Get out of Town Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Camping Half Island

Very nice place, hot water, clean bathrooms, kitchen, wifi. 10 eur per tent and two persons, 15 for campers. Tax 1 EUR per person.

Auto camp Paradiso/Laguna

Very nice terraced campground with lots of shade provided by olive trees. Access to a small beach, showers, wifi.
About 17 EUR for two people, a car and a tent.
Access road is narrow and steep, could be an issue for trailers/big rigs.

Ivan Do camping

Nice campground right at the trailheads to Durmitor hiking paths. New showers, wifi, kitchen with a stove.

Rafting Center Campground

Beautiful campsite by the river Una in the middle of a national park, very clean, wifi, showers, grill, bike and cayak rental, rafting trips possible, restaurant, very nice owner will welcome you with a shot of slivovice. The river is exceptionally clear and also very cold, but great for a quick swim.
10 KM per person, 10 KM for tent/camper. Recommended!

Farol do Cabo Espichel

Plenty of space around the lighthouse or by the nearby monastery. Windy, but amazing sunset and quiet at night. There is a snack bar by the monastery, no facilities by the lighthouse. Free.

Cascata Pulo do Lobo

Very nice. Dirt parking lot next to a cascade. 2 minute walk to a dam where you can swim, 30 seconds to the cascade. Some concrete tables and a fireplace above the parking. Almost level spot for about 2 smaller campers. Access by a steep dirt road, not recommended for large vehicles, limited space to turn around. To get here you need to pass a closed cattle gate, sign says it is ok as long as you close it again. Free.

Praia da Raposeira

Beautiful beach with strong waves. Parking either on a paved parking lot or on packed dirt closer to the beach. Access by a potholed dirt road, last few kms on a paved road (tiles missing every now and then, watch out) . When we were here there were plenty other campers, mostly from Germany. Expect younger crowd in converted box trucks, rather than retired couples. No facilities, but some of the folks camped here offered a surfboard for rent :)

Melides Beach

Beautiful place a few steps from the ocean. Popular with campervan folks. Access by a sandy road, two wheel drive without issues. Better suited for smaller vehicles. No facilities, but there is a restaurant nearby and an official campsite not far from here.

Mirim Lagoon

- free
- Nice and calm spot on a sandy beach of the lake.

Laguna Cochico

- free
- This looks like a vacation resort with plenty of campings, but closed in winter. We camped next to the campground by the lake shore. There are bathrooms available near the picnic area. Quiet at night apart from the strong wind. Locals came in the evening to check what's going on, we explained and they said it is perfectly fine to stay here.

Gas Station

- free
- Nothing spectacular, parked behind a large restaurant. Calm at night, free wifi, paid showers available in the gas station next to the restaurant.


- free
- Nice place above the river. You need to follow a narrow two track, larger vehicles can find a spot a few hundred meters to the west.

Camping Villa Albertina

- ca. 3.50 USD per person
- the camping itself could be OK on a nice sunny day, but because of the rain and soggy ground we were parked in the back of the camping between what looked like permanent cottages/houses. Salty water from the tap, pretty desolate bathrooms, far from clean. No wifi. The worst part is the surroundings - this is basically a ghetto with people burning trash on the street etc. Bus terminal right next to the campground, beeping of reversing buses all day and night. Not recommended.

Camping Piriapolis

- 170 UYU per person (approx.)
- A large campground/sport area (gym, soccer fields).
- Tall trees, lots of shade, many water faucets/sinks.
- Bathrooms are pretty basic, not much privacy.
- Wifi only by the entrance, far from the camping area.

Museo Arenas - Pencil Museum

- Largest pencil collection in the world is on display here. Owner is friendly and offers camping and also reasonably priced long-term vehicle storage (most likely you'll see some overlanders' cars here). Location in a nice farm, wifi available. Shower on demand (we used the workers' shower). Goats.

Oceania Del Polonio

- free
- approximate location
- Nothing spectacular, we found this place at night, parked on a little clearing behind the bushes. There are some vacation houses around, but nobody there in winter. You can hear the waves, but we did not find an easy path to the beach.

Camping Playa Agraciada

- looks like an established campground, but nobody came to collect and gate was wide open, might be paid only in the summer season
- nice place, power available, right at the bank of the river, we did not try the bathrooms (actually we didn't see any)

Behind a picnic place

- free
- In the bend there is a large parking/picnic spot with lights and some remains of grills. We drove further behind it and parked under the power lines. Hard to level out, but possible for smaller vehicles, larger can stay on the picnic spots (but expect more noise and lights from passing cars) or there is a lower terrace that might be better. Nice views at night.

Plateau Camp

- free
- Beautiful spot on a high plateau, great views, lots of privacy. To get here leave the BR-282 by the sign to a mirador, head up a steep dirt track and through one hairpin turn - then you get many choices where to stay, we took a small dirt track under the power line and found a nice ridge where we were partially hidden from sight and wind.
- Grass, but could get very muddy in rain.

