dongyuan_04 Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Police Check documents

Stopped us and checked tarjeta and drivers license. No problem.

Police / Toll

Going from east to west. Just checked the vehicle card today. A few cars following us into a queue.

General mechanic (Hector +569 81834959)

The owner's name is Hector, he is well professional and kind. For the servicio of my Honda pilot, he took me to find the air filter of engine with a long walking on 10 de Julio where there are hundreds of stores, and helped me to choose right and good price, otherwise according to my foreign face, the price sometimes will definitely be higher. highly recommended to do the service here.

Car broken into through window

We rent an airbnb near here and park the car on street. The neighborhood seems safe and also our host said it’s pretty safe too. But maybe because we have a rooftop tent and foreign plate. The back window was broken and basically all our things in the car were stolen except for food. Clothes, bags, drone... It happened in daylight, between 7:00pm-7:50pm as we just left the apartment for some groceries within 3 blocks. So probably our car was noticed and watched long before that. The police also said it’s a safe area and these things are not common. But with a car that doesn’t look “normal”, do not leave anything valuable in the car. Better not to do street parking.

Ruinas de los Quilmes

Now it’s 100 pp. Basically no English demonstration except for a pretty good video about Quilmes people.

Crooked Cops Checkpoint

Still here. Trying to fine because our light is on auto not with the big headlights. But we didn’t understand Spanish and trying to talk out of it and finally they let us pass.

MAPFRE Seguros Rivadavia

If you insist it is possible to get insurance for 90 days. For Honda Pilot SUV it’s 1700 pesos.

Camping El Refugio

Now it’s 200pp. Sometimes you can get slow WiFi at camping place.

Entrance salar de Tara

We arrived at the salar and on our way back out there are rangers telling us that this park is closed and ask us to leave very nicely. There were no road blocks. But it’s okay to visit the stone fingers

Clear water from laguna

Be careful. There are lots of small black bugs in the water.

Valle del desierto

Now it’s 8000pp. There are three free shuttles to San Pedro in the afternoon. Hot shower and big kitchen.

Military checkpoints

They use GoPro to take photo of the car. And register original passports and TIP. Very nice people.

Hostal Curiñan Campground

Using kitchen is another 3 USD. But it’s very good with stove, pots, culinary and fridge.

Ipiales, Colombia to Tulcan, Ecuador

coloy side is easy, just following the previous notes. Now there are many vernaculian staying here, and the UN and policeman here help to keep everything organized, no worry, just can see a lot of people here.

Ecuador side is easy as well, go to get stamped first, and at aduana hand in the original document of passport&driver's license&vehicle title, they don't need the copies now, just take photos of them. (one thing to remind: when you at the immigration, told thr officer you traveling with a car, so they can write numbers of stay on your stamp, otherwise you will be back to ask for it, because the aduana needs the number )

Some people stopping traffic

Near here there are some local people stopping every car. Maybe they are asking for money. But we do not understand Spanish so they nicely let us pass. Didn’t cause delay.

Plaza de Mercado minorista Ipiales somos todos

Just checked the market. Great place with all kinds of fruits, vegetables and meat. Fresh and cheap. Still has the food court seems very local!

Parador Turistico Patia

Loud music is also on Thursday night till at least 1 o’clock. You can park far away if you don’t need water and electricity.

Gasolinera Terpel

Nice and clean. Toilet in the 24 hours restaurant Altoque. Cold shower. Even with a small park for children and feeding place for dogs. We had dinner here so wasn’t charged for the shower. Otherwise it’s marked 2000pesos for one shower.

Hostal Cabana La Isla

The dirt road leading to the cabana is easy to miss. It’s marked on a white board saying “reserve ...something” the name is shown on the upper right corner of the board. Follow the dirt road to the end and you’ll find it.

Altoque Terpel

The gas station itself is extremely clean with nice people. There is a restaurant nearby and the night we stayed they had loud party music until 3am. Wasn’t sure whether it happens every day.

La Terraza de Estella

The name of the hostel on is called: La Terraza de Estella. Very nice owners from France. Clean and comfortable

Las Lajas Beach Cabins

You can borrow long wire from the owner then it’s easy to power. Right on peaceful nice beach.


Exit fee paid at office by Cólones is 5000pp. Not 4000 any more.

Johnny Fiestas

Visited here but the yard for park and camp is quite small. With another car and a tent already camping here it’s quite crowded for another car. So did not stay here.

Paso Canoas, Costa Rica to Quebrada Grande, Panama

Add on:
1. Insurance has changed price to $25 since July 1st 2018.
2. Fumigation charges $1

el chontal

The old entrance which is in the photos shows ‘welcome’ is closed, new one is just 10 meters next to it, with the board ‘entrance’. Here is such a good place to camp, david is so nice, here has simple kitchen with basic facilities, clean bathroom and not-so-cold water. The best part I love is the clean lovely rest platform they have, it has 5 hammocks, electricity, big table, white-board, and lots of books about animals. 7usd pp.

el chontal

Everything is really nice here with lounge, kitchen, fridge, sink, shower, hammock grassland, dock and lots of birds. You can actually get WiFi in the lounge area sometimes.

Camping Adonis

Adonis is great guy! Only near his house has WiFi and electric.

Charlies Jungle House - Beach front campsite

The beach is actually public, not belonging to Charlie’s Jungle house. And Charlie won’t tell you that. That means every one coming and leaving the beach is passing by your camp. And there are people selling coconuts and other fruits who do not sell fruits but trying to sell their miserable life stories. And before you said yes they already cut the coconuts for you. Besides our hammock was stolen. It’s our fault as we shouldn’t leave it outside but apparently the public beach is not as safe as a formal camping site. Not recommended to camp on the beach.

Paraiso Mirador Quetzales Lodge NP

When you eat here it’s free to camp. Lunch is $15pp including juice and desserts. Also it’s free to hike in the several trails in the reserve if you book the $30 quetzal tour.


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