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Sahara Garden

Beautiful and quiet Kasbah-style auberge and campground next to the dunes. 6 km off the main road on piste, but easily navigable with 2WD. It only fits a few vans under the palm trees in the middle of the area. But there are plenty of other places around if it should be full. Some tourists sleep in nearby tents, dinner is served if you reserve 2 hours ahead (we didn’t try). Cool hang-out areas, clean toilets, ok showers. Camping 80 MAD, pool costs an extra 50 MAD pp. You can walk into the dunes on your own and watch the sunset or book a tour with the Sahara Garden team.

Beautiful small road to Tizi n‘Techka pass

Take the P1506 through Ait Ben Haddou and Telouat for a very scenic and quiet drive through beautiful small villages. The road is small (partly single-laned) and has some steep parts but it is all paved and doable with all kinds of cars. You will not regret the extra hour the drive costs you to reach Tizi n‘Tichka pass :)

Camping Le Relais de Marrakech

Everything has been said already - a small paradise. Perfect to return to after a long day in crowded, loud and stinky (and beautiful, don’t get me wrong) Marrakech. Bus to town costs 5 MAD, taxi 100 MAD (140 when returning at night).

Camping Soleil Kaouki

Nice campground close to a beautiful and deserted part of the beach. The toilets were clean and the owner was friendly. Since the Camping showers were cold, he opened one of the apartments for us to take a hot shower.

Camping sidi Kaouki Beach

Only temporarily closed for restauration works. Looks very nice.

Oasis Campground

The campground itself is quite nice and clean but the bathrooms were disgusting and unusable. Only come here if you have your own toilet and shower.

Camping Echrigui

Nice campsite with clean ablutions. Easy walk at the beach to the medina. Still 60 MAD for a vehicle with two people.

Camping Molino, Puerto Octay

Very beautiful campground on a peninsula. Good facilities: clean toilets, warm showers, bbq pit, wifi. The price list says 25,000 CLP per pit for up to 4 people, she wanted 20,000 CLP for the two of us in a van. Would have probably been possible to negotiate. Some dogs around and some barking in the night but nothing that kept us from sleeping. All in all a bit pricey but a nice spot.

Camping Fogon El Chilotito

Beautiful campground a bit outside of Chepu with a nice view. The owner was friendly. Bathrooms were clean, we didn’t test the showers. Buy food and drinks beforehand as there is nothing much in Chepu (except from the empanada/pescado place next door run by very nice ladies - recommended).
The owner wanted 4000 CLP in total for the two of us in our van but we ended up paying 10,000 CLP because he didn’t have change and we only had 3000 in bills. Also his mother wasn’t around who usually seems to run the campsite so it might not have been what they usually charge. As it is really beautiful and quiet around there, 5000 pp seems totally appropriate for the place anyway. Recommended!
Also do the morning kayak tour on the river, it was amazing!

El Chejo

Seafood is good and portions are big, meat dishes are average. They also serve fresh juices which are big and tasty. The view on the terrace is nice, especially on a clear day when you can see the mountains on the mainland.
Downside: Slowest service ever. We've been here twice and both times waited half an hour for the bill before we just went to the kitchen and paid. We saw others leave because no one came to take their orders in half an hour.

Fogon y Camping del Chono

Beautiful campground at a bay only a few kilometers outside of Quellon. The owner is really nice and helpful and everything is clean. Was a bit difficult to find a level spot on the grass but as we were the only ones we had lots of places to choose from. Recommended.

Camping la Papa

Camping on a nice green meadow a bit out of town. Carmen is indeed very nice and helpful. The facilities are basic but ok.
3500 pppn.

Parking Muelle de las Almas

Parking (2000 Clp) and starting point for Muelle de las Almas. Enter this in maps.me for navigation by car. The road was pretty bumpy but ok for 2WD. Might be difficult after rain.

Muelle De Las Almas

Nice walk and beautiful place on the shore where you can watch sea lions. But also the most touristic spot we have seen on Chiloé, busloads of locals come here and you have to stand in line to take a picture on the boardwalk. That was on a weekday in January, possibly even worse during the weekend. Maybe plan to come very early or very late.

Camping Tenaún

Nice little campsite in a quiet backyard with good facilities. Only for small rigs as the entrance to the backyard is very narrow. Apart from the bathrooms there are outside sinks for washing clothes and dishes, some covered picnic tables and a comedor for sitting inside in the evening. Everything was clean when we arrived but because of a party of the other campers (it was a Saturday night) pretty messy the next morning, which of course wasn’t the owners fault. Showers are either cold or hot, only two seconds of warm in between.
3500 pppn.

