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Hugo - Mechanic

We found Hugo when we were looking for a diesel mechanic in
Morelia. Recommended to us by Turbo Diesel Morelia who only service pumps, turbos etc. He was honest and professional and helped us immediately. Prices were fair.

Sayulita Trailer Park

formal campground on the beach. At the quieter end of the beach it's a beautiful location only minutes walk from "town" and plenty of shops nearby. 400peso per night is expensive for Mexico and the facilities are not great it's true, but location is perfect and the left hand site (the other half of the site is on the right of the road that leads to the beach) is the best offering a quiet and laid back vibe. The bungalows are 800 peso and are way too expensive. Don't even have ac. For a short "holiday" in a very popular and pricey beach it's pretty good. WiFi listed but not working when we were here. Big rigs can get in but not tour buses. There are outside kitchen sinks with hot water but no cooking facilities.


At 290pesos including access to pools and park and the very spacious clean grounds it is pretty good value. However, the bathrooms are unpleasant and when we were here there were lots of young non Mexican hippy yoga types "discovering themselves" and took over the RV clubhouse probably because they didn't want to pay for the bungalows and their tents were a bit cold at night! It's a shame they hadn't discovered how smelly they are and how disgusting it is to leave your stinking yoga clothes and wet towels in the bathrooms! if you are into your yoga, which we are, it's a great place with dedicated room overlooking the lake and the overall vibe is laid back and good.

Las Olas Overland

Great location. A private house and garden backing onto the ocean with super chilled vibe. Margit and Len have done a cracking job of renovating thier home and offer lovely clean and new everything! They were even having a lawn laid whilst we were there. As hosts, they are a lovely couple and will keep you up all night chatting (if you want) and have a tremendous local knowledge. They even hooked us up with a mechanic in PV when we broke down there. Because the high tide comes right up to thier sea wall it's a delightful sound and not constantly available to walk on which adds the the calm.

l'aire Marin

Informal camping beside the Canal du Midi next to the campsite.
Frequently used by vans from all over as well as mooring for canal boats. There are numerous places along this part of the canal and even a few spaces the other side wher boaters park up. There are shops in Vias and Vias Plage both 15-20 min walk. Beach very nice.

Villa Celeste Resort

Just as described by others but it's getting tired and a bit run down. Noah the manager is super nice and very helpful. The sea is really warm! Not sure the "boutique" is appropriate!

Big rock

Plenty of room and good level but very visible from the road. Moved on about 30 minutes and found better place. We pinned that place to the app so it should be on there soon.

El faro de Peter RV park

Port in a storm. Neglected and run down. Looks like it had an amusement park theme going some time in the past. Rather sad now. WiFi good. Grassy areas loads of nasty thorns and star shaped seeds, open shoes no good here. Friendly owner. For us, good for one night stop over.

Trailer Park Teotihuacan

Conveniently located for visiting the town and the pyramids as well as the bus to Mexico City. The owner was so very kind to us. Suzanne was very ill and we had to go to a doctor so she took us and interpreted then took us to the pharmacy. Thank you so much. The campsite is clean and tidy with several vehicles parked up for a long time so good place to leave if you need to fly home from MXCD.

San Miguel RV Park

Rv Park and tennis club
Excellent bathrooms with powerful hot showers. Nice host speaks English and very helpful. Checked in for 2 nights but will stay longer. 330 peso per night. The place is clean and green and easy walk to old town centre. 10 to 20 min depending on where you are going. Very special town at night and some very good European restaurants. Google maps took us to the side gate for big rugs which is shut and has a bell. Smaller rigs go another 50 m to the new big gate with the arch where the reception is. Enjoy the park and town! We changed big rig to yes as there are 2 MAN here. And pets to yes as there are 2 cats with one of these rigs. WiFi is fast and there is a kitchen sink for wash up AND recycling bins!


Local food, excellent and very good value. Shown to us by an ex pat friend. Opens at 7.00pm to 11.00

Wild camping possibility

Heoto Road (dirt track) leads to several cleared areas suitable for wild camping. About one mile up the hill from the tarmac road it loops back down to the highway. A expat friend who lives in Chapala and owns a piece of land up in the hills and showed this place to us. We would have stayed here but we had a house to stay in. Stunning view over lake, cool in the night.

Mesa del Pino

Super cool place with wonderful views. Pay the guys at the gate and drive up the mountain or stay by the lake. At the summit quite a few people drive past going to the ranches (we saw about 5 cars) and all give a friendly wave. Horses and cattle wander around so expect noises in the night.

