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Spiaggia Motagrossa

Free beach. 1 km long. It's written "No Camping" but we sleep here on our tent and we didn't have any problem. 2-3 fishermans on the evening. Sunrise when you wake up, wonderful! Gravel road in the entrance and maximum 2m10 high for the vehicles.

Étang de Rambaille

Quiet place around a pond. Good place to fish!
We came at 7pm we put the tent and folded it up at 7:30 am. No no camping sign but people advised us not to let the tent too long. There are some tables and garbages. Fence for big vehicles, we think it's about 2 meters high. Very nice spot.

Selva El Jabali

Great place. Paid 400 pesos (because now it's 150ppp but we negotiated it) for 3 people to sleep on our van. Pool, clean bathrooms, friendly staff, turtles, birds. Lovely place!

Parkin beach

We stayed in front of a restaurant. It was ok. great beach. a little bit noisy at night


Nice restaurant. Best mexican food we have eaten in two months in Mexico. People very friendly. A lot of children around. Very very very cheap. Try the "salbutes", it's like a fried taco. IT'S AMAZING!


the numbers are false. +52 if for Mexican number and +45 for the German number. :-)

Los Tucanes

We stayed here 3 nights. Very beautiful camping. 35 pesos for the pool. 150/night. Huge place with palmtrees. The restaurant was good and open until midnight. The weather is good, not too hot. Poneys, cats, birds, peaocks. Really good place to stay. Really quiet even if the road is just next to.

Los Tucanes

Great camping just on the road to Palenque/Campeche. Paid 150 pesos for two. Electricity, pool(35 pesos), big garden, lagoon, wifi a the restaurant. The heat is better here than Palenque.

Camping Michol

Stayed here one night. 40 pesos/person. cold showers and clean restrooms.

TyC Hotel

Cool place to stay! We paid 150 pesos for two. Owners friendly. Pool, cold shower, flush toilets, electricity near the pool, shade, wifi, animals in the trees. :-)

Cascadas y grutas Agua blanca

We stayed here one night. Great location with waterfalls and grutas. It was really hot but not in the night. 100 pesos (50 for a day and 50 for the day after if you don't leave before 7 am). No cell service. Pool and bathrooms/shower but there wasn't any water.

Parking Sumidero - Embarcadero Cahuaré

We stayed here one night. The guard asked us "una propina" we gived him 30 pesos. It was quiet we were alone. Basic place. Restaurant and restrooms (5 pesos).

Hogar Infantil

You have to see these kids! They are really nice and cute. We played football with them and we had a very good time with the team. We gave 200 pesos after staying 2 nights here. The bathroom didn't work but we can use the guard's toilets.

Campamento Tortuguero

As described, really good place ! You have to come here, it's a really great experience. You can have the Hotel's wifi. The passwords for all the "VILLAMURANO" wifi are : VILLAMURANO. ;-)

Overlander Oasis

Stay here 3 nights. Very great place ! Clean restrooms and shower, electricity, shade, friendly owners and lovely dog "Kygo" ! 200 pesos/night.
It's better to call before cause there aren't a lot of places to park.

Parque Aventura

Great location next to Home Depot. Walmart is almost next this place (1km). Bathroom with cold showers. The staff is friendly. There is a night guard. Pools and small lake. Very cool place!

El Arbolito

Cosy place with a lot of spots. The owner is very kind. There are restrooms, trees for shade and great view for the sunset. Just next to the piramide.

Trailer Park Teotihuacan

Great location in Teotihuacán ! You can take the bus to go to Mexico City near the campground. Hot showers and clean restrooms. There are some dogs in the campground they are kind. 270 pesos/night for two people.

Guanajuato. near pipila monument - OK, FREE

Great location to overnight. Quiet. Free. 15 min by feet to go to the center. You can eat near the pipila monument. There are bathrooms too, 5 pesos. Wonderful view on this colorful city.

Charly's Restaurant and Bungalows

We wanted to stay one night and we stayed here 1 week. it was amazing. Charly is really friendly and helpful. He speaks Spanish, English, swiss German and German. the food in the restaurant was Incredible. we are from Switzerland and it was a pleasure to eat some swiss specialities ! 😍 Go there you will never regret it!

Los Pinos RV Trailer Park

Great spot ! We were alone. They give us a lamp and wash the restrooms for us. Very friendly! electricity and water next to the spot. a lot of trees. Paid 280 pesos. You have to enter in the plaza.

Los Coyotes (Bahia de Concepcion)

Wonderful place ! Paid 200 pesos for a night with palabras. We met others travelers it was very cool! No cell service.

Campo Rene

cool place to stay overnight! No cell service and no wifi. beautiful sunset. very windy on mi-october!

Coyote Cals

It was the best campground/hostel we seen during one month in Mexico. We just wanted to stay one night but we stayed 3. Very kindly staff! They speak english, and are very helpful. Clean, quite. We sleep in our van all the nights and we can cook, play some games, just chill, take a shower in the house!There is a bar with delicious Margaritas! We feel like at home. Love this place, I recommend it!

Clam Beach RV Park

Great location very quite. We paid 370 pesos (20 $ USD). No picnic table and not pitfire.

Mission Bay

Very cool spot with a lot of vans or RVs. We didn't have any problem.

Ocean Blvd/Law St parking lot

Good spot for overnight ! Restrooms and water.

Planet Fitness

great place to stay overnight. McDonald's WiFi on the other side of the road. We took a shower at the Planet Fitness for free.

The Home Depot in Long Beach near I405

good place to stay overnight. wifi just near Home Depot or Starbucks. We were here a Saturday night, we slept until 9am with no problem.

Lone Rock Beach

Great spot next to the Lake Powell. Very very large place. Not really quite but cool! No shade.


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