San Antonio de Areco

- free
- In a park on the edge of San Antonio, next to a river. Calm at night, just some noise from RN8.
- WARNING: Do not attempt to drive on the unpaved park road during/after rain. Slippery as hell! Even driving extremely carefully we slowly skidded sideways into the ditch. Police promised to help but never came back. We were rescued by a local just when a storm broke loose.

Camping la Gauchada Correntina

- 5USD @ dolar green rate for two people and a van
- Nice, quiet and large grassy area for camping and events. Large trees provide shade. No wifi, small bathroom block with just one toilet, three cold showers and one warm electrical "suicide" shower. If you've been to Central America, you will feel right at home here. Power might be obtained from the large covered event area, but we didn't try. Decent grills. Watch out for small thorny branches in the grass, especially if you do not have off-road tyres/like to walk barefoot.
- Location is approximate, we didn't take a gps reading. It is directly across the road from a John Deere dealership.
- Routing: the road to Esteros del Iberá is 30 km paved, 90 km unpaved. May be muddy after rains. It should be possible to continue further north towards Ituzaingó, but the road conditions north of Colonia Carlos Pellegrini might not be ideal - check in the village.

YPF gas station

- free
- We camped in the corner of a small car park next to a gas station. Decent free wifi, views of the (rather dirty) river, but nothing special. There seems to be a picnic area on the left side of the gas station, but it looked abandoned.
- Routing tip: The direct route from here to Chos Malal is partly dirt, some parts with really bad corrugations. Plus there is not much to see, just hundreds of oil wells.

Picnic area Doblas

- free
- Grassy picnic area with tables/banks along the main road to the town of Doblas. The road is not very busy and the area is nice. You will be visible from the road.

Side of a dirt road

- free
- Literally next to a dirt road, on a small clearing good for one smaller vehicle. Larger vehicles could easily fit on a place next to a crossroad about two kilometers north, but that wasn't very level. This place was nice, only about three cars passing in the evening, rest just cows and distant hum of wind turbines. Also there is some crazy echo from the forest here.

El Palmar National Park on the Uruguay River (4,5,3)

- entrance to the park is about 7USD per person and camping is about 5USD per person @ dolar green rate
-We really enjoyed the park. There really isn't much to see, apart from palm trees, capybaras and vizcachas. But since we never saw a capybara before, we were happy to see dozens of them roaming around the park roads. Plus if you camp here, wait until dusk when vizcachas emerge from their vizacherias and start mowing the grass in the campground. To top it off, the sunrise over Rio Uruguay is pretty amazing and can be viewed directly from the campground.
- Surprisingly decent wifi reaches some of the sites, rustical hot showers and a restaurant is provided. Water is not potable.

Costa Ramon

- ca. 7 USD per person @ dolar green rate
- Not exactly level, space for about 3 smaller vehicles + some separate walk-in tent sites. Very nice owners, outdoor kitchen, plenty of covered seating, views of the river. Bathrooms with hot showers (electric suicide type). 3 pet parrots, one annoying dog, one huge lizard. Decent WIFI, water, grills, supermarkets nearby. You can take a bus to both sides of the falls from here (with transfer).

Iguassu Motorcycle Travellers Hostel

- 10 BRL camping (there was some confusion if this is per person or per vehicle), private and shared room also available
- This is basically a small house with a backyard. Adrian and Claudia live in the house and are very welcoming, Adrian speaks some English. Ask for the other owner of the hostel - Rodolpho, if you need help in English. His English is great and he is generally a great guy. Two days before his final university exam he spent time with us trying to locate a workshop for our van and even got his dad to help us.
- The rooms are really nice, the camping is only a gravel backyard with a small patch of grass. There are two friendly dogs.
- Hot shower, kitchen, fast wifi, water tap outside. Washing machine available for a fee.

Wild camp

- free
- A dirt level space next to some monkey puzzle trees and a small creek. We passed a gate but it was open in the evening and only one car passed by at night. Plenty of wood for a fire (which might or might not be prohibited here). Much better spots further down the road south.

Wild camp by the lake

- one of the prettiest spots of our trip
- This is a picnic spot/free campground by a small lakes. Covered by monkey puzzle trees, fire pit, a small picnic table, some firewood to be found around, spot for two smaller cars.

Camping Municipal Chos Malal

- ca. 5.50 USD @ dolar green rate for two people and a van
- Small campground, rustical bathrooms with briefly hot showers, but you need to get the key in the reception every time you want to go. Power at sites. No wifi. Not fenced and there is quite a lot of people roaming through the campground, doesn't feel very safe. Some traffic noise. OK for one night, but that's about it.


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