panchosway2015 Places

Id Name Country Category
14606 The Beach Mexico Wild Camping Show
18211 Along the river Mexico Wild Camping Show
18388 Small parking lot at the baseball stadium Mexico Informal Campsite Show
18741 Behind an abandoned restaurant Mexico Wild Camping Show
18742 San Crisanto Beach Mexico Wild Camping Show
18828 Parking Lot? Mexico Wild Camping Show
18860 Planta Purificadora Agua Mexico Water Show
19253 Next to the lighthouse Mexico Wild Camping Show
19556 fonté Mexico Water Show
20228 Beach front Belize Wild Camping Show
20277 The great mayan prince Belize Restaurant Show
20462 Parking lot at the Centro Cultural y Deportivo Guatemala Informal Campsite Show
20615 Markus Vogel Guatemala Established Campground Show
20816 Shell Guatemala Informal Campsite Show
21047 Abbasi Guatemala Restaurant Show
21275 La Canche Guatemala Restaurant Show
21276 Lago de Amatitlán Guatemala Wild Camping Show
21277 Mirador Volcán Pacaya y Volcán de Água Guatemala Tourist Attraction Show
21508 Mirador at Restaurant La Chiva El Salvador Wild Camping Show
21509 Restaurante El Rey del marisco El Salvador Informal Campsite Show
21822 Next to the street El Salvador Wild Camping Show
21923 Museo Café El Salvador Restaurant Show
21924 OLA Café El Salvador Restaurant Show
22487 Malecon Nicaragua Informal Campsite Show
22675 At the beach next to the Hotel Vistamar Nicaragua Wild Camping Show
22676 Parque Central Nicaragua Wild Camping Show
22870 Parque Sandino Nicaragua Informal Campsite Show
23250 Parking slot Costa Rica Informal Campsite Show
23390 Property for sale next to the soccer field Costa Rica Wild Camping Show
23474 Free water Costa Rica Water Show

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