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Military Checkpoint

Looked in the back. Let us go.

Hotel Sinahi RV Park and Restaurant

Didn't stay

Really Rough Patch Of Road For Baja

Many pot holes and curves. While most of Baja it's cool to speed. This stretch is not.

Cave Paintings

Small archeological site with cave painting about the size of a small truck cab. Hiking trails, small museum, and a palapa for shade with a wood burning stove option. And free camping we think. We did not stay.

Mary's restaurant in Punta Prieta

Barrel gas on the west side of the highway. Marked up and poor quality. 220km to next gas station after that. According to sign. But locals say it's two to three hours to the next one.

Military Checkpoint

Open up tha back. Nice guys. The standard questions. Where are you coming from where are you going. They all pet our dog though. Gave us some huff about the gas tank though as it is smelly and leaky.

Las Lagunitas

Cool spot as described. There is an old man that came out and stared at us the whole time we were there though. I waved four times. When we left though we did notice the smell of skunk and a fenced-in area.

Wild Beach/ Lagoon

Beautiful beach by old abandoned fishing buildings. Not as far as the others. But it's where gps will bring you if you looking for the sea lions and arch. No one else just a few motor homes that look like permanent residence now. Lots of dead things though. A baby dauphin and bones that I assume are left from the hurricane and may sting rays and shark heads from local fishermen. Max called this Fukushima beach. But lots of awesome shells and sand dollars. Asked the cops in town and one lady and they said it was safe. A small road the goes to the right on the beach. Where I assume the sea lions are. Use 4x4 if you drive on the beach. The sand is very fine and our truck got stuck. But is a nice place with on one in site. Gets very cold at night even in late April we Had to put a hoodie on the dog. Also the wind off the lagoon is very wet. Make sure your gear is waterproof.

Beach camping / hot spring

Beautiful beach with hot springs that run along the shore line if you dig. The beach is beautiful just really rocky near the springs. Many flies and a lot of wind. So it's great for kite surfing. During the week there is almost no one. Just fallow the road that leads out of town. It will run along side the beach after about 5 to 10 mins after town. There are palapas and dumpsters but the springs are on the north side of the beach where as the dumpsters and palapas are on the south side. The springs gs come out at about 140f so the water is really warm even if you don't dig. But if you do allow the gulf water in so you don't burn yourself. No shade on the north side. This really is a magical place as long as it remains public. On the weekends it's popular with the locals. There are many gringos that live in this area and we did see servayers and I don't that looked privately contracted so it may be private property soon. Many deal blowfish along the beach with can be really cool trinkets as well as a plethora of coral. Really worth checking out. I think I big rig could manage the road. It is gravel and sand. But as we discovered while digging for the springs there are many large rocks beneath the surface. So tent camping and conversion vehicles would be best. Be careful to stay on the high road if you do not have 4x4 though. We pulled out a few ppl out of the sand over a week.

Motel M Something (yellow Building)

It the second motel on this block if your going to mazatlan, first if leaving mazatlan, 250p a night for two ppl in one bed. Bath room with shower. Great place to stay if your going to take the ferry it's only an hour away and more than 50% of the hotels in mazatlan. Snuck the dog in didn't ask.

Luna Something Hostal

250 p for a single bed. 350ish for a double. But there is also free camping on ten beach. Just was told by locals to leave nothing in your tent of value. Free camping comes with no services. But it's free in the southern area by the marsh.

Hotel De Las Cultures

300p for a room with a private bath. Allowed the dog but it took convincing. Made her sit and do trix. Next to a very noisy club. But has a private parking lot in the center.

El Chiflon

Very popular with the locals. Kinda a thematic park. 30p a person to enter park and 25p a person to camp. No charge for the dog. Camping is in the children's playground so the mornings are very noisy and a bit of a walk from the car. Beautiful spot with some awesome hikes to 5 waterfalls. But just k ow it is very popular with the locals. Who have no concept of personal camp space. When we set up at night we were the only ones but when we woke up we could barley exit our tent because there were so many other tent that were literally on top of us. We did see others camping by the river but the ground there is very hard and uneven so a pad is recommended

Rope Tope

Rope tope. Fake with kids holding rope. Don't stop!!!! Stone cold face and keep going. They will drop the rope.

Valle Occidental Hotel

Allows dogs. Has a pool 165Q for a room. Hot water. Wifi, no tent camping. Right off the highway. Has gate for parking lot. Swanky they did however light off fireworks for over and hour to scare the black birds out of the bamboo. the birds didn't seem to care, my dog on the other hand almost had a heart attack. There are also a lot of hotels in the area. Just dint k ow if they allow dogs or have a locked gate.

Cabin Jazmin

Love it

Cabin Jazmin

Cozy cabin in pana for rent. Nightly prices are high but the month was reasonable.


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