground close to the lake. Spots with grill and shelter, table and benches. Firewood provided. Very friendly owners speak German. Hot showers and not windy.righs higher than 3 m will not be able to fit because of the trees.

Rivercamping close to Corcovado

Beautiful spot next to the river. Fishing possible, but we had two controls of fishing permit here. Have it ready. Very quiet at night. Free

Camping Falkner

Big campground with sites at the lake. Table and firepit, but no grill. We had no wind here. Narrow roads because of trees, be careful with bigger rigs. 80 Pesos per person, expensive, you pay for no wind.

Fruit and Meat Control

Fruits and meat control. They had a look inside, but didn't take the fruits.

Dry riverbed - Ruta 40

Just off Ruta 40. Nothing fancy but a good and quiet place to spend the night. There are a few spots with deeper sands but it shouldn't be a problem to get here. Free

Near La Jaula

Just off Ruta 40. Turn off at ??? and follow the old road. The spot is overlooking the valley and may not be seen from the main road. Beautiful, but of course no facilities. very quiet and free.

Camping Municipal Uspallata "Apuyam"

Big campground with lots of spots beneath high trees with tables, benches and grills. The toilets and showers are in an older building but clean. Hot showers. Not more than a 75 minute drive from the border crossing on Los Libertadores (the pass is open year round). Quiet at night. There is a pool, but it was not filled when we were here. 60 pesos for two people.

Rocky Beach


Camping Tikal

Very friendly owner. Only small spots available. Grills and tables. Hot showers in the morning. 5000 Pesos per person. Access to the river (on foot). Nice and clean.

(Sir Henry’s Castle) Refugio on RN60 in Pastos Largos

About 400 meters off the main road near a small river. Very quiet at night but might be windy. Trashcan available. Free. Tent camping possible. Very basic pit toilet. Three rooms in the refugio with oven, tables an benches.

Aguas Termales Nacimientos

Deserted hot springs, 4 km off ruta 40. The road gets rougher the further you drive. High clearance recommended. We didn't have any problems to get here but bigger rigs than ours (6x2x3 meters) may have problems with the sharp turns and rocks overhead. Very quiet, no facilities and old and pretty run down bathtubs with 37degrees warm water. Nice view down the valley. Free. If you don't want to drive all the way up, there is a camping municipal about halfway that looked decent. We don't know any more details...

Camping Turismo "La Cienaga" Municipalidad de el Carmen

Crowded during the weekends. But you can always find a good spot.

El Jardin

40 per person + 30 per car. Bit old but ok.

Rockfingers (Las Monjes)

About 110 km after San Pedro de Atacama. It's a Natural Reserve with plenty of posibilities to camp. We parked in a dip, because of the wind. No facilitis. Free.

Los Abuelos

10 minutes walk to town. Pool. Clean bathrooms. With electicity 10000 per person. We paid 8000 per person without.

Immigration + Customs Chile Argentina

Immigration and Customs from Chile and Argentina.

Chilean Immigration and Customs for Hito Cajón

If you cross the Border to or from Bolivia thru the Laguna Route, you have to do the Paperwork here.

Border crossing Chile-Bolivia

In ouer case was also a Aduana Officer ther.

Valle de Rocas

Turn off the main road at S 21.489953 W 67.599179 towards the spectacular rock formations. There are plenty of possibilities to spend the night. No facilities but great view. This place is a bit exposed to wind. if you drive for another 10 minutes along the main track, you'll reach a second rock field. The possible camp spots there are less windy and even more beautiful.


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