Pietro B. Check-Ins

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Andean Roads

just like everyone else said - clean and nice facilities, wifi, shade. Chris is a very helpful person. highly recommended.

Camping Municipal Azul

lawn did not have any trash when we were here, contrary to what others indicated. bathrooms usable, we've seen much worse. ok to spend the night.

Rada Tilly - Camping Municipal

too expensive for what it is. paid 490 for 2 adults and 2 kids in a camper.

Santa Cruz Municipal Camping

large grassy sites. clean bathrooms cheap at 150 per vehicle

Santa Valentina - Taller Mecanico

Bruno and his son Bruno are great, honest mechanics. it's a pleasure to watch them work - it's obvious they enjoy working on cars. highly recommend

road closed: Free ferry passage

added photo with more information

road closed: Free ferry passage

road is closed for construction. free ferry passage. plan accordingly.


well, looks like prices are going down - just paid 6500 pesos for 18 liters. US bottle. they close at 10 pm and are open on Saturdays

in front of ferry office

clean bathrooms, water. secure location.

Chinquihue - Paredes

Large grassy areas, plenty of space. bathrooms and showers are very basic and delapidated, but reasonably clean. 18K Pesos for 2 adults and 2 kids. can get noisy on the weekends, but crowds tend to leave for the night. fire pits.

hospedaje Agüero

nice clean hostel with private rooms. 20000 pesos for a double room.


no more bottles, fixed tanks only

Bahia Guadaparque Camping Libre

well, no campers allowed anymore. we were kicked out by a stuttering park ranger. I tried to reason with him that I've had some wine and don't want to drive, he wouldn't yield.

Petrobras estación fuel

wanted 8000 pesos for 5 hrs parking during the day. we left.

Ripipal In Tongoy

Friendly owners, quiet off-season. dirty bathrooms. 4500 x 4 for 2 adults and 2 kids. owner offered us to stay for free if no money when we complained having to pay for kids full price. didn't take the offer. wifi is crap - 1 Mbps down, 0.2 up and we're the only people using it.

Camping Ecolodge Copacabana

Way overpriced for what it is. 140 BOB for 2 adults and 2 kids after haggling. 18 x 6 meters parking lot, use of outside bathrooms, 1 electric shower. not permitted to use common area inside hotel. no kitchen, no water, no electricity. wifi free nowadays but barely usable. NB: the beachfront outside is very safe and free - no need to pay for this unless one feels compelled to sleep behind a locked gate.

Teacher strike protests - August 2017

invalid info as of mid October 2017

Hotel Tampumayu

nice place to spend the night. 25 Soles for 2 adults and 2 kids.

La Maison Suisse

WARNING: place is being sold, expect it to be closed soon.
the low-down: expensive, dirty bathrooms , dishonest owner. claims he's Swiss but can't speak his mother tongue. do not accept offers from him to arrange Nazca flights, as he will overcharge you by 30 USD per person. at least this was the "deal" we got offered. Govstraight to airport instead. cockroaches in the sink, dirty toilets. no hot water. not recommended.


do fill US 20 lbs bottles but you will need to come pick it up the next day. 24 soles.


Refilled a US 20 lb. bottle in 5 min for S/35. Great!

A&B - Electrical Shop

A&B Soluciones Industriales custom make voltage converters (e.g. 220V to 110V). Goof build quality, very knowledgable people. Paid S/ 650 for a 2500W 220V to 110V.
Also carry all major brands of a plethora of electrical parts.

Jardin Suizo - Hosteria & Camping

A sanctuary of trees and plants a stone throw away from the ocean. However, what really gives character to this place is the host Samuell. Go visit and be humbled. Be well, Samuel!

Note: if your vehicle is over 3.30, which is the height of the gate, Samuel will arrange for you to stay across the road and still use his facilities.


John Patrick's number is 3103077138 or email [email protected]


wonderful place for staying very close to Bogota. you can walk to la candelaria 50 min. John Patrick is a great host and will do everything to help you. he also offers climbing tours, trekking and there are zip lines on the property. road to get here is a bit rough but doable without 4x4. space for large rigs. 15 COP person.

Cabanas Campestres

warning: entrance gate is 3 m high. we didn't fit so we stayed in front of the gate on a beautiful grassy area. place is very relaxed and feels secure. owner didn't charge us and let us use the internet and get water. 40 min walk to the national Park. both claro and movistar have ok reception. neither 4x4 nor high clearance required.
paragliding available on a nearby ridge. ask for Leo.

La Pradera

Beautiful place with large grassy areas, shade under trees and a red tennis court. what really made our stay memorable were the hosts - charming and deeply honest people. Thank you, Gloria and Albeiro!

Gasan Julio Gas

propane refill station
refill us tanks here. hole I. the wall

Hostal Lotsawatta Hostel

This place is permanently closed.

panagas (Fill US Bottles)

filled our 20 lbs US propane bottles in no time. 10USD per bottle. this place does NOT have a lunch break, unlike tropigas across the road.


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