Casa Estrella Wellness Center

Wonderful place with excellent facilities. Firstly, note the limited access which is kisted in one of the photos. 10'3" or 3.15m and the owners are NOT taking the arch down. If this is too low then the town itself may be a bit tricky to drive around as streets are narrow and there are various tunnels. There are renovations under way now, july 18, and I Clyde new toilets and showers in the rv area, there is a great pool and hot tub all with beautiful views over the city. There is laundry facilities and use of a great terrace which looks down over the pretty gardens and tennis court. Really very friendly and hospitable people and Javier the manager speaks perfect English. Price 300 peso per night but worth double! There is room for one small rig like ours up by the terrace which is next to the pool and we were lucky to have this whilst the rv lot was bei g renovated. This is the best city rv site we have found and it was hard to leave. Taxi from city centre was only 80 peso at night so no need to drive. Bus was 5 peso down. There is a really nice restaurant 5 min walk down the hill. Ask Javier

Horse riding outings

Owner saw us looking for owner of Amigo opposite and offered us a place to stay. 200peso a bit steep. Town seemed rather edgy with lots of machine guns on display so we were happy for a safe haven. Very hot here in the valley in July. The high canyon rim was a cool 23c and plenty of wild camping possibilities. Not staying another night in this town, something is going on!

Entre Amigos

No-one around so didnt stay. Looked shut for seadon maybe. Man across the road, Louis, has a small area for small trucks and tents. See separate entry.

Rancho Acosta (RV Park & B&B)

The GPS is correct and it's a pretty sweet place. Some of the drive in slots are narrow with full shade and some are wider with partial shade. The pool is great. WiFi near the office is fast BUT, we are here in low season and the only ones here so it is great! Update. 11.00pm a load of ATV bozos turned up and unloaded thier machines noisily. Then at 5.30am started engines and working on repairs. This is still going on at lunchtime! Dirt bikes and ATV maintenance all day long, what a wind up. Why they needed to start so early if they aren't going out! Where are the rules for RV site! Found the 2 other pools near the pitches. 1 dry and the other full of frogs, bugs and mozzies... Yuk!

Eco Camp Inn

Seems to be shut. Gate locked but doesn't look permenantly closed, maybe just for the season.

playa piedra pintas

We followed the dirt track to the end and pitched up at the foot of the pointy mountain/volcano. Sea was warm and clear and beach was gritty and pebbles but the usual broken glass and plastic bottles. Still worth staying. Can't see the adjacent bay and houses so it feels quite. Steady flow of cars through out the evening (5 at any one time) but relatively quiet.

Rancho la Bellota

Rancho Bellota is a beautiful guest ranch specialising in trail riding, lessons, quail hunting, tequila tasting and much more.
Raul the owner has over 1000 hectares and the ranch is nestled away in a secluded and peaceful hidden valley down a dirt track 17km off the main road. Moderately rough track but should be no problem for any overland vehicle with good ground clearance and 4x4. (can be difficult in the rainy season) The entrance to the ranch has a gate with a swing sign hanging from the top giving a clearance of 3.2m but the sign will push out of the way another 0.5m.
Situated 49 miles from the border at Tecate it is a perfect place to rest up before or after a crossing. Guadalupe wine Valley is only 30 minutes away.
The hosts speak perfect English and are the most charming and welcoming of hosts. The ranch is wonderfully rustic and use kerosene lamps and candles but use solar pumps to harvest the sweet natural spring water. There is plenty of shade from the natural oaks and there are flat areas for camping on. Haul out your own trash (rubbish) please! Fee.... Donations.
They advise contacting them in advance [email protected] in case they are away exploring the baja themselves!

Los Arbolitos

Small private clean beach. Fires allowed. Rigs camp in the parking lot or you can pitch a tent on the beach. 40p each plus 20p per person to camp or sleep in your rig. Great snorkelling. Clear water. Fantastic beaches all around. Toilets very basic but cleaned occasionally. Restaurant not good. Hire snorkel gear here but not the canoes for some reason. Most of the time we got reasonable but slow 3G . There is no hook up. The parking lot is a dry wash and lots of people get a bit stuck but 4wd should be ok.

El Arbolito

Perfect. Toilets pretty grim but the restaurant is really good. Still 50ppp.

San Juan del Lago

Emailed. No reply. Phoned. No answer. Drove there. No one there. From all the others comments it sounds wise not to go unless you have a booking. Disappointed.

Parque La Primavera Campamento El Pedernal

Smart formal camp site in pine forest with tables and bbq pits and pit toilets. These were locked when we were here and we were the only ones here. 50 peso per person. Going to check the hot spring letter.

Restaurant La Tambora

Still as described. Bathrooms locked at night but they didn’t charge us to stay. Fish taco v good! Police came by 11.00pm routine check. Seemed safe and no concerns.

Playa Amor

As described but with hot showers. As these places go, pretty sweet but no super model!

Vacant lot

Lot down to the beach but this is going to be built on soon so may not be available for long. We met the owner, Victor, who gave us a beer and told us to stay as long as we like. It is a dirt track marked by new concrete posts and there is a clearing about 50m from the beach. Locals drive on the sand but it’s a bit risky for heavy vehicles.

Shell gas station

Gas station with eatery and Indian shop with a couple of areas just off the forecourt where trucks stop over night.

Silver Mine Lake

Got moved on by park ranger who told us that this is not a camp site. Do not camp here as it is patrolled at night and it is posted as being closed at dusk.

Big Flat

Must seek permission from the ranger First. There are 2 parking lots. The second one has half grass half gravel and is the best.


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