Kuranton Restaurant

This is the correct location now.

It was our first curanto so we have nothing to compare it with but it tasted good and is definitely an experience :)

Ballena Azul

Best campsite on our trip so far. Not so much because of the facilities which are also as described clean and nice, but because of the amazing view and landscape. Sun, sunset, morning mist - all are magic here.
There are two short walks, each to a mirador and a beach. The left one turned out to be a bit adventurous (steep, muddy and lots of stingy plants) so maybe don’t wander off in shorts and flipflops.
5000 pesos pppn.

Camping El Ovejero

Spent another three nights here. Again enjoyed the amenities at this campground. 24h electricity and hot showers plus good washup area for the dishes are not easy to get around here, we have learned. It was quite loud in the nights, street noise as well as BBQ parties on the campground.
This time we also tried the restaurant. The parilla libre is huge and comes with empanadas, salad bar and a desert, so it's good value. The service was nice.

La Jarana

Very nice café with cosy atmosphere and good wifi. It calls itself "hygge" and it is, thanks to a fireplace and some sofas. We've been here twice, once for burgers and once for breakfast. Both was really tasty and fresh. They have good coffee and some freshly pressed juices. Credit card accepted. Recommended!

Camping Bonanza

Nice campground but very expensive for what you get.
Beautiful location in the woods and at the river. Very cool and big playground for kids.
Tents stand very close. No wind at our spot between the trees. Some bbq facilities. Clean bathrooms but showers only open between 6 and 10 pm. Often no water in the bathrooms, but usually at the sinks. Dirty sinks with cold water for washing dishes. Little restaurant, food was ok, cake was good.
All that for 640 pesos for two persons in a tent without bbq. We think with kids this is a perfect place but if you are just looking for a quiet night it’s overpriced. However, we are not sure if there is a real choice when tent camping. There are some campgrounds even further away from town which are not yet on iOverlander, maybe they are worth a try.

Front Gate Parc Monte Leon

The road is open again! There are still some roadworks but as long as it is not raining the road is accessible. It is a 16 km gravel/sand road with some bigger rocks on the street but no 4x4 needed. We did it with a small car.

Guardaparque Monte Leon

The road is open again up to the penguin path, but not further. We managed with our small rental car, details see entry at entrance gate. Register here at the ranger station before entering the park.

Parque Nacional Monte Leon

The road is accessible again up to the penguin path but closed behind this point. So you can see the penguins but not the sea lions. The penguins are well worth the trip. The colony is really big and you see them very close. We loved it here.

Camping Isla Pavon

Very nice campground but a bit expensive. Very clean showers and toilets (no paper or soap though), beautiful area. There is a quiet zone, where music is not allowed. Animals are not allowed in at all.
You pay per camping slot, not per person:
500 pesos for a campervan or full service slot (tent, bbq, electricity, sink)
300 pesos for only a tent

Camping El Ovejero

Duplicate, same place as La Marca!

We had a nice night here. The campground is nice and well maintained. Hot showers, reasonably clean bathrooms. Wifi reaches first tent spots, but is slow and unreliable. In the evening there was a loud party, not sure if it stopped at 1 am (official time you have to be silent). We paid 150 pppn plus 100 for the car. She first forgot to charge us for the car but then we had to pay.

Parking Motor Home - Camping

You can camp here and you can also build tent, but there are no facilities.

Caleta Maria house "backyard"

Beautiful place right at the fjord. Very nice people who are building up a campsite. Everything is still pretty basic but some volunteers and workers are working to change that and are very hospitable and helpful. We built our tent in a shelter in case it gets windy. Suggested payment 10,000 clp. Definitely recommended to come here.

Information Touristica Cerro Sombrero

Perfect place to stay overnight, as everyone else already described. Enrique is amazing and had great advice for us on where to go on Tierra del Fuego. Only downside: the bathroom closes from 9 pm to 9 am.

Crossways Campsite and Hostel

Lovely campground. Clean facilities, nice pool, outdoor kitchen, beautiful chillout area, good spots for tents. Camping (tent) 2500 AMD per person, tree houses 3000 per person.
Beware of the kitten and the puppy, especially when tent camping. They might be sweet but they are still very playful and like to scratch tents, bite clothes or steal shoes.

Bushcamp at Lake Sevan

Wild camping spot directly at Lake Sevan. There is a bumpy road going here. Near to none mosquitoes unlike at other places nearby because of the breeze. Some trash, as everywhere. Small meadow to put a tent or make a fire. Possibilities for campervan (also big rigs) a bit to the left.


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