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San Diego westie

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 32.75530, -117.20713

Chilean Immigration and Customs – Paso Roballos

Hours of Operation: 8am - 10pm
Easy border crossing but the guard dog is a bit aggressive! I have a new hole in my jacket from him.


This place has closed.

Beach along the river Futaleufú

the owner posted a sign requesting no camping here

Car Wash ‘Bubble’ / Karcher Wurth

This place does an exceptional interior and exterior clean. Gino, the owner, speaks perfect English and lived in the US for 14 years.

I paid 50S for an interior and extort detail which included chassis and engine cleaning. They worked on the car for 3 hours with 3 people and it’s spotless. You can find cheaper car washes elsewhere but Gino is super trustworthy and his shop has hard and trustworthy workers.

Highly recommend!

Autoexperts & 4x4 Specialists

Daniel is the absolute best mechanic we’ve encountered on the trip so far. He has built out a brand new warehouse space with top of the line equipment and tools. Very clean and organized space. He speaks perfect English and is very knowledgeable about all things cars. He is very affordable and quick.

Here are all the things we had done on my 4Runner:
Replaced 4 ball joints
New brake pads and front rotors
He identified a rattle that has been haunting me for months
New spark plugs
General inspection and tightened all loose bolts on car
Suspension test
Oil change

They even washed the car extremely thoroughly after they performed all the fixes.

He offered to let us camp in the warehouse if it took longer than a day, but we ended up getting a hostel.

His team is top notch and I’m very happy we found his shop.

Highly recommend.

Police stop

Can confirm still here. The police asked for ‘mechanical inspection’ paperwork and said it was a required document. I have no idea what he was talking about and he eventually let us go.

Taller Mingo

Amazing mechanic who specializes in off road vehicles. Not only did he do a great job on replacing the ball joints and CV joint on my 4Runner, but he also sought out and ordered difficult parts to find from Managua. Would highly recommend.

Owner: Domingo
WhatsApp: +505 8873 0334

Cabanas El Eden

This place is such a gem! We stayed at El Salvador’s the night before finding it and were so happy we moved here . It is half the price, and twice as good. Well groomed dirt sites. About half of them have great tree coverage for shade and rain (only downside is sometimes the squirrels throw nuts at you from them which is annoying). It is in the perfect location of Puerto Escondido, near all the shops and restaurants and surf, but tucked away and very safe. The owner is the sweetest, and so happy to have guests. The groundskeeper raked our site each morning and even cut us some fresh coconuts to drink. You have an oxxo station open 24 hours nextdoor which is convenient for groceries as well as a taco restaurant on the grounds. Really a great site here and look forward to coming back. WiFi from the hotels nextdoor works pretty well, too.

Morrill RV Park

Awesome spot tucked in the hills of Guanajuato. Clean bathrooms and showers. This place is really tight to get up to - narrow cobblestone roads up steep hills. Be cautious if you have a larger vehicle and ID even suggest walking up before to ensure there is space. The lot us used for parking during the day so can fill up easily. Would highly recommend! Easy walking downtown.


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