panchosway2015 Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Antel WiFi

Free and fast internet next to the Antel building.


Worked great! Friendly guy their.
What else for 40 charaters???

San Antonio Besch

Even during the Easter weekend a lonely place. There's a sign saying no camping, but we ignored it. 3 fishermen and a handful locals didn't mind at least.

French Bakery

Everything we tried was really yummy!
She serves several kinds of bread, Empanadas but just made with a bread dough, one sweet item.
Really fair prices!

Seaside Parking

Literally its parking in a sandy roundabout, surrounded by some small houses and dunes. We left immediately.

Free WIFi

Password correct, but it didn't connect.

Praia la viudad

For us the only nice spot to park our heavy truck.

Playa de los pescadores

Don't try it with a big rig! Maybe it works in low season but it's far from being a nice spot.

Nuevo Berlin By The River Of Uruguayo

Parked further away from the BBQ, maybe 300 m, in the low grass. Plain sun, breeze and no music. Park along the riverbank wherever you wish.

ATM Nuevo Berlin

Yes, didn't ask for a fee.
40 charaters.... what shall I write else :-)

At Lake

We're alone there, great for a night! Not many space to level a big truck.

At the riverbank of Río Uruguay

We made the border crossing late in the afternoon and stopped here for the night. Close to Bella Union is a lot of rubbish but if you follow the gravel road along the river it gets better. We parked here right at the river and there is ample space, but its next to the road. After 9pm very little traffic and surprisingly peaceful for a Friday night.
Nothing fancy but OK for a night.

Border Brazil Uruguay

Easy crossing, as mentioned we only left the document of our car at the Brazilian side, no stamps for us.

YPF Station Overnight

Good indeed! We parked at the far end of the grass.


Large area to park, but we only stopped to get a free shower. We now claim that here is the hottest and strongest shower in South America ;-).
3 single cabins for men and one for women. Just enter the bathrooms and you will see them.

Foz do Iguacu Free Camp

Huge grassy field. Was very good and quiet for the night, but it staid steaming hot in the night. Many mozzies came with dusk.

Parque Prov. Salto Encantado

Very nice nature! Early in the morning you will see a lot of birds. Many butterflies at Salto la Olla. Still same price.

Tenedor Libre

Just an update: 100 pesos for lunch and dinner, Mondays closed

Free municipal campground

Huge area at the riverbank of Río Uruguay. BBQ, trash bins, tables, very basic toilet (were open 24 h) and very clean. A lot of trees which spend shade, but even more space on the grass to get solar power all day long. We were here Tuesday evening and only between 5.30 and 8 pm were some locals here, but all very quiet. After that we had the entire place for ourselves. Probably different story at weekends.
Nice breeze and only a short walk into the village.

Penisular Soler

We agree, its a very nice area and the night was lovely quiet.


The exchange rates were the best we found in town. They were better than in other offices, banks or in the Calle Florida. They were in fact better than the daily official rates in the internet. You can change here Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Real, Chilenean and Uruguay Pesos.


Mega loud! We left at 3.30am because trucks were still rumbling through the street, the eateries played loud music, shouting people, the sound of smashing bottles, car racing and honking idiots. The best it was Tuesday and not even weekend!

parque provincial tornquist/cerro ventana

100 pesos per person entry.
200 pesos for the guide per person if you wanna hike up the mountain. Only in the morning!
The fee for camping we don't know.
At both entries are 2 short hikes doable without guide.

Money exchange (in Casa Urtana, a window shop)

Bad exchange rate of Chilean Pesos today :(

Playas Doradillas

Very nice and pretty clean! At low tide lovely sand beach from cliff to cliff. No one else at night.

Wildcamp Punto Ninfas

Stayed for 2 nights but didn't see any whale or dolphin. 4 elephant seals that's it, but beside of that its a gorgeous place to camp. Two ways are leading down to the beach, the first here the second 300-400 meters further along the cliff (fishermen using this at low tide).
In dry condition all the roads are no problem for any car!

Gaiman Tourist information

We were not allowed to stay overnight. The police doesn't permit it apparently.??
Password is now: gaiman1914

Seashell Sahara

OK for a night but nothing like a nice beach.

Playa Supe Beach Camp

Stayed on top of the cliff to the left. Great view, no wind and the sound of the surf. Nice spot!

Above Sarmiento between Bosque Petrificado and Zona Petrolera

Good place to spend a night but an idiotic suggestion to walk down into the petrified forest! Free entry anyway and you can get as close as one wants to the logs. Ranger didn't care what all the locals proved by sitting, standing, lying, licking on the stony wood, or taking debris as souvenirs. Frustrating to watch.
You can access the site also from the south via this wild camping spot. Good gravel road saves some kms if you don't have any business in Sarmiento.


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